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Benjamin Sean Rzadca
Age: 39
Birthdate: August 21, 1980
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Current: Incarcerated Previous: Corporal (E-4), U.S. Marine Corps
Location: Federal Prison in Missouri
Physical Description:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Benjamin Rzadca AKA dannywyatt AKA ioiov is one of the many pedophile activists online who is a registered sex offender.



Sentenced to 22 years for secretly filming young boys in a recreation center[1]:

Sex offender gets 22 years for filming of boys

January 21, 2009

A convicted sex offender was sentenced Tuesday to almost 22 years in federal prison for secretly filming boys in the locker room of a Florissant recreation center.

Benjamin S. Rzadca, 28, pleaded guilty in federal court in St. Louis in October to two felony counts of child sexual exploitation and admitted filming two boys: one on Dec. 26, 2007, the other on Jan. 7, 2008.

Rzadca still faces state felony charges of sexual misconduct involving a child under 14 and invasion of the privacy of multiple individuals. His arrest prompted the Florissant City Council to bar registered sex offenders from being within 500 feet of city parks or recreation centers.

Also Sentenced to four years for exposing himself to children [2]:

A north St. Loius County man will spend four years behind bars after he admitted to sex crime charges in a St. Louis County courtroom.

Benjamin Rzadca, 28, pleaded guilty Thursday to sexual misconduct involving a child and invasion of privacy charges.

Florissant Police arrested Rzadca after he was accused of exposing himself to juvenile boys inside the men's locker room at the James J. Eagan Recreational Center in January 2008.

Authorities said Rzadca is a registered sex offender who was forbidden to have contact with children when the crimes occurred.

Benjamin Rzadca AKA dannywyatt AKA ioiov is a regular poster on BoyChat and other pedophile forums. In 2003, Rzadca, a Marine, was convicted in military court of transportation and possession of child pornography and committing an indecent act in the presence of a child and sentenced to more than five years in prison. He is a registered sex offender who was discharged from the military because of his crimes against children. He spent 4 years in jail and he posted to BoyChat almost immediately after he got out of jail. He posted his opinions about pedophilia on several other websites and forums. There's no question that he feels no remorse for his crimes.

After his nickname was discovered he came back to the pedophile forums under a new name ioiov and began to complain about sex offender registries and age of consent laws. It was clear that he had learned nothing from his experiences and he stated that even chemical castration had not hindered him. As part of his sex offender treatment he was to write a letter to his victim. In this letter, which he shared with other pedophiles, he reminisced about his crime and referred to it as "lost in time, but retained in memory".


All I want to do is have fun and teach my lovers, but society deems me to be harmful and violent, let alone sick and disgusting. How others can warp something so heavenly I don't know.

Children who are experienced with sex and relationships will be more knowledgeable throughout the rest of childhood into adulthood. Vulnerability is decreased and practicality is increased. I do agree that in sexual intercourse where a minor could become pregnant is something to be concerned about.

Our Investigation

  • An individual with the user name Dannywyatt was discovered posting on pedophiliac message boards. It was noted in one of these posts that he was a previous sex offender. This post goes on to reveal he was seeking input from other boylovers regarding his denial issues related to a sex offender treatment program. This post prompted immediate action on our part.
  • On the Boychat board, dated May 18th, 2006, this user posted an entry stating he just was released from prison and was happy to find the boylove community still intact. He further states that he will be continuing to post under the user name Dannywyatt.
  • Through the use of search engines and web archiving, it was discovered that the user name dannywyatt, and the name Benjamin Rzadca were one in the same. As noted on the Blogspot page of Absolute Zero - http://absolutezerounited.blogspot.com/2006/07/lest-we-forget-danny-wyatt.html
  • Additionally, ILuv2Surf posts regarding him at - http://iluv2surf.blogspot.com/2006/08/encore-dannywyatt-benjamin-rzadca.html. In both of these posts, he is real name was posted as Benjamin Rzadca.
  • This user name dannywyatt was discovered to have an active profile on the website on youthnoise.com. In written correspondence with another user dannywyatt admits being a pedophile and it has his e-mail address as [email protected]
  • Continued web searching reveals Mr. Rzadca as being part of alumni at Rosary High School - http://aq-mercy.epconline.com/rosarygrads.htm#1999, class of 1999, with a contact email of:[email protected]
  • Dovetailing off of the previous finds, NSOPR lists the name Benjamin Rzadca as having previous convictions for possessing child pornography, and an indecent act with a minor in Washington DC in 03/2003. There is a picture of this offender located onsite there. It is worthy of note that this conviction, according to documentation we located related to the case, was the reason for his discharge from the Marine Corps.
  • With confirmation of the individual posting with the user name dannywyatt being Mr. Benjamin S. Rzadca, known sex offender with criminal history. The decision was made to add him to our Project.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • dannywyatt
  • ioiov

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Last Known Address

1066 Grandview Gardens
Florissant, MO 63033

Additional Quotes

I'm a pedophile in the middle of midwest and I've met many other's throughout the regions of the U.S. Plus any resistance to pedophilia is literally discrimination and counterproductive to society. Consider the paranoia and hatred the general public experiences when just hearing about it. Hard to believe that this has became so taboo or stigmatic in this society.

RE: Define Boylove in one sentence:

Boylove~ To give or to receive orgasmic love.

RE: States requiring SOR's to register emails:

if you don't have a server, then you should at least bring in a list of about 500 created accounts to attach to the processing paperwork- they'll get the point.

