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Steven Blair Nichols
Age: 38
Birthdate: September 23, 1981
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Pseudo-Musician
Location: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat
Steve Nichols is a pedophile and an activist for pedophiles. He believes child pornography should be legal.

Steve Nichols, AKA "41", AKA "Black Jesus", and "Father Juice" is a pedophile activist currently living in Pennsylvania. He claims to be "out" as a pedophile to his parents and grandparents and states that only his mother disapproves, but doesn't really know the extent of his pedophilia. At one point she discovered his involvement with GirlChat and took over his identity and started posting negative comments which earned him a temporary ban. His grandparents intervened to stop his mother from 'harassing' him, he says, and when the dust settled he returned and his mother agreed to continue allowing him access to his cousins.

FortyOne believes that pedophiles having sex with children is not harmful and is only frowned upon because our culture is 'sex-negative'. He believes the problem lies with society and bigotry. He states that people are appalled at incest only because they've been programmed to feel that way and that molestation isn't really molestation but rather simply giving children what they want and need.

He has written frequently about little girls in his life. These include cousins who he is allowed to babysit or girls his brother knows or his friend's little sisters.


- Kiss Me On The Mouth -

Let my children ejaculate on my belly. Let your children ejaculate on my belly. My people are children- Let my people come. Dont worry you can still come too, but you might not like where we're going. We're going to, squash your morals, ignore your hysteria, and love you for hating us. Still wanna come? The journey's long and there's no turning back, but even when we do that's part of the journey too. Endlessism. Peaks and valleys and caves of light.. Lightbulbs that shine darkness and everything you could ever not-want, but yes, everything that you could too- it's just that that stuff is covered in more fear. You remember how Frankenstein played with that little girl? I do. I also remember what god looked like even though you're trying to steal the memory from me.. The feeling of pure joy escapes every year, day, and second, you damn enticers!! Damn thieves!! Where have all the flowers gone? More like 'why is my access to the garden always blocked? And it's not even what you think, the answer, it's a trillion fold deeper. It's pain and hatred, and mutilated humanity, and what's worse is sometimes it all makes sense. Nevertheless i cannot forget. It's not your fault. It's not your fault i'm yelling at my stomach, but it would help if you'd let my children ejaculate on my belly.

She'll never understand how kelli makes me feel.. Frankly i'm not even sure i want her to.. fuck her. The quagmire society is stuck in is too deep, too strong..

As we try to lift it up, we tear off our arms.. Let me keep my arms to play games with kelli.. and write lies to swim in.. So be it..

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile named FortyOne posting on GirlChat, he used multiple nicknames and emails.
  • A search of those email addresses led us to the name of Steve Nichols and his own personal websites.
  • Public records search of that name confirmed all of the information he provided on the pedophile website and his personal websites.
  • Photos on his public sites matched what he had posted at GirlChat

Online Accounts

E-Mail Addresses:

Known Screen Names/Aliases:

  • 41
  • FortyOne
  • Forty1
  • Black Jesus
  • Father Juice
  • Fortywun
  • NormanSweetcream
  • Abdominous
  • Wushu Fittando
  • Eman, Kcin Ruoy Ckuf
  • Naive Dr. Onord Evian
  • Dionysus
  • Faju
  • Corey
  • 41Zen41
  • BecauseImATwit

Online Activity:


Last Known Address

312 Walnut St

Additional Quotes

As far as making small strides and one day we will be better off i say phewey. The only thing to do is to conform enough to take a wife( alot harder for some of us then others) and have oodles of kids and some will be girls and there ya go theres your lg.

Around that time i started amassing a huge collection of illegal porn, which i deleted completey the day before i turned 18 - just to be that much more carefull..

I have two main interest's little girls and music. I make music, sample based "wierd" music on my pc.. Well that and basketball but im too fat for that plus i just found out i have high blood pressure... Btw all my music that i've made is about lg's in some way or another.. Well 99% of it..

I've been thinking alot lately of how much i aodre a white cotton panty claid ass..

