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Jeffery (last name believed to be Servies)
Age: 51
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Frankfort, Indiana, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight: 240
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Pedophile Websites: Little Boy Lover Forum, Boymoment, Island Gathering
Jeffery is a regular member of several forums which cater to pederasts

Jeffery (whose last name is believed to be Servies) A.K.A. Dj46041 is a member of several internet forums which cater to pedophiles with a sexual interest in boys;

In the posts that he's made on these on these forums, Jeffery is particularly explicit with details, expressing a desire to be sexually involved with a "young boy" and describing sexual acts involving boys.

Jeffery has stated that his AoA ("Age of Attraction") is to children aged from 4 to 16 years old.

In a twist, at one point Jeffery even attempted to infiltrate the Perverted Justice Foundation Incorporated's Forums using the screen name "Js46041," however by that stage Jeffery's efforts were futile, as his involvement in pedophile forums was already well known to us.


boys butts

"I love little boy buts and I love licking what is pink down there "

how far is to far

"If it were legal I would go for it. The only thing that would not happen is anel I dont think a young boy is ready for that and I dont want to hurt him"

What Are Your Favorite Areas And Parts and Positions Of A Boy?

"Well here are my favorite parts.

The area known as the V
The groin and all areas that are with it
His little boy hole

The positins.

Legs apart or straight up in the air with him naked and showing his feet or nuthing on but his gym shoes and everything up in the air "


"Hey it might be ok. I did it with my cousion when we were growing up as teens "

Our Investigation

  • Our investigation is currently ongoing.

Online Accounts

E-Mail Addresses:

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • Dj46041
  • Dice_7552
  • Jhurt
  • Js46041
  • Justin Hurt
  • J_puppy_16
  • DICE

Online Activity:

Last Known Phone Number


Additional Quotes

Why are you a boylover?

"Ever since I was a young child and no one did anything to me back then I never had a adult friend or anything like that but I have always liked seeing boys nude and wanting to be nude with them. The other reason is that I just love to be around boys rather it be just to hang out or a sexual thing"

Ever been caught with your penis out by a little Boy?

"Yep in a public restroom and cute liitle blond was standing next to me with his whipped out and he looked over and saw mine... WOW he was hot. I did have a YF once when I was 16 he stayed over and wanted to sleep nude with me so I went into my closet with a hard on and he opened the door and saw it sicking straight up. He said wow and showed me his hard one"

Since This Is Dreamland What Is Your Dream

"My dream would be two have my owne son and then I would not have to take him home and he and I could just hang out and do the father son things. Another dream for me is to be on a deserted island nnaked with 20 or 30 other boys GRRREEEAAAA"

what is your aoa

"My AOA is 4 to 16"

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If you have any information regarding this individual, please contact us at [email protected].

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