RE: How to go undetected:

Use strategy to spend time with the kid while avoiding mommy at the same time, it takes alot of patience and manipulation, but it'll be worth your moments; as you are a boylover and the kid is a boy, right?

RE: Attraction to boys:

My first yf was 8 yo and he always was so conscientious about the huge size of his butt, while he was practically too thin to have it so big. God, he loved it when I starred at it- hint: I loved it too, hence the beginning of my fetish.

RE: Chemical Castration:

I've taken chemical castration (Depo-Provera) along time ago, I still masturbated and felt sexually attracted to children while on it. Such chemical castration does require 'controls' as well as it only reduces your sex drive and arousal by a small amount.

Plus, any intention not to act out on my urges is for the sake of legality issues and not for personal, social, or political insight. My sexuality is a fundamental core part of who I am as I'm proud to be who I'am, so as I'm here for that support for control and for my sexual community, so too am I here for advocacy. That's just the way it is in life when you're different- you'll look for ways to advocate for essentially who you are and for your place in society; to not and give in is to say you're better off dead then to live a self-defeating lie.

RE: Where to look for boys:

I don't play with schools anymore, they have literally 2 adults per 1 student attending to their safety to include preventing sexual orgasm. The security is recently beefing up with guards, cameras, detectors, drug dogs, and other precautions- some schools I've seen is so beefed up I'd be scared to go there as a student let alone a visiting party. I'd suggest stick to the malls, arcades, parks, or even the local streets (walk a dog) or something. Don't play like a stalker, but have something essential to do while you're there to play off any type of adversity.

RE: How to grope a boy without getting caught:

I'd be

Posted by ioiov on 2007-December-14 23:10:12, Friday

In reply to 8 yrs old sitting on my lap posted by gamin on 2007-December-14 22:26:59, Friday

using one hand to keep down my hard-on and the other to wrap around his stomach as if your holding him (caressing wherever my hand tends to fall on the other side). if the kid is valiant enough to sit on your lap like that and nobody objects then be subtle and make sure your comfortable- leg numbing does suck, but do give him something to like such as a gentle massage around his upper waist area.

if you want to have the "I don't mind kind of confidence" I'd even wrap both arms around him in a hug position but just rest both of your hands on his lap, hands clamped together or not. I had one kid do the same to me in front of a whole crowd of adults; basically long before I asked him if he wanted to sit on my lap as we were watching a play and he couldn't see... he turned me down, but later that night, while talking to the other adults, he (10-years-old) slowly came up to me and asked me if he could sit on my lap. To make it seem more natural for him and to comfort the other adults who were kinda shocked and staring I said (after looking around as if shocked to, but without the boy noticing) I said "sure sport, if you want too, here let me scoot a little and you can sit here" as I helped him sit down on my left leg he laid his head back against my chest and took his hand in mine up to the arm rest so that his arm on top of mine were on the arm rest. I took my other arm and just let it rest above his crotch area, but the hand wasn't near the genitalia. The best part was shifting because I would take his waist and pull him back against me as I would scoot forward a few inches to lean back. His butt actually hit my slight hard-on and I knew he felt it- none of the parents cared after that- even in hysterialand.

RE: The ineffectiveness of his treatment:

letter to victim (Sex Offender Treatment Program)

Posted by ioiov on 2007-December-14 01:25:39, Friday

Dear the-one-whom-i-love-so-long-ago,

I know that I'm forced to write this letter to you per required assignment for SOTP, but I want to tell you that I 'want' to write this.

I'm sorry for loving you so deeply that you cried on my shoulder and laid your head on my chest when I laid down on the couch to hear my breath of life sweep in and out from my lungs. How I was so careful in my breathing so as not to harm or disturb the peace that we established between each other; how even a single delicate breeze I would've prevented from removing a single hair from its place on your head during that moment. How I took my finger to wipe the tears from your cheek in desperation to comfort you from worldly disasters and devestations; if that tear were to hit your cheek would've been of nuclear force to me.

I'm sorry for giving you the sexual sensation of pleasure that any child would partake of as innocent and peaceful as laying in a green field covered with golden sunshine; such that will possibly never be duplicated in experience as we can't be young again and will never relive such bliss until the afterlife- hence if you believe such. How your beauty blinds the beautiful, and your flower blooms all other flowers, did I and was I able to enjoy your body and what a wonderful experience it was. Something that no dream-come-true could ever achieve, even if in the softest silk with the softest music and the lightest colors of sweetest smells.

I know I'm nothing to look at or to think about, but please know that you are everything that I'm not; beautiful, smart, the epiphany of grace, the precipice of joy and bliss. Nobody can be compared to whom I shared such an experience with in such a state in time and space; no theory or physical law can separate my memory or our historical significance for the reality of it's invisible existence- lost in time, but retained in memory.

I'm confident that if not now then one day as we lay in our grave that we can relive it under the same confidence, willingness, and pleasure that I remember. No more negativity, no more tainting criticism, just you and I in that that we were, a moment, no-one or nothing else.

I'm sorry, yet I don't seek forgiveness, that is up to you and how you want it to be. You are to be loved and I do still love you- even in memory.

In-what-we-had, ioiov

Criminal Charges

Possession Of Child Pornography

Washington, DC 05/12/2002

Indecent Act With Minor

Washington, DC 05/12/2002
Victim: Male 07 years old<

Sex Offender Registry

Missouri Sex Offender Registration - Benjamin S. Rzadca

Related Media

Additional Information


Operated, but not owned by Offender:
1994 Ford Taurus Gold Plate # OAJ71G State: MO


3400 Pershall Florissant
MO 63135
(Florissant Valley Campus of St. Louis Community College)

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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