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Free Paed Cooperative
Created: 1997
Referred to as: Free Paed Cooperative or FPC
Based out of: Montreal
Founder: Jimf3 and Tygyr
Purpose: To host pedophile websites and profiles
Website Address:
Current: fpc.net now belongs to someone else.
Organizations: FSC, Montreal Ganymede Collective
An ISP created solely to host pedophile websites and profiles

The Free Paed Cooperative is a company which was created to host pedophile websites and profiles after many of them were shut down in 2001. It is now defunct. However, many of the profiles for pedophiles that were hosted on this site can be found in the Way Back Machine.

FPC provides free, secure Web space to boylovers who wish to see their thoughts displayed on the Net. It is dedicated to representing the many views of people on the subject of boylove, whether it be from a personal, historical, scientific or ethical perspective. Through this representation FPC hopes to educate the world about boylove and provide support and entertainment for boylovers everywhere. We hope that FPC will quickly become a hub of boylove resources on the Web and an important part of the online boylove movement.

The June 1997 decision by Digiweb (then the centre of the largest boylove resources collection) to remove all boylove-related pages sparked outrage and action in the boylove movement. This led to the creation of Free Spirits, an organization of online boylovers committed to providing service and support within the boylove community. FPC soon joined with Free Spirits and is now managed under the FS umbrella.

Today FPC continues to grow and is maintained and updated by Tygyr. Services are continually being expanded as both Free Spirits and the online boylove movement evolves.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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