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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Tom Lopes
Race: Possibly Hispanic
Occupation: Computer Programmer, works for his Father as a technical consultant
Location: Branchburg, New Jersey
Physical Description:
Weight: "Thin"
Pedophile Websites: VoA
An arrogant pedophile that says he has no problem with everyone knowing he is sexually attracted to little girls.

Tom Lopes AKA Dragongeo2

Tom Lopes Dressed as a little girl, posted as "dragongeo2" on the pedophile forum VoA
Tom Lopes aka pedophile activist Dragongeo2 dressed as a little girl for SakuraCon08

DragonGeo2 AKA Tom Lopes is an open pedophile activist who has no problem posting his personal details on public forums and on pedophile forum boards.

He claims to be a computer programmer, a video-game programmer, a college student and works as a consultant for his father's company. He also claims to be "out" as a pedophile to his family and many of his college buddies, and says they accept his pedophilia. He currently attends college at Digi Pen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, but stays at his parent's house in the summer and during holidays.

Tom Lopes thinks it is perfectly fine for little girls to have sex with older men and claims to have LGFs (little girlfriends) that he instructs about sex and likes to wrestles with them.

He also likes to visit the mall to look at little girls. He praises pedophile Jack McClellan for taking pictures of little girls, because he likes to take pictures of little girls as well. He even posted one picture of a little girl he photographed on the pedophile forum boards.

In addition to these activities, Tom Lopes poses as a girl on the young teenager website, Gaia Online, where he regularly makes positive comments about pedophiles and pedophilia. He is a member of the Edge of Nowhere forums where he is actively involved in convincing the members that "Pedophile" is not equal to "Child Molester". He uses examples from Lindsay Ashford and other pedophiles to justify pedophilia as being a "normal" sexual orientation.

He is a regular poster at http://edgeofnowhere.cc where he openly talks about the fact he is a pedophile and defends his "right" to be attracted to little girls. He claims he would never touch a child, but was banned a few months ago on that site for posting a story about sleeping in the same bed with a ten year old girl and posted pictures of himself wrestling in bed with the girl during his summer vacation in Florida.

He also likes to look at "Child Modeling" pictures, which are sexually explicit pictures of little girls sometimes dressed in lingerie or other adult clothing and often posing in an obscene manner. He was formerly a moderator at 12chan and he gives his friends access to these photos via his personal website http://www.dragongeo2.net. On this private website, he also stores pictures of a 10 year old girl he met on vacation in the summer of 2007, including pictures of the little girl "wrestling" him and jumping on his bed.


Long answer: Realistically speaking (I don't have any daughters, so this is pure conjecture), I might consider allowing my daughter(s) to have sex with someone, provided I actually instructed them on sex as I'd done with one of my LGFs (she was curious, so I told her. No, we never had sex - after that she was a little grossed out by the idea ). Of course, she'd have to want to have sex with this person first, and I'd most-likely do a very rigorous interview of their character before allowing anything. Why would I do this? Because I wouldn't want to stifle or hold back a daughter of mine (whom I'd love very, very much) from experiencing such a sensation as sex with someone you love.

It depends on who I'm with, really. Some of the girls I've befriended want me to act quite boyfriendly around them and cuddle while watching television together or just to sit and have a calm talk (ironically - like adults), whereas others are wilder and will have me wrestling them to the floor (quite literally - one of them has a wicked headlock move that I just can't seem to get out of) or play tag or I'd take them to the park and go for a run, stopping ever so often to find a new playground piece to play on.

I'm out to most of my college buddies. But they don't use my computer because they think it's weird I have lolicon wallpaper

Our Investigation

The following steps were taking in our investigation to connect the screen name "DragonGeo2" to the real name "Tom Lopes":

  • We noticed that someone with the screen name "DragonGeo2" was posting on a pedophile website, and that he claimed to have no problem with his personal details being posted for everyone to see.
  • He posted a picture of himself dressed as a little girl which led to his personal forum board [1].
  • A search on whois, revealed his real name and address, which he confirmed on the pedophile and public forum board www.edgeofnowhere.cc, where he was openly posted comments about being a pedophile activist.
  • He also mentioned on the pedophile forum board that he was a member on the www.edgeofnowhere.cc forum, where he posted his real name of Tom Lopes. In addition, he used the same sig pic on the public forum that he used on the pedophile forums.
  • A public records search confirmed the address for Tom Lopes.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Dragongeo2
  • Dragonforce

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites

Online Gaming Activities

  • World of Warcraft
  • Dragongeotwo - now deleted


Pedophile Websites

  • VoA
  • 12chan - claims to have been a moderator there


Last Known Address

He attends college at Digi Pen University, but his exact address in Washington is not known

University Address:
DigiPen Institute of Technology
5001 150th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
[email protected]

He stays at his parent's house during the summer and holidays:

15 Harvest Drive
Neshanic Station, NJ 08853
15 Harvest Drive
Branchburg, NJ 08853

Last Known Phone Number


Other phone numbers

  • 416-564-9425
  • 908-369-5949

Additional Quotes

Claims to be "out" as a pedophile to family and friends, after posting his real life details on one pedophile forum:

Ah, thanks for your concern about my safety, but I'm already out in multiple places on the Internet as well as in real-life with my close family and friends. To be perfectly honest, though, I don't care who knows that I'm a girl-lover. It's not like their opinions of me change who I am.

What bothers me is that these 10 year olds, who obviously have the desire to be viewed as sexual, have no such power to change the way things are in the real world (involving acceptance of such behavior). Oh well, I suppose that's what the internet is for...

About child pornography:

Woah woah woah. First of all, I'm a computer programmer, and am in no way afraid of even the government pulling a bullshit vigilante move on me like that because either I have no such illegal material, or I know how to hide it.

