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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Diane Lyn Conyers Kittrell
Age: 55
Birthdate: September 1, 1964
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Sandston, VA
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat
Diane Kittrell aka Frianne, aka Blue Kitten, is a dangerous pedophile enabler that wants to marry her boyfriend even though he is in jail having been convicted of molesting her 10 year old daughter. She became a member of GirlChat where she discusses the molestation with other pedophiles.


Despite having this article published, "Blue Kitten" aka "Frianne" is continuing to post on the GirlChat website, even informing the pedophiles of her address and inviting the pedos to "visit" (LOD replied that he would take her up on the offer if he could spend time with her 10 year old daughter). She also asked the following question of the pedophiles, obviously referencing the current situation of her daughter who was molested by her pedophile boyfriend (he is now in prison, convicted of this molestation):

I haven't posted much because I now have my very own Wikisposure page. Cool huh? Those people are so stupid...At first I was upset, but now I don't even care anymore. Anyway I just had a question for you guys.. Some of you I'm sure have little daughters. What if say you have a 10 year old daughter and one of your friends was a pedophile and was in love with her? What if he wanted to be with her all the time and take her places? How would you feel about that? Would you allow him to be with her?

Posted by Blue Kitten on Monday, November 26 2007 at 01:13:04pm

In reply to LOL -- Wikisposure posted by LOD on Monday, November 26 2007 at 09:00:18am

Dude you can even come and visit me now

From LOD:

You're associated with me I guess -- well, according to them. I find that funny. What does that even mean? Does that mean we're best friends or something? Now I get to hang around your daughter? :P

Occasionally we run across the story of a pedophile enabler who endangers children by her presence on the pedophile forum boards. The unfortunate story of Frianne (aka "Blue Kitten") is one disturbing example of a mother caring more for her own needs than the needs of her child.

In September of 2007 Diane Kittrell, aka "Frianne", began posting on GirlChat about having a 30 year old boyfriend who molested her 10 year old daughter. She said at first she was mad at the boyfriend, but now she realized she was in love with him and wanted a life with him. Posting threads like "Being married to a pedophile?" and "Advice?" she began asking questions about whether it was possible for pedophiles to be married to women, love their wives and still be a "GirlLover."

Frianne gave graphic details of her daughter's molestation to a board full of pedophiles and sex offenders where she described her daughter in detail, saying she was "beautiful with long eyelashes and green eyes." She admitted that her boyfriend had molested other children in the past, but still felt he was her "soul mate." In addition, she asked for advice on how to handle her daughter and if she could convince her daughter to "forgive" him and have them all make a life together.

Many of the pedophiles encouraged her to talk her daughter out of testifying and even suggested the girls were not molested, rather victims of society's warped and puritan view on sexuality. Shockingly, however, some pedophiles sided with her daughter and suggested Frianne dump her boyfriend. Frianne was not convinced, and continued to post asking for advice until a small fight broke out among members. Some felt Frianne was a fake and accused her of being an "Anti" or the police, sparking a posting war.

We knew she was neither and uncovered her true identity, then promptly reported her to Child Protective Services. Thankfully, she was visited by CPS. She accused other pedophiles of reporting her and a small battle ensued. Frianne claimed she would not be back.

The trial went forward where her daughter testified. The child molester, Eric DeWinter, was found guilty on 2 counts of sexual assault of a minor and his bond was revoked. His sentencing will be Jan 10, 2008.

You would think after a visit by CPS and her boyfriend being convicted, Frianne would see the light, dump her molester boyfriend and get her daughter and herself to a good therapist. Instead, she chose to return to GirlChat under a new screen name, "Blue Kitten", where she continues to appeal to the pedophiles for advice on how to make a life with her now convicted pedophile boyfriend who is awaiting sentencing in a Herndon County jail.

On October 31 2007, her latest post was full of graphic details on her molested daughter's "sexy" Halloween costume and how her boyfriend was more "precious" to her than other LGs.