Mmm'mm.. The attraction has some basis no doubt in the hiding of the precious.. the mystery of the un-known and the lure of what could be underneath i suppose.

By the time the inital shock were off and she decided she may want to study the site more it had went offline.. Now i assume she could easily find the new addy and so i always think "my mom may be seeing this" when i post.. It's sort of another way of sticking it to her.. which gives me a twisted little thrill.. Like in the waiting room.

The only one who really knows everything, and who i've totally "Came out" to is my dad -- He and my mom have been seperated for a while.. He's totally cool.. like.. my best friend.. When i first told him he was all like "thats just a phase" .. That was about two years ago.. It's great- the last time we were out in public together, at some auction thingy, we were walking around both noticing the hot girls.. and i could actually say to him "i need to look up some more, im concentrating on all the little ones im missing some good big ones" and he laughed..

I dont share your "ewwwww" feelings about my parents knowing.. Of course im big on incest

Any males in this current american/western culture taking any children into the woods and engaging in sex with them even if it's accepted and welcomed by the children will indeed harm the children. I am not advocating pedophillia for gods sake. Just as I'm not advocating you go blow strangers, have incest with your mother, or any of this... I'm just trying to allow you to understand that any and all harm that comes from these sexual actions does not come directly from the sexual action itself but rather from the way in which we think about the sexual action and then proceed to treat it and regard it in our societies.

The incestual sex act itself is not harmful and never was, the purely physical sensations do not hurt- it's just that the offspring of incest bewteen very close relatives were potentially harmful/disruptive. Actually, I do believe I read somewhere that the whole "two-headed baby(i.e. genetic defects)" idea has been highly highly over-estimated and missrepresented. But that's not the point. What I'm saying is that the incestual sexual actions themselves never directly caused the harm any past cultures associated with incest. We're not repulsed when we think of incest simply because our minds immediately jump to the thought of two-headed babies, no, we're immediately repulsed at the very notion of the physical act of sexual pleasure... Because we've been inculcated to believe or feel that sex is, in very many respects if not all, very very very negative.

However for your enjoyment i will now give you the break down of every little girl ive met since i have been "looking at them differently" so here goes..

Lets do it on sheer overall opinion(all things combined):

1.(Tie) Carrie [first little girl i was attarcted to- helped me realise myself- 10 and 11 when i saw her- tall for her age, skinny, short brown hair, brown eyes, beautifull smile, wore a tight one piece black bathingsuit and a leopard print one.. Had a crush on me.]

1.(Tie) Nikki [super sexy sister of my bro's friend. Met her when she was 8- she is now 11, and again tall, skinny, short dark hair, green eyes, flat beautifull stomach and has recently taken to wearing a completely see-thru grey bathingsuit.]

2. Ameila [another sister of a borther friend, only saw her a few times last summer- a young acting 6 year old - kinda chubby- short black hair- and always wore the cutest "hair thingy".. Uh blue eyes, and very nice and friendly and sweet.]

3. Demi [friend of Emily who you'll meet later down the list- i have only been with her twice, first time she was 5 and i took particular notice to her full lucious lips, long blonde hair bright blue eyes- set on my lap and "painted" ohhh such kissable lips im sure!]

4. Clarissa [first of the 'cousins' -- Extremely tall for her age- she is 8 now, ive been drooling over her since she was about 4- not a great face- or hair- i wish she would let it grow out- but her mom keeps it really short- super fine body! makes up for the lacking face]

5. Emily [a cousin. Has gotten prettier as she has gotten older- At three she was rather disturbing to look at in the face- but now at 6 she is very hot!- Medium length blonde hair- baby fat- great attitude- very smart and mature for her age and also kinda immature and 'dumb' for her age]

6. Sarah [another cousin- whom i just met this summer. again not a great model like face- with somewhat bucked teeth, but a very nice body- beautifull voice and manner of speaking. great butt heehee]

7. Katie [cousin. Tall. Blonde. Goofy looking, but nice and warm and fun to talk with and be with- havent saw her in a while wonder how she looks now?]

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