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Dr. Frans Gieles
Age: 78 (approx)
Birthdate: 1941
Occupation: Forensic orthopedagogy (working with criminal youth)/Remedial educationalist
Location: Netherlands
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: IPCE, JON, Newgon
Dr. Frans Gieles is a pedophile activist in the Netherlands, and the webmaster for IPCE.

Dr. Frans Gieles AKA F.E.J Gieles is one of the foremost "experts" on pedophilia, if you ask pedophiles. The reason for that is because he uses a lot of scientific words and statistics to somehow indicate that things are not as bad as they seem, that pedophiles are not as bad as society would think, and that sexual intimacy between adults and children is not as harmful as most other studies say it is. While he does state that sexual interaction between adults and children should not occur, he blames society for that.

He is a leader in the pedophile organizations IPCE and JON. He is also associated with the Dutch Association for Sexual Reform, which is an umbrella group that includes JON, a pedophile "support group."


Do no harm

This includes acting in harmony with the development of the child.

Harm can come from feelings of shame and dirtiness, learned from society. Harm can come from a society that uses power or violence to force the end of a relationship. One should consider this risk, as well as the risk of blackmail. The adult as well as the young person is vulnerable in this society nowadays. Thus: do no harm nor take the risk.

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