About GirlChat:

I'm almost obsessed with this website. I check it all day long.

To the pedos:

I need you guys right now!!!

Thank you so much for talking to me. I have apprecaited everyone's answers. I dated this guy for 1 year and 5 months before he touched my daughter. He has confessed to touching her, but not to "finger" penetration which she says happened. He says he doesn't remember doing that, only touching her there. That is why we have to go to court. It is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony. So he will probably definitely serve some jail time. He also lived with a family before who had two little girls and he molested the older one, but I don't know for how long. He lived there about 7 or 8 years so there is no telling. I have just recently wrote to him and asked him if he was only attracted to little girls. Everyone is telling me that he just used me to get to my daughter. It's hard not to believe it, but I need for him to tell me the truth. He says that he loves me, but we have always had an issue with sex(unable to get an ere. etc.) That sends a signal to me that maybe he isnt attracted to me. I just want to understand. My daughter says that she never wants to see him again but that she is still a little mad at him but she is getting over it. I don't know how she will feel as time goes by. I feel like he is my soul mate and I love him very much. And you know no one will ever be on my side. But I have forgiven him and have decided to try to help him and maybe we can have a life together. Thanks again for your advice. I really do need it............ :)

"Advice" to Frianne from the pedos:

from Dante:

Examine your feelings and your daughter's. If she feels unharmed, and if you can find love for him, untinged by desperation in a calm moment, then maybe its possible to proceed.

from Markaba:

Regardless of how he feels about the activities he participated in with the girl, it is the right thing to do to spare her having to testify if she doesn't want to. If he loves her he'll spare her that humiliation.

from Jensman:

And for God's sake don't let anybody get ahold of her who is going to lecture her about how 'damaged' she was by this. The only thing that will 'damage' her is if you fail to give her the moral support she needs.

from Neutrino:

You are going to let your 10 year old daughter testify against your boyfriend? Why? Will this improve his life? Hell, no! Will this improve her life? Absolutely not. Will this improve your life? Unknown.

from Spherious:

Firstly we need to know how your daughter was affected by this boyfriend of yours. The term "molested" is a very broad term, well around these parts anyways and yes i do realise that you cant give details on here but can you tell us if she were physically or emotionally hurt?

from Baldur:

I keep in mind that your daughter may have been "educated" into being ashamed of her sexuality, and therefore she may have reported the incident as being unwelcome even if it was not at the time. Or, this man may have been too dense to understand that she was not interested. That is the only reason why I would even entertain the thought that a relationship with this man may be possible.

from Paedestrian:

So to answer your question directly: "would it always be the girl first?" No. In the society I live in, it would always be the woman first. But while I was with her, I'd be thinking about the girl a lot. And if I wasn't caring of the woman and the girl -- that is, if I put my own personal agenda above the well-being of the woman and the girl -- I would be with the woman but use the opportunity to molest her daughter.

from Minstrel:

On the other hand, if they were doing something they both wanted, then he is as much a victim of unjust laws as your daughter is, and there's nothing to 'forgive' in the first place. In that case, once the injustice of legal action ends (possibly by your daughter refusing to testify against him, which you should encourage and support if you are certain it's her will), you should have no hesitation in having him back in your life, but tell him to be a hell of a lot more careful in the future.

