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Kyle Stanko
Age: 33
Birthdate: October 20, 1986
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Member of a drifter racing team
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Physical Description:
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Dark Hair
Other: Piercings: both eyebrows, left side lower lip, 3 in each ear, both nipples
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, Sure Quality Radio
A member of BoyChat and Sure Quality Radio, born in Canada, he has lived in Venezuela, Holland (The Netherlands) and Aruba.

Kyle Stanko

Kyle Stanko AKA Damian was born in Canada in 1986. At 8, he and his family moved to to Isla Margarita, Venezuela. When Kyle was 16, they moved to Holland for 4 years then to Aruba, where he started working on cars and racing ATV’s. The family moved back to Ontario Canada for a short time and finally back to Rotterdam, Holland. He became more involved in the ATV racing scene called Drifting and in 2008 started Asylum_Racing with a buddy.

Stanko is an active member of BoyChat, LifeLine and has been a member of Somersault's Forums and Sure Quality Radio. On one post he goes on at length about a young boy about 11-12 he met at a beach who was alone. He describes how he and the boy took their clothes off and went swimming. He wrote how this physically aroused him, in full view of the boy. In another post, he gushes about something shocking he has to tell and proclaims he is ‘officially’ a boy lover now, who is "satisfied and scared shitless". Stanko claims his stepfather beat him as a child, and brags to BoyChat that despite having gone through anger management classes he has put 3 people in the hospital due to his inability to control his rage.


so as we went down to the water he told me that he would have to swim in his underwear since he had no bathing suit with him.. when we found a place with no-one around (he was quite shy) he began to strip and ran into the shallow water.. i VERY SOON FOLLOWED, for he was wearing "tighty whiteys" we played around a bit until he suddenly wouldn't stand up anymore... (I was ready to CRY!! you could SEE EVERYTHING!!) i asked him if he was ok and he replied with a whispered : i have a boner... as we went into deeper water he kept getting scared and klinging on to me with his arms and legs like a little monkey, wich i was quite scared that he might find out that i have a boner too...we had agreed to meet up again next saturday...same beach only as early as possible.. I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW!! SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT! hi guys, i have something totally shocking to tell you all but i cant post it here.. wow i am going to need all the advice i can get... holy shit this is the turn of the century for me..let's just put it this way, im now an official bl'er..(the totally satisfied and scared shitless) Damian..

Our Investigation

  • We became aware of Damian by his posting on BoyChat with his e-mail address linked.
  • In searching the email address we found a profile for a racing site which included a profile for Kyle Stanko.
  • The information contained in his bio was also in several posts Damian made to BoyChat DOB, specific countries he’s lived in, and his interest in racing ATV’s.
  • Several of his e-mail addresses posted on BoyChat led to his Myspace, Facebook, and hi5 pages, of which stated the name Kyle.
  • His Photobucket account had photos of his arms in casts from an accident which match a post in BoyChat about his accident and him breaking his arms.
  • Another e-mail in his hi5 account linked to a Photobucket account under the name "kylestanko". Pictures in the album include pictures of Kyle, racing cars and artwork that says "Happy IBLD".

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Damian
  • virgen wanter
  • mr_damian
  • ilovehoohoos
  • amazing_stroopwafel
  • ICQ 347216572

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

  • Asylum Racing
  • Live.com Profile
  • Myspace Profile deleted
  • Myspace Profile deleted
  • hi5 Profile deleted
  • Facebook deleted
  • Facebook deleted
  • Photobucket deleted
  • Photobucket deleted


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Believed to be Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Damian’s exact location is unknown at this time.

Additional Quotes

This is one of those times that my angermanagement classes fly through the window…But today I feel like going out to look for somone that might want to mug me, and push them to the point that they WILL throw the first punch, just so I can go ballistic.. The shaky hands, the adrenaline flowing through my veins like a kid hopped up on Kool-Aid, bouncing off the walls.

Re: I'm a fighter too! COOOOL!!!!!!

Posted by Damian on 2005-June-2 13:24:58, Thursday

In reply to I'm a fighter too! posted by The Fear Dragon on 2005-June-2 13:18:59, Thursday

cool dude, i like to fight.. well sparr under controlled circumstances.. sometimes i have blackouts and i go apeshit.. which isnt good.. i put 3 guys in the hospital cuz of it.. im not proud of it either.. it scares me that i cant control it completely....anyhoo, it's an enourmous stress relief.. ILOVEIT!!! g2g

My mother is a TOTAL ANTI-BL person, and wishes a thousand deaths upon people like us.. no matter what we've done, or if we've ever done anything.. she doesnt care... so i just stay away from the subject as much as i can...

She has mentioned out of the blue once or twice in my life that i remember that if she ever found out one of her children were like "that" that she would kill them herself.. which scares me even more.. I just want to get out of the house before i screw this up and get "outed" or something...

Additional Information

  • He has a younger brother and sister.
  • He performs by dancing and acting in theater
  • He has many piercings - both eyebrows, both nipples, multiple - both ears, lip
  • He has worked as a fabricator and some tattoo art.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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