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Danja Arend
Age: 34
Birthdate: June 20, 1985
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Backoffice Specialist - Telfort
Location: Weesp, Netherlands
Physical Description:
Height: 192cm
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Organizations: Christian Boylove Forum
Danja Arend is a self described "boylover"

Danja Arend, A.K.A. "Daze" was active on the pedophile message board Christian Boylove Forum. He described himself as a "boylover" and posted pro-pedophile rhetoric; making the claim (like many other pedophile activists do) that there's a difference between "boylovers" and predators.

Daze spoke of having a "young friend" that he planned to spend several years with; a boy who was age 10 at the time. Daze also stated that he lived close enough to a school to watch the boy and his friends come and go.


Re: Wow

"Later, we were talking about if he and I slept naked. I said I did (I still do), and he was surprised... Well, in the end he managed to steal my pants, and I was there in my underwear... If he managed to pull those down too, he would've seen me in my full glory... I resisted... My concience wouldn't allow me to let it go on any further..."

Re: my first outcry

"Although I haven't tried suicide, I feel like I want a son too. I currently love a boy who I really wish to be my son."

  • sigh* This is so hopeless...

"Look at this line, and read it over and over again, until you wake up at night, bathing in your own sweat, from a nightmare about your dog who ate a little bird: Boylover is not predator. Appearantly you still don't get it. Read for a change: You have 3 kinds of people: The "normal" people, the boylovers, and the predators. Since most people still seem to confuse the boylovers with the predators, many boylover groups (What? You think CBL was the only one?) were founded."

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile named Daze posting on Christian Boylove Forum
  • He claimed to be in the Netherlands
  • A search for his email led to his postings on other websites and Usenet and his name and location

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Daze
  • Tagdaze
  • Dan Arend

Online Activity:

Other Contact Information

Additional Quotes

I was shocked as well

"Don't forget that boylovers aren't just full of lust like everyone wants you to think. We really DO care about kids, and we don't want anyone to hurt em. Just wanting to do it "up the bum" isn't a part of being a boylover. It's caring. Hell, most of us don't even WANNA have sex with children. There's this ten year old kid I really love, and I had the chance to let it go too far, but I didn't allow it. You know why? Because I CARE! No. Sex. Involved. I don't even think of having sex with him. (really!)"

"Indeed, so true. What I personally feel for a specific boy I know isn't exactly for sex. It's just... love. Being there with him. I'm feeling more of a "hugs an kisses on the cheek"-love then a real "just sex"-love.

For example, I won't masturbate thinking of the kid, but I think I love him like... I dunno... Like he's my own son. But a little more. I know he will never LOVE me, but indeed he can return love."

"Chibi (My YF) is 10 years old, so I have got about 5 years to enjoy his prescence.

Be strong, man!

Oh yeah, before anyone asks, "Chibi" is my nickname for my YF. It's Japanese for "Young" or "Kid".."

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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