Our Investigation

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile enabler screen name of "Frianne" with the real name of Dianne Kittrell:

  • We noticed the "Frianne" screen name posting on the GirlChat website.
  • A search of the internet found Frianne posting on several non pedophile websites with the same details about her ex-husband, his death and her children
  • The non-pedophile website had an email address which led to Dianne Kittrell's MySpace
  • Dianne had pictures of the children she described in her GirlChat posts
  • A search of the public records revealed Dianne's address
  • Child Protective Services confirmed that there was a case pending with Dianne Kittrell's daughter
  • "Frianne" confirmed on GirlChat she had been discovered and visited by CPS

Online Accounts

Known Aliases:

  • Frianne
  • Blue Kitten

Known Email Addresses:

  • withheld for now

Known Websites:


Associated with other pedophiles:

Last Known Address

1804 Stevie Rd
Sandston VA 23150

Convicted Molester Boyfriend's previous address: Eric Dewinter

519 Moonlight Drive
Culpepper, VA 22701
(540) 543-2346

Last Known Phone Number


Previous Phone Number:


Additional Quotes

I have a questions for someone who is willing to answer. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 (girl 10 boy 15). Their dad died two years ago. I met a guy who is 30 and we started dating (his idea). Well, to make a long story short, he molested my 10 year old daughter. He went to a therapist for help which ended up leading to his arrest. He is now waiting for his trial, where my daugher will have to testify against him. At first I was very angry and wanted nothing to do with him. But now I find that I am very much in love with him. I have forgiven him and still want to have a life with him. I know this probably varies, but is it possible for him to be attracted to little girls and women. I have asked him if he loves me and he always says yes. But is it the right kind of love. Are their guys who are attracted to both girls and women? This is all new to me and I am trying to educate myself and understand as much as I can. I don't want to set myself up for heartache.

Re: More Questions..... : ) to girlFriend

Posted by Frianne on Thursday, September 20 2007 at 09:48:36am

In reply to Re: More Questions..... : ) posted by girlFriend on Wednesday, September 19 2007 at 10:29:16pm

Thank you so much for your thoughts. I really do apprecaite everything that everyone has told me. I'm sure I will have more questions, as this situation is definitely not over with. Talking with you guys has been a great experience for me. I never really knew anything about this subject (only what you hear about from the news, etc.) until I found this site. I guess I thought like everyone else about pedophiles.... creepy people who are after our children. I don't feel like that anymore because I know more about it. You are just like me basically, just a little different. I guess it is the rule... Look but don't Touch ... when little girls are concerned. And you know, the counselor that my daughter was going to was a little whack to me. First of all when I told her that I was still in love with the guy, she looked at me like I was insane. Like how could you even be thinking about him. And, she treats my daughter like she is 4 instead of 10. She took a stuffed monkey (my daughter's favorite animal) and put it in a drawer with a bunch of paper and told her that E (the guy) was a horrible person not to be forgiven and that they would lock him away in a drawer and he would get paper cuts. How ridiculous is that??? I want my daughter to eventually forgive him on her own terms. I know that it is not a good thing to carry around unforgiveness your whole life. Even my daughter thought is was stupid. Needless to say, we have stopped going to her. It's people like her that make the world think like they do. Anyway, thanks again............

Despite knowing her boyfriend is a child molester of not only her daughter, but also of other little girls, AND knowing he had a trial pending, she continued to take phone calls from him and askied pedophiles if it was possible to love their wives as much as LGs:

Being married to a pedophile.....

Posted by Frianne on Monday, September 24 2007 at 01:47:25pm

I was just wondering, those of you who are married, how is it? Does your wife know? Are their some of you guys that are married and your wife doesn't have a clue? Can you love your wife like a woman should be loved? Especially if any are married that are exclusively attracted to only LGs. I'm just trying to think about whether or not I am wasting my time trying to hold on to someone who will not or cannot love me like I deserve to be loved. By the way, I was talking to my boyfriend the other day and my daughter told me to tell him Hi! She wants to talk to him now really bad, but there is a court order that won't allow him any contact with her for now. It sucks. But at least it shows me that she is moving forward and forgivness is in the picture. Maybe life will work out after all. I wish I had all the answers. Don't we all. You guys are such a help to me. I know it's hard to trust people online (all you have to do is watch TV and that will do it). I appreciate you at least answering my questions, even though you aren't too sure about me. (Even you LOD, lol)

