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Fatrat AKA Dave Bamford AKA David Middleton
Age: 34
Birthdate: October 04, 1985
Location: Sheffield United Kingdom
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Visions of Alice, Newgon, Lilgirl.net
Dave Bamford AKA David Middleton is a pedophile and pedophile activist from the UK.

File:Fatrat - 01.jpg

Dave Bamford AKA David Middleton has been using the nickname "fatrat" on pedophile and pedophile activist sites since at least 2003. Though most of his posts are on picture and video threads, he does have ideas about how to make the world a better place for pedophiles, such as:

wet t-shirt contests at Chuckie Cheese

sex ed would take on a would take on a whole diffrent meaning (Hint: it would be a part of PE class)

I am not a monster. I am a sensitive and civilized person, who has a different sexual orientation than the vast majority of the population. I am interested in beauty and aesthetics, and very deeply want to have the freedom to express my love and admiration for little girls in every way, emotionally, intellectually and yes even sexually.


"anyway im driffting of the subgect so i think the AOC should be lowerd to aroud 8-9"

screw AIDS when are they gonna come up with a cure for Little girls ageing tongue.gif

Our Investigation

Based upon information collected from Newgon, we were able to connect fatrat to Dave Bamford/David Middleton through related accounts.

If you are a member of law enforcement and would like to know more about our investigation, please email [email protected].

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Fatrat
  • Big Dave Kaos
  • Alienraven420
  • Alienraven
  • Alien-raven

Known E-mail Addresses

  • AIM Screen Name: alienraven420

Known Websites

Additional Quotes

no i didnt leave it out actully ill freely admit im atracted to children in just the same way that gay guys are atracted to men and straight guys are atracted to women (ive allso fallen in love with one i met on holiday she was the first thing i thought of when i woke up in a morning and the last thing i thought of when i fell asleap at night *sigh*) does that aortomaticly (yes i realise i can't spell)

mean im going to rape and abuse them and even if an older one asked me about it and/or said she would (and it can happen there curois at that age i no i was)i wouldnt simply beacuase i value my freedom to much

no i was'nt actully i just acsept myself its like that old song "i am who i am" sociaty needs to get it that *consetual* sex is good sex is fun no matter what the age or gender of the participants (as long as people oviosly use commen sence)

maybe if we stop putting so much religios and moral dogma on it people wouldnt have as many problems in later life

Additional Information

  • Claims to be an atheist
  • Harry Potter fan
  • Wrestling fan
  • Terry Pratchet fan
  • Collects rats, and also has 3 cats and 1 german shepard

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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