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Free Spirits Coalition
Created: 1997
Referred to as: Free Spirits, FreeSpirits, freespirits, FS, FSC
Based out of: Montreal
Founder: Jimf3, Alexis, Adam The Baroque Keyboardist and others.
Purpose: To raise funds to host and operate pedophile Websites.
Website Address:
Current: http://freespirits.org
Organizations: Montreal Ganymede Collective, BoyChat, BoyWiki, BoyWrite
An organization of pedophiles online, whose mission is to continue to organize and fund websites for and by pedophiles.

Free Spirits Coalition or FSC is the umbrella under which several pedophile Websites operate, including Boychat, BoyLinks, BoyWiki, LifeLine, and BoyWrite. They are also associated with non-English "boylove" Websites: El Castillo Azul ("boylove" discussion in Spanish), Jongens ("boylove" discussion in Dutch, Jungs ("boylove" discussion in German), and La Garçonnière ("boylove" discussion in French. In 1998, some of the Free Spirits members formed the Montreal Ganymede Collective, a group which was designed so that pedophiles could meet each other in person.

Jimf3 was the webmaster of BoyChat in 1997 when its hosting ISP gave notice to terminate its service. Jim organized a group of activists, including Alexis, Adam The Baroque Keyboardist, and others, and launched the Internet’s first pedophile-oriented fundraising campaing in order to buy expensive hosting services from vendors that could take the political heat to keep the accounts open. This was the beginning of the Free Spirits organization. A couple of years later, with its hosting vendors facing increasing political pressure, Free Spirits raised enough money and gathered enough volunteers to buy its own server and set up its own ISP.

[Source: Jimf3 personal communication].

Another "contribution" that Free Spirits has made to the pedophile community is that, with the help of Kalos, they developed the "boy love" symbol, which is a blue triangle, nested inside another, which they call the "BLogo." This has become a symbol that pedophiles use to identify their desires to have sex with children, on Websites, tee-shirts, jewelry, et cetera.


In the summer of 1999, there was a FSC convention in Montreal, which people from all over the world attended, including the murderer Robbie and the boy he murdered, Toby Antone.

Opposition Efforts

In 2006, the Project focused on Free Spirits and their Websites. It found that all of the Websites were hosted by Epifora, a Montreal based ISP, which was built for the specific purpose of hosting pedophile websites. An organized effort to have Verizon disconnect Epifora from the Internet ensued and succeeded, leaving all of the Free Spirits' Websites without a host. They then scattered to find new hosts but are still under the FSC umbrella.


The Free Spirits Committee as a whole - [email protected]

Free Spirits Resource Administrators

BoyChat Cogs (Moderators)


  • Abc
  • dB
  • Luke


Previous Committee


Other Former Members Of FSC Committees and Staff

  • Babel-17
  • hooked
  • Robbie

Notable Members


WARNING: The following link has been known to have links to child pornography and drawn child pornography:

Known Mailing Address

800 Place Victoria
P.O. Box 411
Montreal, Quebec H4Z 1J7

5505 Rhodes Dr, Ste #116
Windsor ON N8N 2M1 Canada

Known Phone Number

(206) 203 4882

Known E-mail Addresses


2. What is boylove and what is BoyChat and the other boards?

Boylove is an attraction to boys, which may have erotic, emotional, and/or aesthetic aspects.

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Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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