When Diane Kittrell found out her daughter had been molested, she never turned her boyfriend into the police. Apparently the boyfriend went for therapy and thankfully, the therapist did report him:

Re: Hi Frianne- Neutrino

Posted by Frianne on Sunday, September 16 2007 at 09:27:46pm

In reply to Hi Frianne posted by Neutrino on Saturday, September 15 2007 at 08:05:31am

I'm sorry that you don't believe my story completely. My husband dying was a big deal to all three of us. My 15 year old son is just now starting to show signs of depression because of losing his father. I met my boyfriend through my kids at church. We all thought that maybe he would bring some happiness into our lives. He did actually until all of this happened. But, life is life and I am trying to figure out what to do now. I am not making my daughter testify. I had nothing to do with his being arrested. He turned himself in. The district attorney is making both of us testify. We have suponeas to appear in court. Imagine how I feel having to testify. I love him and I want to help him as much as I can. The good thing is all I can testify with is what he told me after my daughter told me what he had been doing to her. I did have more questions, but maybe I should just leave it be. I don't want to piss anyone off. Thanks for the information though. It has helped me understand what society thinks about pedophiles is not right at all.

Hi. I never called the police. He went to a counselor and told them what happened and they turned him in. Then he was arrested. It was terrible. I didn't want him to get arrested. Now we have to go to court and both testify on October 16th (scary)

I was talking to him on the phone and she heard his voice and now she just wants to talk to him. She was acting all goofy like she used to around him. They had a lot of fun playing together. She is supposed to go and spend the weekend with his Mom in two weeks.

I'm hoping he just crossed the line this time. It's hard making the decision to trust him not to do it again (although this is the second little girl that he has touched...But the other one may have been a willing partner, I don't know).

Re: Digging a little deeper.

Posted by Frianne on Saturday, September 22 2007 at 08:02:02am

In reply to Digging a little deeper. posted by Jensman on Thursday, September 20 2007 at 11:11:09pm

Thank you..... About the other little girl... He has still not admitted to me that he did anything with her. She never told anyone until all of this came about. She is 14 now, and at the time she was between the ages of 5 to 12 but I don't know when it began. She is the first person we thought of when we found out about my daughter. The little girl's mother asked her and she told her, yes he did touch me. His penis was involved, but thats all I know about it. I don't think they had sex, just touching I think. I wish I could talk to him and ask him all these questions that I have, but like you stated, he is too ashamed to tell me. Plus, he is very scared of getting in even more trouble. When he left my house that morning (after the revelation) he went to see a counselor to get help. Thats where all the trouble started. They turned him in and he was arrested. So of course he is not going to tell anyone anything else. He is seeing a counselor right now (different one) that is supposedly helping him with depression. He does know about the molesting. I asked him what they talk about and he told me that he doesn't really say much (in fear) and that the guy just helps him deal with depression. So I doubt that he will even talk to me, although he can trust me completely with anything that he says. I Just wonder sometimes like when we were having sex he was very sexual with me and I can't understand how he could be like that with me, but then want to be with a ten year old. I guess he is either faking it (he did a really good job) or he does like women and lgs. He did have a lot of sexual issues though (erection problems) (he was taking propecia for hair loss and I have read a lot about that and that it definitely causes sexual problems, so I always thought it was the drug but now I wonder !!!!) But, thanks for your advice. It really does help me. Sorry for telling you maybe too much information. I'm sure you don't want to hear about all this.....


Posted by Frianne on Friday, September 14 2007 at 05:14:19pm

Hi. I was wondering if some of you guys would answer some personal questions. Its hard to ask my boyfriend because I know he is embarassed and he doesn't want to talk about it. Here, I don't know you and you don't know me so maybe it is easier. I understand if no one wants to. I just would like to know a few things. Like, I know all pedophiles are not the same. Some like only little girls, boys, etc. and some like women also. Is liking little girls like an obsession. Does it consume your life. Do you look at most little girls and think, ooh I wish I could have her. I know when I see a good looking guy, I will look at him, but it doesn't mean that I want him. I also look at girls and think they are pretty. Especially little girls. People tell me that it is an addiction. If someone has touched a little girl and gotten in trouble and had to go to jail, is that basically enough to make you never touch another little girl even though you may want to. How hard is it to have control where you would never touch a little girl. Sorry if I sound really stupid. I am just trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks guys........

