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David Thorstad
Age: 60s
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Pro-pedophile activist writer
Location: Minnesota
Physical Description:
Organizations: NAMBLA
David Thorstad is a founding member and long-time activist for NAMBLA.

File:David Thorstad - 01.jpg

David Thorstad is well-known pro-pedophilia activist and a founding member of NAMBLA. For many years, he was involved with NAMBLA's "steering committee", and also wrote a number of "articles" for the NAMBLA bulletin. He was named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit filed by parents of a little boy who was raped and murdered by two NAMBLA members.

Thorstad's pseudo-intellectual writings may be worded well; however, the content is bombastic nonsense and logical fallacies that Thorstad hopes will manipulate others into accepting pedophilia. Among his attempts to mislead are the constant insistence that prohibiting men from molesting boys is the same as discrimination against people who prefer the same gender of consenting adult; and the claim that in order for women, children and homosexuals to be treated fairly, pedophiles must be accepted too. Thorstad's so-called arguments also rely on "argumentum ad nazium", as he claims that legal and social constraints against pedophiles are comparable to the persecution of Jewish people by Nazis during the Holocaust.

For many years, Thorstad pretended to be a gay activist, using this as a front for his attempts to hijack the pedophilia pony on to the cart of gay civil rights. To a lesser extent, he has also done the same under the pretense of socialist political activism.

Being that gay people do not approve of child molestation any more than heterosexuals do, Thorstad was no longer welcome in the gay community once his true pro-pedophile agenda began to surface. Thorstad then completely dropped his pretense of being gay, and proceeded to start bashing gay activists and the gay community as a whole; sneering at and denigrating them as "sell-outs", "assimilationists" and "politically correct zombies" because they did not support pedophilia.


To be an active pederast in the United States today is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany. The United States is becoming - perhaps already has become - a police state.

The gay assimilationists want to become part of an existing, inequitable capitalist society, not change that society in any fundamental way. Their approach is inherently selfish, not altruistic... They want to "protect" young people from "dirty old men"… They condemn any adult who helps a young person to explore his or her sexuality. They are like parents - only worse, because they pretend to offer a guide to the gay future.

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St. Paul, Minnesota

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  • Has been involved with Marxist/socialist political groups
  • May be using one or more alias names

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