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Location: Unknown
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Descartes is a pedophile who has a sexual preference for young boys, and posts on BoyChat.

Descartes is a pedophile who has a sexual preference for young boys and is a member of BoyChat.

Very little is known about him, as he recently confessed on the BoyChat forums that everything he had been posting about himself had been fabricated. He apparently led his peers to believe that he was "boyless" because of his social status, when in reality he is not the type of person that either children or adults are comfortable being around. He says that he looks and sounds gay, and that he is aware that he makes people nervous around him. He feels that he has lost out on several "boy moments", as he calls it, because of his physical appearance. He even refers to himself as a failure and a freak.


Well, nothing other than that a bunch of giggling boys should immediately invade my home and refuse to leave.

If you decide to associate with boys, you must ensure that your interest in them appears to be mild and non-specific. That is to say, don't show too much interest in any one boy, and don't show much interest in the boys in general. Avoid excessively affectionate physical contact, such as frequent hugging, stroking of the hair, kisses on the cheek, etc. You also need to learn about the pedophile profile so that you can avoid seeming too much like a pedophile.

It is very strange for an unrelated adult to want to spend time with children, and especially to want to spend time with one particular child.

Our Investigation

Investigation into the person is ongoing.

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Additional Quotes

The Salem witch hunters captured at least 200 people, none of whom were witches.

Today's witch hunters have captured many more than that, and virtually all of those people are witches.

It's comforting to think that cooler heads will prevail in this "witch hunt," but that optimism is probably misplaced. Unlike the victims of previous witch hunts, we really are witches. That is the problem.

It's time for a confession

Posted by Descartes on 2007-January-17 03:04:27, Wednesday

Most of the things I've said about myself are false.

More correctly, the reasons I've offered for my miserable boy-free life are false. I am not as wealthy, not as powerful and not as well-known as I have claimed. I am not posting this from my beach-front estate. I have an average job and I live an average life in an average neighborhood. The area is a bit low on boys, but that's a challenge that many BLs face.

I'm not living a boyless life because I live in a gated community or because rich parents won't let their boys go outside. The problem is me. I am invisible to boys when they are around, and I make them nervous when I try to talk to them.

I am invisible to boys because I am quite small. If you thought I was a big old fat guy, then I did my job well. But the fact is, I'm not a big old fat guy. And more importantly, I'm not the "coach type" or the "soldier type" that so many boys find interesting. To boys, I probably look "gay."

I make boys (and adults) nervous because I have a voice that is far from deep. This is caused by a condition that cannot be treated. Not only do I look gay, but I sound gay. This makes me seem much more suspicious, both to boys and to the adults who are around boys. I will not go into absolute specifics, but I ask you to trust me when I say that I have almost certainly lost out on several boy moments and several volunteer opportunities simply as a result of my stature and my voice.

I portrayed myself as a normal guy who was unable to be around boys because of my age and marital status. Many people here refuted my claims, and said that older single men can be around boys. Those people are probably right. As I have now explained, I have issues that go far beyond simply being single and over 25. The fact is that I am not normal, and that is a major factor in my inability to make friends with boys and to earn the trust of adults.

I am sorry for wasting so much time asking for help and shooting down ideas. The ideas that others have offered would work very well for a single BL who is otherwise normal. I am not normal. If any single BLs over the age of 25 have avoided boys on account of my experiences, I beg you to try again. You probably won't have any problems.

I realize I should have mentioned this a long time ago, but I was afraid for my security. Now I realize that many people, BL and non-BL, fit this description. I won't be outed simply for posting this. But now you know why my attempts to spend time with boys and to earn the trust of adults have failed.

Call me a freak if you want. It's the truth.

While we sit here pondering the difference between boylovers, child lovers, pedophiles and child molesters, the rest of the world is busy hating each and every one of us. There is no "child molester conspiracy" because we "child lovers" are the only ones who draw such distinctions.

The only conspiracy is the one which involves the plan to eradicate every person who is in any way attracted to children. They hate us for who we are, not for what we do. Never forget that.

Additional Information

  • Descartes often responds to posts asking about legal issues. He uses legal terms and cites precedents.
  • He has posted that he is known to be paranoid.
  • Descartes posted numerous posts about BoyChat now showing up in Google searches and has indicated that he is leaving BoyChat for that reason.

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