Thank you soooo much for talking to me. It is great to be able to talk to someone who is much like my boyfriend. Eventually I hope that he opens up to me and trusts me. Time will tell if my daughter will forgive him and want to be around him again. He definitely did things to her against her will. Luckily it was only two weekends and then she told me. My problem now (aside from my daughter) is how he really and truly feels about me. How can you get someone to admit that they used you to get to your daughter. If that is what he did. I hope like hell he didn't. I am very unsure and there is probably no way to find out. I have written him a letter and asked if he was only attracted to little girls or women also. That is a start to the questions I would like to know from him. I hope you don't mind if I ask more questions in the future. I want to learn all I can and I feel this is an excellent place. Trying to find answers on the internet from different websites has been very confusing. They tend to say the same thing. Blah Blah Blah. Here at least I know I am talking to real people with real experiences. Thanks again........

More Questions..... : )

Posted by Frianne on Wednesday, September 19 2007 at 03:19:22pm

I know I said I wasn't going to ask more questions, but I can't help it. I have some more and there is no where else to ask them. Anyway, they aren't that bad. For those of you who are attracted to little girls and women, is it always that little girls are first. If there were a beautiful woman and a beautiful little girl and you could have your choice, would it always be the little girl first? Also, what besides there looks turns you on about little girls? My daughter is 10 and she is beautiful. Strawberry blonde hair, freckels, green eyes and very long eye lashes. But to me there is totally nothing sexual about her. She is just a goofy little kid.

Re: My answer . . .to Paedestrain

Posted by Frianne on Wednesday, September 19 2007 at 04:44:21pm

In reply to My answer . . . posted by Paedestrian on Wednesday, September 19 2007 at 03:55:37pm

Sorry you don't believe my story. It is true though. I am not a police officer or a reporter. I guess I am just trying to get an answer that doesn't exist. I want my boyfriend back, I want him to be attracted to me only, I want my daughter to be OK with it and I want him to never molest her or anyone else again. If he goes to jail, then he probably won't do it again. He had to spend one night in jail when he was arrested and he said it was horrible. I don't see how he will survive spending more days. It's hard to find out that your boyfriend did something to your daughter. It's like he cheated on me, plus he violated her. As for describing her to a bunch of pedophiles..... you don't know me and I don't know you ..... so whats the harm. I was just trying to make a point. I used to always point out beautiful little girls to my boyfriend and say, Oh look, isn't she pretty. And of course he would agree with me. Little did I know what he was really thinking. Anyway, I just feel like my life is a total mess. I don't know why I am clinging to him so much and can't find a way to let him go. I was only with him for 1 year and 5 months. Somehow he became my entire life. He always did spend a lot of time with my daughter. He didn't want her to play with her friends or leave his side basically. Although we did almost everything together as a family, he was totally into her more than me. He told me it was because he was trying to establish a bond with her so that we could become her step dad. Oh Well.......... Thanks for listening to me..........

Re: A caution. For Jensman..... : )

Posted by Frianne on Thursday, September 20 2007 at 03:21:52pm

In reply to A caution. posted by Jensman on Thursday, September 20 2007 at 01:15:30pm

Jensman, How do you know the difference, or what is the difference between pedophile and molester. I know that he lived with another little girl and molested her for a long time until her family moved away. Then he came into our lives. Its funny because almost everyone that I knew thought there was something strange about him (they thought he was a child molester) and I would not let myself believe it. It was in the back of my mind though because of the way he treated my daughter. He is such a great guy (or so he seems). At first I thought he was gay. His mom even told me that she and his dad thought he was gay also. They asked him earlier in life and he said no. But they always thought that something wasn't right with him. I could tell you a lot of other stuff about him, but some of it is rather personal. I don't know if you want to hear about it. It might help you give me a better opinion of whether he is a molester or a pedophile. I know we won't know for sure. Only he knows that, and he may not know himself.