He likes to dress up in little girls clothing and jump on a trampoline:

In-fact, last year I wanted to wear pretty clothes like LGs do, so I bought some in my size, and well, it was fun. I certainly enjoyed jumping around on my trampoline in a skirt (and made sure my nosy neighbors weren't around when I did it) and I kinda liked looking like one of them for awhile. So, if I had a choice, I'd like to be reborn as one of the LGs that I so adore.

Here's a picture of me in said pretty outfit (face blurred: (see above)

Age of Attraction:

I don't think that age is really important in the end. But if I had to pick a number, I'd choose 9.

I own a house next-door to a 6yo, and I'm not moving.

On Friday, I had my wisdom teeth removed (all four of them at once) and I finished the procedure, went home, etc. Now I've a bottle of oxycodone which I'm taking for the pain (though, I must admit, it's quite fun in and of itself). All my friends keep telling me that I'm acting very odd because I keep hugging them (hey, it's really fun!) and laughing more than usual. I'm wondering if it'd be a good idea for me to go to the mall and say hi to the kids there, and if anyone (parents, security, etc.) asks me why I'm talking to them, I can (honestly) claim I didn't know what I was doing (rather than play dumb or run away like usual).

I don't think the government has anything to do with this. Even if legislation were passed to make life easier for us, it really wouldn't change anything for non-paedophiles because men who love little girls are still going to do so regardless of what laws say

A girl-lover is someone who loves girls (of course).

It really doesn't matter whether they're of the platonic don't-want-to-have-sex-with-you variety, or the I'd-love-to-do-Stephanie-from-Lazy-Town variety because in the end, this place is for girl-lovers, and both groups love girls (albiet in slightly different ways). The former group believes that not having sex and being there for them and giving them gifts and lots of hugs and kisses is the best way to make them happy, and they may be right - I don't know. The latter group believes that sex feels good (and it does) and that they should please children by using sex because it feels good and they want children to feel good, too. Whether either group is right or wrong isn't really relevant because both groups do a great job of loving girls (and are thus girl-lovers) and both groups come here to express their views with like-minded people.

I think that Jack McClellan went a bit too far off of "the dangerous end" when he did that interview, but nonetheless, he's furthering our cause one way or another. I'm personally not a fan of the route he's taking (in which he's essentially forcing the invisible hand of change), but if he gets things done, I really won't complain... Even if the worst were to happen, and someone were to kill him - that'd only further our cause more than ever, as the death of Martin Luther King Jr. did the cause of African American equality.

On the other hand, I'm not a fan of Jack's tactics. I think that he clearly knows what he's doing, and that he's no fool, but I'm simply not an advocate of taking pictures of kids without their consent (it's a respect thing for me). Besides, it's not like being friendly and/or blunt would merit anything other than a possible "no". For example, I simply asked this cute little thing for her picture (because she's beautiful) and she agreed, and her dad - whom was with her at the time - agreed, and I got to take her picture with a pretty pose to boot: -http: // www.dragongeo2.net/Photo_xxxxxxxxx.jpg.

Also, not to be belittling of Jack's (or Lindsay's) courage or to brag or anything, but my personal information is always readily available because I loathe the idea of hiding behind a screen.

From the young teen site Gaiaonline:

But you can't do that. Your generalization (and I believe most generalizations originate due to laziness) is the whole reason why this group of people (pedophiles) who have, by definition, not necessarily done anything wrong ("wrong" meaning, "immoral or illegal"), are in the predicament that they are in today (them being the number-one most-hated group of people on Earth).

Let's shift the topic to the left a bit:

How do you guys feel about the subgroup of pedophiles who genuinely love and care for children and who would never hurt them (the children) for the world? Edit: As referenced by the original poster's source: http://hfp.puellula.com/

That's (in my opinion) a bad generalization to make, because you're affirming the potentially false belief that pedophiles are selfish, manipulating, evil, and forceful, when that is clearly not the case with most pedophiles - heck, with most people - in the world today. You're also making the assumption that pedophiles can't do anything right, which is probably demeaning and dehumanizing to them. How many teachers right now that do a great job teaching children and engage them in appropriate classroom activities are there? Probably a lot. What if a research study were performed that confirmed that pedophiles make the best teachers (I think that one actually was done that confirmed that exact thing, but I'll have to check on that...). Truthfully, if someone gives a child a hug, and it makes the child feel better, I couldn't care if they were Adolf Hitler, what's important is that the child feels good.

In response to one member asking "Benefits of Allowing Anyone to be Around Children Without Supervision???":


You'll make the pedophile happy for sure

And you might make the child happy as well, depending on what kind of pedophile they are

This was written by a smart man who shared my ideals:

Edit: In light of discussion through the next five pages, I would like to remind readers that I (DragonGeo2) did not write the remainder of this post, and also, that I chose to display the text in a non-quoted format for readability purposes only:

Children need sex. They require release like you do but are denied it with a partner who can teach them and guide them through it lovingly. Many young children masturbate for relief-and what does mom and dad do when they find out? Why, they slap the kids hands and tell them to stop or they will go blind! Once again, this only leads to oppressive, damaging GUILT.

Additional Information

  • Likes to dress up in little girls clothing and jump on a trampoline :

In-fact, last year I wanted to wear pretty clothes like LGs do, so I bought some in my size, and well, it was fun. I certainly enjoyed jumping around on my trampoline in a skirt (and made sure my nosy neighbors weren't around when I did it) and I kinda liked looking like one of them for awhile. So, if I had a choice, I'd like to be reborn as one of the LGs that I so adore.

Here's a picture of me in said pretty outfit (face blurred): PICT0440.JPG

  • 2003 Somerville High School Robotics Team Students

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's identity or current whereabouts, contact [email protected].

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