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Severin Shields
Age: Most likely 43, possibly 31
Birthdate: 10/18/1976, has also used the birthdate 10/18/88
Race: Caucasian
Location: Flint, Michigan, USA
Physical Description:
Organizations: MrDouble.com
Severin Shields is a pedophile and member of the pro-child rape website MrDouble.com
Severen Shields aka Devholyjoke
Doublespeakeasy Forum
Doublespeakeasy Forum

Severen Shields

Severen Shields AKA Devholyjoke is a pedophile from Michigan and a long-time member of Mr. Double’s Speakeasy, a pro-pedophilia and child rape "fiction" website. On the MrDouble.com forum, Shields has posted about his attraction to little girls, stating his preference to be ages 7 to 16 years old. He is also a member of several incest-themed internet bulletin boards, where he made claims to have had sexual contact with his sister and with a female cousin.

Shields has stated that he was considering dating a single mother just so he could gain access to her little girls. Especially frightening are his posts about how he watches little girls who have become separated from parents in stores, and how he fantasizes about luring them outside and then kidnapping them.

He has also admitted to downloading child pornography through peer-to-peer networks, and then using a file wiping program to eliminate the evidence from his hard drive.

He has used two different ages on different websites. Some say he was born in 1988, some say 1976.


She pulls out a pick of her kids, 4 kids, 1 boy and 3 girls, ranging 8 to I think she said 2 yo. The boy being the oldest. Now ever since I was that pic of her kids I think of her more. I dont know if the reason I think of her more and grown the balls to ask her out, is because I actually like her. Or in the back of my mind I'm going, if I date this woman I'll have free access to 3 little girls. Now I dont want to date just because of the kids, but I dont want to feel guilty that I will be using her to get to her kids.

Speaking of blonds, I was at Best Buy today getting a external hard drive that was on sale after I had picked mine up I decided to cruise the video game section to see if there was anything worth getting. As I walked past the Wii display I saw a girl about 10-11 playing it. She has blond hair in a ponytail, a pink and white vertical striped sleeveless shirt with titlets poking out and white shorts. As I was taking in her beauty I notice that there wasn't a parent or any sibling hovering around or in the general area.

Now I was thinking, this is sad, if I was someone who could do evil things I could easily grab or coax this girl out of the store and into my car before her parents would even know that she was gone. But of course I just it be my fantasy and quietly walked to the front to check out.

I am sorry if it seem that I implied that you looked at CP. It was never my intention. Me on the other hand have seen it, but did major delete (many many many many many many many many many many many many hard drive swipes) after seeing what I had. (damn P2P)

But as I stated before I think everyone is a pedo, they just hide it since it is deemed not "normal" to think of teens, pre teens and toddlers as sexy. They hide it from very one in the real world only to bring out on sites like these or the billions of incest related site (unless you get one of those strict ones that dont even want fantasy pedo stories on thier site)

Incest/Pedo is one of those great taboos. Mom (big brother) says no you cant do that. Thats not right, "normal" people dont do those kind of things to people, we are enlighten. (yeah right, we are still cavemen just with a better stick. You take all the comforts away and you'll see real human nature, but that for a different thread) So if we are too chicken to do it in real life, we go online or find secret groups in the seedy part of town to express our desires.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed somebody posting under the name Devholyjoke on MrDouble.com.
  • He gave the email address of [email protected]
  • This email address was linked to the Myspace page for Severen Shields of Flint, Michigan.
  • Public records confirmed this was correct.

Online Accounts and Aliases


  • "The Clothes She Borrowed"
  • "Devlyn"

Last Known Address

Current Address:

  • Unknown

Previous Addresses:

  • 2614 Gibson St, FLINT, MI 48503

Additional Information

  • Says his father has been married 3 times, and is ex-army
  • Has family in Iowa and Kentucky

Additional Quotes

I was in the mall the other day. I had a few girt certifacites to spend, so I was walking down one of the main halls. And in front of me was this cute little 8yo girl. Brown hair pulled into a ponytail, a pink and white sweater and jeans. She was just walking in front of me maybe 3 feet. Besides thinking damn this girl has a cute ass, I also was wondering were this child parents are….So I just admired her daughter's ass as I walked to my car.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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