After she was contacted by Child Protective Services:

I am sorry that I thought that someone here turned me in. Like I said, I figured it was someone here trying to catch someone and they didn't agree with what I was saying because of my feeling for a pedophile. I never ever gave out any personal information to anyone. I have no idea how they got my personal information. They told social services some true statements that I had made, but most of them were not true. Now on that warrior site they are saying that my daughter was raped and that I don't care. I guess I can see how things get turned around. The person that turned me in also said that I was taking my daughter to see my boyfriend. We have a court order allowing no contact whatsoever. I know better than to go against a court order. But, thanks for your information. I guess I should stop posting for awhile as not to get my name dragged through the mud even more. It's hard not to reply to someone though. I am just trying to understand pedophiles, as I have one in my life now. I don't agree with what some guys do to little girls, and I now know that most of you don't either. My first priority is my children, and to even think that I am an unfit mother for asking questions and caring about someone who happens to be a pedophile is ridiculous. By the way, I like your picture. It is cool......

Shockingly, after her boyfriend was convicted and is awaiting sentencing, she returned to GirlChat as "Blue Kitten":

Re: Some Girls Like to Dress Sexy for Halloween

Posted by Blue Kitten on Wednesday, October 31 2007 at 09:38:48am

In reply to Some Girls Like to Dress Sexy for Halloween posted by LOD on Wednesday, October 31 2007 at 01:34:26am

Well, my 10 year old lg is going to be a skull fairy. Imagine that. Very short (i mean, don't sit down in that) strapless dress, thigh highs with skulls attached to the very top, 3 inch black shoes and awesome grayish black fairy wings. She looks very cool, but some people would frown upon it. We went to a boy scount halloween party, and she was no doubt the main attraction..... lol

Posted by Blue Kitten on Tuesday, October 30 2007 at 10:12:09pm

In reply to Indeed! posted by Febri-chan on Tuesday, October 30 2007 at 09:37:15pm

Little girls are the most precious beings on the planet......

Well to me my boyfriend is the most precious being on the planet... and guess what, he is a pedophile. I'm sure though, that he feels the same way you do regarding your statement. Is there someone somewhere who feels equally about lgs and adult girls? There has to be someone.....Is it possible?

He is convicted of molesting her daughter and she tells pedophiles she wants to marry him:

Re: How many of Us are Married , How to Live double..

Posted by Blue Kitten on Monday, October 29 2007 at 10:35:21pm

In reply to How many of Us are Married , How to Live double.. posted by childlvr4ever07 on Monday, October 29 2007 at 06:58:10pm

Your life is the life I am about to enter (maybe). Except I would be the wife marrying a gl. He was living the double life until recently (can't go into that right now). Now I am torn between what to do. That's why I am here basically. To try and learn everything I can about the way you guys are and how you think and feel about things. I still love this guy very much and want a life with him, but since this is all new to me, I don't know what to do. I think, do I deserve more than this. I wouldn't want to be second choice to a man who I thought put me first. If he loves me, but was always thinking of other things I don't know how I would handle that. Like someone on here said once before, his wife knew and accepted things and he never made her feel jealous or anything but loved. I just don't know. Time will tell I guess. Life is miserable right now, though.

Additional Information

  • She has seven cats, including one named Blue, where she got the screenname "Blue Kitten"
  • Attended High School at Highland Springs High School in Highland Springs, Virginia

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual and her endangerment of children, contact [email protected].

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