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Joe Albertson
Age: 31
Birthdate: March 23, 1988
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student and works at Shop Rite
Location: Clementon, NJ
Physical Description:
Height: 5'0"
Individuals: Bubblegum
Pedophile Websites: VoA, Kidzlandonline, PACM, Dollhouse
Joe Albertson AKA DarkIntellect is a bisexual pedophile who posts about encounters with young children at his work. He also belongs to multiple teen forums and pedophile boards.
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Joe Albertson who uses the screenname "Dark Intellect" on the pedophil forum VoA
Joe Albertson
Joe Albertson
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DarIntellect's Avatar


DarkIntellect AKA theoutcast AKA Joe Albertson is a bisexual pedophile from New Jersey. He has stated that his AoA is 7 years and older, but has posted about being attracted to little girls/toddlers as well. He works at a grocery store where he likes to ogle little girls and has made several posts about these encounters with "nepis", which refers to nepiophilia, where a person is attracted to infants and toddlers, usually under the age of 4.

He also belongs to multiple teen forums, including a Christian teen forum under different aliases (see the URLs below) and also posts to several pedophile forums including VoA, Kidzlandonline and PACM. He has multiple Myspace accounts and tells other pedophiles which websites to go to to find teens and young children online.


I've worked at a supermarket since '05 and have seen my fair share of sexy girls. As I've said before, I'm not really into the whole Nepi thing because I don't think they can consent to relationships and anytime I find a very young girl attractive it makes me feel 10 times worse than I already do. But this kid, WOW.

First saw her go in with her mom when I was outside collecting carts. I came inside to bag and saw her at the register next to me. She was slightly chubby and just overall beautiful. Now normally I have a very hard time(no pun intended laugh.gif) keeping my eyes from lingering too long and not draw attention to myself. Well, she just HAD to be wearing a shirt that was big on her so I got to see her chest.

Sheesh, I hope she comes back to the store soon!

More girl moments at my supermarket.

About 5 hours ago I was pushing carts outside of the supermarket I work at. Usually I don't find Arab girls cute but there's a first time for everything. I guess she was 5ish. Anyway, out of nowhere this cutie jumps behind me and says "HI!". She made me smile, and I said hi back. But of course her mom was being a bitch and told her not to talk to me. That didn't stop her from smiling at me as I walked away from them.

I gotta say, the following was the second best girl moment I ever had next to "LITTLE GIRLS GONE WILD". The girl this time was 11 or 12. She was with her mom and tried to get a cart but it was stuck between 2 others. I helped loosen it and I swear, don't know how, but the look she gave me and the way she said "thanks", she knew. Don't think it bothered her though. Wouldn't have given me that look if she thought I was a bad person.

Our Investigation

The following are steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "DarkIntellect" with the real name of Joe Albertson:

  • We noticed the DarkIntellect nick posting on multiple pedophile websites.
  • From several of his posts, we were able to discern his location in New Jersey.
  • He posted about his date of birth on at least one of the forums and his date of birth was on several of his profiles
  • We noticed the same screen name posting on non-pedophile websites and the birthday and location matched.
  • We found his Myspace, using email addresses that he used on both his non-pedophile and pedophile profiles.
  • On the profiles on non-pedophile sites, he posted that his name was Joe, and that he worked at ShopRite in Blackwood.
  • One of our volunteers called the ShopRite and found that the only Joe who worked there was Joe Albertson.
  • The name Joe Albertson matches the Myspace profile that we originally found.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • DarkIntellect
  • xnotamonsterx
  • AngelicEnigma
  • XMindfreakX
  • professorkyle23
  • Disasteriffic
  • SirAuron
  • mindfreak
  • Angelicenigma
  • xangelicengimax
  • AngelicEnigma
  • Disaterrific
  • xdarkintellectx
  • X90SKIDX
  • that90skid
  • NotTheMamma

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

Place of Employment

Shop Rite Supermarket
1224 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021
(856) 627-6500


Camden County College
Blackwood, NJ
(856) 227-7200

Additional Quotes

Well, most people I know personally would hate me if they knew I was a pedophile but that's not the case. People on the 'Net hate me. In November I joined a board. At the time of registering I was unaware of the site's contents. Not only was it not pleasent, most of what I saw(which was quite depressing) showed unpleasent acts where the kids were obviously upset and not willing participants. All the while the members were saying how hot the posts were.

Last year just before Halloween, an old school buddy who moved away when I was in 6th grade got in contact with me. I was glad to hear from him and we agreed to meet at his place that weekend. When I arrived I saw 2 very cute girls.One was his niece who was 10, the other his niece's friend who was 11. See my avatar? They were definitely tomboys/punks. Black nail polish, highlights in their hair, the works.

The niece even had a shirt that said "By reading this you have given me brief control of your mind" LOL. Anyway, both girls were hitting on me the whole time. I was getting nervous to say the least. Sure, I was enjoying it, but I didn't know what was going through my friend's mind. I give him a look, he shrugs and says "don't worry about it, they're hot".

In total I was there maybe a little longer than an hour and a half. I said goodbye to the 3 of them, but the 2 girls blocked my way, both lifted up their shirts and said "GIRLS GONE WILD".

I'm grateful that my friend was so cool about the whole thing. Now, I haven't seen the friend since, but I've seen my buddy and his neice twice. First time we were around a lot of people so the girl had enough common sense to do nothing more than give me a wink. The second time was a day before my birthday, which she gave me her i Pod and stole a kiss from me.

It's illegal, but there's nothing wrong with an adult and a child in a consensual intimate relationship. When I say child, I mean about at least 7 years old. Feelings are one thing, but anybody who would take advantage of an infant who can't say yes or no IS sick. Would they remember it? Maybe not, but it would still be manipulation and wrong. A toddler can say yes, but at that age they are in no position to make decisions when it comes to relationships. Even if they don't act, anybody who feels that a child at that young age can consent is either extremely naive or disturbed in the head.

Possibly both.

When I was 10 I had a 21 year old girlfriend. She never forced me and I don't cry myself to sleep at night because of the memories that "monster" made me do. We had a relationship. Never told my parents or anybody else about us because I knew she'd be arrested. Me being a girl lover may possibly be a result of being with her as a child, however it has not had a negative impact on my life.

My first peck on the lips was when I was 9 with a girl the same age. I was 11 when I recieved my first tongue kiss and lost my virginity. I'm sure most of you will say I was "raped" but she was 20. And no, she didn't force me. We're still friends actually.

Those young people who do seek to have physical and intimate relationships should be allowed to do so without fear of getting in trouble, and should be provided with education and support that allows them to make wise decisions for themselves regarding their bodies and their sexuality.

Let me say I would never be the one to push for my child to be into a relationship with an adult or even a peer. I'd make sure that we have open communication about sex, and that he/she would never be ashamed of their sexuality.

Heh, I wish I knew Lindsay Ashford, but okay, let's say I do. Let's also say that I have a 12 year old daughter. And let's say consensual adult/child relationships are legal. I've known Lindsay for years and we're good friends. I know he's not a bad person. He recently told me he's interested in my daughter. Now, they've been cool with each other on a platonic basis since she was a toddler. I ASK her what she thinks of Lindsay. Have you ever thought of having a boyfriend? If she says "no", she's not interested in Lindsay that's the end of it.

Additional Information

  • He likes 90s Music, punk music and "tomboy" girls.
  • He is interested in Astral Projection
  • He is interested in Wicca
  • He likes wrestling and several of his aliases reflect that
  • His signature is often this quote:

Pedophile is to child molester as heterosexual is to rapist

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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