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David Weiss Richardson
Age: 50
Birthdate: 12/12/1969
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown at the present time, likely working with computers
Location: Texas
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, CBLF (aka Christian Boylove Forum), Freedom Board, GirlChat, Hoby's Dreamscape, Somersault's Forums
d is a self-proclaimed Christian and most likely a pedophile.


David Richardson has been very currently (May 2010) going on 3-day long trips with children at North Texas Presbyterian Cursillo. http://ntpcursillo.org/cgi-bin/p/awtp-home.cgi?d=north-texas-presbyterian-cursillo

d is the screen name used by a pedophile on the Internet. His full name is David Weiss Richardson. He is a member of CBLF, which is the Christian Boylove Forum, BoyChat, GirlChat and several other hardcore pedophile websites. He has also been obsessed with newsgroups and forums that deal with sexual abuse, although he has not ever said that he is a sexual abuse survivor. He is a self-proclaimed Christian who says he is against sexual relationships between children and adults, yet he has consistently given other pedophiles advice about how to find jobs working with children, and how to hide child pornography on their hard drives. David involves himself in religious discussions about pedophilia and defends it as being a sexual orientation. He has even given advice to pedophiles about how to find a family which has young boys in a church setting.

David says that he is not a pedophile; however, one must wonder why someone who says he is not a pedophile knows so much about pedophilia, laws about child abuse and child pornography, and posts so actively on many pedophile websites for several years. In fact, many of his posts suggest that he is indeed a pedophile, and he has worked with children in several capacities. He has also worked behind the scenes to help the other pedophiles secure hosting for their sites.

David Richardson has been active in church youth activities, and has been involved in mentoring programs with elementary school children. On his resume in 1992, he listed two youth organizations he's worked with, and, given his advice to other pedophiles about how to get involved with youth groups, there is no telling how many others he's been involved with.


About child pornography:

Let's assume bondage and sodomy consists of lightly tying the child down, possibly drugging him a little so he doesn't struggle, and inserting thin objects (say, a pen or something thinner) into his anus.

While I cannot endorse restraining an infant or inserting objects into his anus without a valid reason (e.g. protect child from harm or take a temperature if he has a fever), it's not "the worst possible scenario" when it comes to child-abuse.

Assuming the act wasn't painful, a 6 month old will have pretty much zero long-term memory and zero long-term emotional impact, vs. the same act on a 6- or 12-year old.

Assuming he wasn't a willing partner, a 6- or 12-year old would likely be asking questions like "why is this happening to me?" "am I gay?" etc. etc. which could be emotionally damaging and have long-term repurcussions.

So, instead of saying "ohmygawdtheyareabusinginfants thebastards!" the police and news should be saying "thank goodness these kids won't remember what happened."

Respect Parents

Posted by d on 2004-01-29 02:09:46, Thursday

In reply to What can boylovers do? Brainstorming! Pls Respond! posted by Nathan Hale on 2004-01-28 11:27:11, Wednesday

Get to know the parents of the boys you love and don't do anything that might upset them. Heck, spend time with them apart from their children.

Get to know your community's expectations of the behavior of non-parents around children and act accordingly

When you push the boundaries, do it only a little bit, so it looks like you are behaving within the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

You can do a lot more good for boys AND for increasing society's tolerance if you are pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior but NOT exceeding them than if you exceed them and are noticed.

"A frog thrown into hot water will jump out. Throw him into cold water and gradually increase the heat and he will die." The frog is society's current attitudes.

Our Investigation

The pedophile known as "d" posted at BoyChat using an email address that led to his true identity, easily identifiable in a quick google search. Public records confirmed his past locations and activities. He also posted on a pedophile website called Hoby's Dreamscape about his sister who committed suicide, which matches the information of David Weiss Richardson.

Furthermore, he has confirmed via email that this identification of him is correct by asking us to consider taking this information down.

Online Accounts

Known Email Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • d
  • david_tx
  • davidwr

Known Websites

Previous Employment and Activities

  • The University of Texas at Dallas. Clark Student (internship), Summer 1988
  • University of Texas at Arlington until December 1992
  • Tandy Corporation, Fort Worth, TX. Software Test Intern (Co-op), 1990-1992
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor until 1995
  • Worked at IBM in 1992
  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • "Amigos" mentor program at Goodman Elementary School
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Budget Committee and preschool babysitter

Most Currently Known Address (May 2010)

2600 Arroya # 119
Dallas TX 75219

Previous Known Addresses (Most likely all out-dated)

2035 Georgetown, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
8800 N IH 35 #2137, Austin, TX 78753
22511 SW 66th Ave. #315 Boca Raton FL 33428
1904 Silverleaf, Pantego, TX 76013 (hometown)

Most Currently Known Phone Number (May 2010)


Previous Known Phone Numbers (Most likely all out-dated)

  • (512) 836-9012
  • (313) 741-1367
  • (407) 852-0272
  • (817) 856-6609
  • (817) 461-4799

Current Church

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
3204 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75206

Additional Quotes

A boylover loves boys for his whole life.

