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Donna Kistler
Age: 40
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Dental office/College student
Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Physical Description:
Organizations: SOSEN, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, SOFT
Donna Kistler is an activist for sex offenders and the wife of a repeat sex offender. She is an active participant in SOSEN.

Donna Kister, A.K.A. "Mrs. K", aka "Pennsylvania Princess", is the wife of a convicted repeat sex offender, Peter Jason Kistler, classed as a sexually violent predator and currently being held in the SCI SOMERSET medium-level security prison for men.

Donna states that she has been married to her husband for 3 years and is actively advocating in the community on his behalf. Despite his previous rape conviction and 2 other incidences of attempted rapes while breaking into strangers homes, and despite the fact that one year out of prison, he tried to pick up a 9-year-old child outside an elementary school. Donna's argument is that most sex offenses are not committed by strangers, that most sex offenders do not reoffend, that most sex offenses are due to parental negligence, and that those parents are blaming someone else rather than taking responsibility for their actions. She also maintains that her husband can't live with her because she has minor children, rather than the fact that he's in prison for reoffending.

Donna says that she was molested by five different people when she was a child and implies that anyone who has difficulty with their own childhood sexual abuse is ignorant regarding what a sex offender really is. She believes there is a witch hunt underway based on paranoia and hysteria and society would be better served by putting parents of victims on a registry instead of the offenders.

Donna, as an activist for sex offenders, is fighting laws designed to protect society from sexual abuse. She is a signatory on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign, which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer A.K.A. "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.


"I am standing proudly by my husband and supporting him in his recovery process.... HE NEVER had a charge on a child plus, his crime was over 20 years ago when he was very young and high on drugs. He has been drug free over 20 years and is NOT the person he was 20 years ago... none of us are! I would LOVE to talk to other people in this sort of situation so we can get together and make the changes needed to the laws... This is nothing more then a Salem witch hunt! It will reslove NOTHING except cause paranoia and hysteria... lets put a stop to this madness!.... P.S. I would also like to point out that I can look at this from both sides of the coin... I was molested by 5 different family members from the age of 6-16.... I am NOT a victim.. I am a survivor... ."

"THANK GOD!!! It sounds like people are starting to see the light!! Now, society needs to learn that a sex offender does not mean a pedophile. They also need to learn that more child molestation cases are NOT done by strangers. They need to learn that by placing all these restrictions on "sex offenders" is only going to HARM EVERYONE and solve NOTHING. A TRUE pedophile is going to be more aggressive in their actions because they are driven by ANGER AND FEAR. Its about time society realize that children are in more danger of being killed by a drunk driver and drugs than by a sex offender. Reality is, too many children are left unattended by their parents and when something bad happens they want to blame everyone else without taking responsibility for their negligence."

Our Investigation

We first became aware of Donna Kistler when we learned of sites, such as Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign and SOSEN, on which registered sex offenders, their families, friends, and other supporters, gather in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration.

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  • Donna Kistler
  • Mrs. K

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Additional Quotes

"It's time political figures stop using sex offenders as an easy political gain for votes! If you want to protect your children, simply be a better parent and watch your children when they are outside. Actually take that short walk with them to and from the bus stop or school. Don't assume they are safe at the playground! A drug deal can go happen ANYPLACE, including a drug free school zone! Aren't you worried that your child will be given a drug or perhaps shot in the crossfire of a drug deal gone bad? Maybe we should post pictures of parents who neglect their children instead."


"I am NOT happy with this article! at all ! This is NOT what we talked about during our interview at all!! She took half the things out of context!! Most of her information is so out dated and I'm not surprised since it took her this long to get our story to print!!

If I were the average person reading this I would assume that the laws are working.... DANG IT! My friend and I are trying to figure out what we are going to do to fix this... anyone have any suggestions??? I'm so MAD!!"


"Thanks for showing that to me. I read it and just had to laugh. I honestly am amazed that so many people can read the same article and still not read it correctly. How sad that is. ( yes, I am being sarcastic) I really don't understand why it is so hard to understand that a SO does not mean the person is a murderer or a child molester or even had a sexual crime in any form.... a sex offender as we all know could be someone who stopped along the turnpike walked off the side of the road and urinated! ."


"Mrs. K has never committed a crime. But, she says, she feels like she is "wearing a red letter" because she is married to a registered sex offender.

She and a friend from Lancaster County in similar circumstances are trying to start a support group called "SOFT of Lebanon" for the families of registered sex offenders ("SOFT" stands for Sexual Offender and Family Treatment.) The two women, who spoke with The Patriot-News on the condition their names not be used, say most people don't realize how hard the Megan's Law Web site is on families.

"We're not crying. My offender takes full responsibility," she says. "I completely agree with the registry, but it has no business being open to the general public."

Mrs. K says her son has been harassed at school and had to quit sports when other parents found out about her husband's past. Her husband is not allowed to live with her because she has a minor child, even though his crime did not involve children.

"I knew about his charges and I know this person," she says of her husband. "I love him deeply. We were married two years ago and it's the happiest I've ever been."

Her friend, Mrs. C, is also involved with a registered offender, also one whose crime did not involve children. He is in prison on a parole violation because he is an alcoholic, but when he gets out he also will not be living with her until he is off parole in 2012.

If he stays with her, she cannot keep a computer in her house in case he were to use it to view pornography. A painting by her father hanging on her wall that shows a woman in a flimsy dress was deemed possible pornography by a parole officer. "My goal is for families to start the program when the sex offender is in prison, before they come home," Mrs. K says.

"That can help prepare them emotionally and financially. ... We feel isolated. This way we can share stories, give out information. It's like calling your best friend.""

"As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by FIVE different FAMILY MEMBERS and the wife of a RSO I can assure you that these zoning laws have done nothing and will do nothing to prevent any type of criminal behavior. In fact, statistics have shown over and over that all any of these laws have done is cause more problems to include an increase in vigilante activity.If you seriously think about any of the sex offender laws and how "effective" they are all you have to do is look at how well the "war on drugs" have worked... or should I say have NOT worked.

Fact is the highest percentage of sex crimes are done by someone the child or family know and trust. Most often within the childs own home by a family member. It is true that SOME sex crimes, just like any other type of crime is done to a stranger. However, sex crimes are of the LOWEST rate of all criminal activity and of the LOWEST recidivism rate.

Truth is that as soon as someone mentions these laws are " for the safety of the children" thats all society needs to hear.

What people don't realize is that their children are in MORE danger of getting hit by a car or given drugs then they are of being "attacked" by a sex offender. My gosh, a child is in more danger of being stung by a bee and going into anaphylactic shock. How and why do I say that?? Realistically, IF a child is being watched and not left unattended the chances of any criminal activity happening to them would drop to an ALMOST non existent level. However, the majority of people don't take the time to watch their own children. ( I have no doubt I am getting bashed right now for that comment even tho it is ever so true)"

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