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Location: United States
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat
Ed is a boy lover who serves as a moderator at BoyChat

Ed is a pedophile who has been a member of BoyChat since the spring of 1997. He serves in the role of moderator for the site as well, but for quite some time he attempted to remain anonymous in that role.

Ed claims to have been outed as a moderator by another poster following an unhealthy exchange of words between the two. In reality, the other poster had sent in a complaint to the staff, expecting a reply. When he didn't receive the reply, he posted about it on the message board, calling for the attention of the moderators to check for the complaint. Ed then outed himself by responding to the post, telling the user that complained to check his e-mail, instead of letting one of the other moderators handle the situation. He then began a campaign to blame the other poster for "outing" him, when in reality, Ed's lack of self control over his emotions is what exposed him as a moderator. He has continued making an issue out of it for some time, always blaming others for his own actions.

In the earlier days, Ed seemed to be friendly and supportive of the BoyChat community. He met with several other posters from the site in person. He would eventually meet his partner, a transgendered poster named Jason who used the screen name "someonez" at BoyChat. Eventually though, Ed's posting style changed from that of a warm, caring, and supportive member of the site, to that of a cold and arrogant person whose level of tolerance is practically nil. He angers easily and rarely acts as professional as a moderator/staff member should when dealing with the public. Ed rarely speaks about his life as a pedophile, but has stated that his AoA begins with children as young as 4 years old. He has also stated that his screen name "Ed" is short for his middle name, Edward.

Ed was also once an administrator on the now defunct SafeHaven site. He also maintained an IRC chat room, #mred, where pedophiles could chat online with each other on a daily basis.


"BoyChat is here to facilitate communication between boylovers. It's purpose is not that of facilitating debate between boylovers and those who think we are Pedophile coward piece of shit. By the way, comments like that aren't debate, but simple ad hominem insults. A third grader can do better. Hmmmm...third graders :o) ...but I digress..."

"Your sigpic raises my blood pressure

Well, it raises something anyway ;)"

Our Investigation

  • All information obtained to date has come directly from posts by Ed on BoyChat. Our investigation is ongoing at this time.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • Ed
  • Mr. Ed

Additional Quotes

Ed's reply to the statement by another poster that watching a boy through a keyhole while he masturbated is "clearly wrong":

"WHY is it clearly wrong? This sounds like the typical CA argument of "It's wrong because I think it is wrong."

Unfortunately once you ask your reader to accept an assumption because you say it is so, your entire argument collapses."

"I used to think...

that BoyChat was a collection of 'like-minded' people. Once I delved deeper, I realized that wasn't the case at all. This place attracts as many freaks and barflies as any other. Believing that having a common sexual attraction to kids is a basis on which to form lifelong friendships is a mistake to avoid. On the other hand, if you encounter people who share other interests of yours including the BL thing..then you are in the right place."

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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