In reference to whether boys are wearing underwear under their pants or not:

you sure about that?

Posted by d on 2007-June-17 01:27:33, Sunday

In reply to we did see him in underwear.. posted by Boyhappy on 2007-June-17 01:21:27, Sunday "He was always wearing pants over them"

Um, are you sure? Better go check....

"I meant the 'them' part"

Posted by d on 2007-June-17 02:57:29, Sunday

In reply to Re: you sure about that? posted by Boyhappy on 2007-June-17 01:30:29, Sunday

Are you sure he was wearing undies under the pants?

From his introduction:

First, I am not a "boylover" in the sense that many of you are. I hope that my presense doesn't offend or intimidate any of you. I am a Christian.

[** graphic paragraph **] For the past several months I have been reading about various kinds of sexual attractions besides typical adult m/f (which is where I am), m/m, and f/f relationships. I've read about people who like animals, children, inanimate objects, multiple people at the same time, and people who play roles like d/s, s/m, infantilism (AB/DL). I've read pro-[insert philia] and anti-[insert philia] for most of these. I have lurked and participated in message and "live chat" groups. [** end graphic paragraph **] ...

I know that love (be it based on erotic love, brotherly love, willing-to-take-a-bullet-for love, etc.) is a beautiful thing and should be encouraged in its proper place. There are two people who are not my blood relatives that I know I love enough to die for, no questions asked. One is the women I asked to marry (she said no, but we are like siblings now) and the other is a (you guessed it) now-teenage boy who I started mentoring many years ago through his school.

Referring to Snickers candy bars:

Now THIS is orgasmic

Posted by d on 2007-January-23 16:16:28, Tuesday

In reply to Or these: posted by weasel on 2007-January-23 15:03:09, Tuesday Orgasmic and guanteed to satisfy, if you believe the ads.

Even better when sold door-to-door by fund-raising youth sports teams.

Referring to possession of child pornography:

possession and credit card trails

Posted by d on 2007-January-22 01:57:46, Monday

In reply to possesion is 9/10s of the law posted by Madalyn Murray O'Hair on 2007-January-22 01:07:45, Monday

Possession is also iffy if more than one person could have been using the computer (locally or remotely) at the time the files were created and all the other possible users haven't been cleared.

Other ways they nail you:

- credit card paper trail - keyloggers, hardware- and software- based. - screenloggers - suvellance van picking up what is on your screen (especially useful with CRTs).

His guide to getting into volunteerism positions with children:

One advantage to being a professional

Posted by d on 2007-August-11 10:12:36, Saturday

In reply to The other side of the fence. posted by Dylan Thomas on 2007-August-11 02:50:00, Saturday

If you've got a squeaky-clean image, the references to match, a little free time, and loads of cash, you can buy yourself into boy-supporting charities.

OK, you can't literally buy yourself a position as a pee-wee football coach or Boys and Girls Club staff member, but by being a 4-figure-a-year donor, you get invited to meet-and-greets. Meet the right people, demonstrate you have what it takes to be a "quality" volunteer, and volunteer to do some non-contact stuff like fund-raising or publicity and sooner or later someone will invite you to coach, mentor, or what-not. If they don't, then all you have to do is mention you'd like to take on more of a direct role in the organization. They'll get the hint.

Even if you don't have the loads of cash you can still pull it off by first volunteering to do fund-raising and other indirect work. It may just take longer to meet the right people.

His advice to a pedophile who is looking to become involved in families at churches which have young boys in them:

Visit around until you find one that you think will work for you. Participate in social activities such as church dinners, get to know the parents, etc. Find a parent who 1) loves the Lord [should be easy], 2) had the time and interest to teach you [may not be so easy on the "time" part], and optionally 3) has kids [boys] you get along with.

Additional Information

  • d often posts about laws regarding child pornography and sex offenses, ways to prevent reportable files on computers from being discovered while being repaired as well as ways to get close to children.
  • He took a mission trip to Mexico in March of 1999 with children from a church in Texas
  • Says he suffers from depression
  • Interested in sci-fi
  • Posted on hacker newsgroups for several years
  • Says he has internet addiction and has to fight it often

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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