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Age: Late 30s
Physical Description:
Hair Color: His sigpic leads us to believe he has red hair
Pedophile Websites: Age Taboo, Boychat, LifeLine, Somersault's Forums
fntm is a very outspoken pedophile and active BoyChat member. He is romantically involved with Highlander, another known BoyChat member, who shares his interest in little boys.
fntm sig pic
fntm sig pic
fntm sig pic

fntm is an admitted pedophile and well-known member of BoyChat, who states that his AoA is of little boys between the ages of 9 and 16 years of age. He is also a member of Age Taboo, where he has posted a brief auto-biography outlining his sexual history. In his writing, fntm states:

I knew I had an attraction for boys but also knew it was wrong. I was afraid that if I did not keep it under control I would turn into one of those monsters you hear about on the news who abuse and molest kids.

It is interesting to note that fntm states that his knowledge of this wrong led him to religion, wherein he became a minister for a few years. Upon leaving the ministry, he found a well known web site where amateur writers share stories which are sexual in nature and are not restricted by content. There he read a story about a pedophile and claims that it led to his discovery that he was a "boylover". From there he found BoyChat and became good friends with another pedophile member, Highlander. The two eventually met and have since become life partners.


As a boy I found a sexual interest in other boys from about the age of seven. As I grew up my interests grew with me. I had a great friend and sex partner when we were both twelve. Our sex games continued until around sixteen. As I continued to grow up my attractions seemed to stay where it was. I found myself attracted to boys around twelve years old.

It was in 1999 that I first discovered the term BoyLover. I knew what I was and what I was attracted to, but I did not know it was common and did not know there were others in the world like me.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed fntm as a regular member of BoyChat and noticed that he spoke of being a member of another boylove community in the past, wherein he worked on the site's E-Zine (online magazine).
  • Taking cues from fntm's posts on BoyChat, and using his screen name to search, we were able to uncover his post on Age Taboo, wherein he stated his age and an e-mail address. Information posted in his story matched information he posted on BoyChat.
  • The e-mail address found on the Age Taboo site led us to fntm's MySpace profile page. Due to the fact that the age does not match the age listed on Age Taboo, we believe that other information on the MySpace page (such as the name "Raul") may not be accurate. (Most pedophiles post false information from site to site in an effort to throw off law enforcement authorities and anti-pedophile activists.)
  • Further examination of fntm's posts led us to his admission to being a member of LifeLine and to his account on Somersault's Forums.
  • Our investigation into this individual is ongoing. We will update this article when more information becomes available and is confirmed.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • fntm
  • FaNToM
  • fntmbl
  • Phantom

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

fntm stated at one point that he lived within the Mountain Time Zone; however, his location has not been narrowed down.

Additional Quotes

My AoA runs from about 9 to 16.

The transitional stage where a boy goes from little boy to young man.

Since I am a TweenBL, let me run the gamut.

Nude boys is always the best. I do enjoy seeing the penis as it adds to the overall image of the boy. There are a few model boys whom I have never seen nude but I know I would dearly love to see them actually nude. The best part of seeing the nude is the frontal view with the penis in sight. There are very few butt shots that have the power to get me going, so to speak.

I very much prefer a nice hairless penis and if it is circumsised, that adds more to the overall beauty (I know, I know, noy getting into the whole cut or uncut thing again). I happen to like seeing the head of the penis.

Also, I thoroughly enjoy lower hanging testicles. Seeing those little things dangling there is a real pleasure. I like balls.

Now, as I run into the slightly older boys (the mid-low teens) I do enjoy seeing some pubic hair. The best is the young teen who has a fine development going on with his chest and stomach. No hair in his pits, no hair on his chest, just a little bit of the beginings of a sweet and soft sparsely growing little hairs at the sides of the base of his shaft.

Oh My Gawd.

I need to be excused for a moment.

Do you really think that boys, understand, and can truly participate in a loving, romantic, possibly even sexual relationship with a man?

I say yes.

Some boys can, and do, understand and can participate.

As a BoyLover, I too was born with what the normal, regular people of the world consider grotesque and ugly. When I am out in their world I wear my mask of normalcy to hide the ugliness they hate so much. All I want is to be accepted for who and what I am. On BoyChat I can remove my mask and be who, and what, I truly am. The Phantom is revealed and accepted.

It is always great to find a young BL who understands and recognizes his attractions at an early age. You have an advantage over those of us who fought off those "bad" thoughts for years and years before finding out the truth about loving boys.

Sometimes it is wise to shut down some online activities to cut off the trail. New activities can be started again under different nicks pretty easily. Giving the hunters further frustrations and protecting the innocent from false accusations.

Because of BoyChat:

1. Made many wonderful friends
2. Came to realize the exact details of my attractions
3. After over 30 years I finally came out of the proverbial closet
4. Fell in love
5. My career improved due to great advice
6. Got married
7. Developed a deeper appreciation for boys
8. Developed a better understanding of boys
9. Developed a better understanding of BoyLovers
10. Found 'myself'

Thank you Free Spirits and thank you BoyChat and thank you all the posters who have been an integral part of my life over the past four years.

Additional Information

  • Has at least one sister and one brother (named Carl)
  • Sought advice on cleaning out his computer hard drive, a strong indication that he may have had child porn on his system
  • Zodiac sign may be Cancer
  • His Mother was a teacher at his school as he was growing up
  • Has personally met (in "real life") 19 other pedophile "boylovers"

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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