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Glen Hall aka Swaptide
Age: Possibly 50's
Location: Texas
Physical Description:
Organizations: MrDouble.com
Glen Hall aka Swaptide is a pedophile activist who frequents the pro-child rape website MrDouble.com
Child molestation story by Swaptide
Mr.Double.com story by Swaptide

Glen Hall is a self-admitted pedophile attracted to very young children, both girls and boys, and a member of the website MrDouble.com. Under the screen name Swap and Swaptide, he writes (supposedly) “fiction” stories that describe him molesting young children, and exposing himself while watching little children play.

Hall is also a long-time regular on Mr. Double’s sub-site forum Doublespeakeasy. His contributions there include making sexual comments about young children he has seen, and attempting to justify pedophilia with the usual “child-love” nonsense.

What makes Hall especially creepy are his myriad of posts about ogling young children in stores and public places. He describes a young girl sitting in a grocery store shopping cart as “erotic”, and tells about surreptitiously hiding a camera in a shopping bag and recording a video looking up a young girl’s dress. He mentions giving a ride home to his friend’s daughter, following her into the house, and “accidentally” watching her change clothes. He also describes touching the breasts of a young girl who tripped and fell down in front of him, while pretending to be helping her up.

Hall has claimed to either own or work in a public Laundromat, and frequently mentions ogling and making contact with the young daughters of customers. Hall’s posts make it very clear that wherever he might be – in a grocery store, restaurant, or anyplace else - any child he sees there is a potential target for his pedophilia.


I once tried the video camera in the shopping bag bit, basically for shits and grins. Once caught a young pre-teen girl, perhaps twelve, at a pinball machine in a short sun skirt I was having fun just standing close and looking over her shoulder but when I saw the tape the shoulder was not as appetizing.….the most sensual part was all the blonde peach fuzz leading up to the crack of her ass… I could probably explained away filming a mature woman, but a pre-teen?

Anyway this girl was perhaps 9 or 10 and slightly overweight...She was wearing a loose top and had those jiggly type of breast and had no problem with showing them off. She was running around playing with all the other kids. In the process of the horse play some boy pushed her into me and she wrapped her arms around me in an effort not to fall to the floor. I normally don't like getting physical with little girls but I could'nt help taking an innocent little feel. I acted as though I was helping her up.

Our Investigation

  • Somebody with user name Swap/Swaptide was posting on Doublespeakeasy
  • He gave his email addresses as [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Google of his screen name returned US Coast Guard reunion board post from Glen Hall
  • This matched Swaptide's posts that mentioned previously serving in the US Coast Guard
  • Google of his screen name also returned postings by user swaptide on a poetry forum. This person referred to themselves as Glen.
  • Google of certain phrases from Glen/swaptide's poetry returned the exact same poem posted on Doublespeakeasy
  • One of Swaptide's poems was also posted to a poetry contest site and signed by author Glen Hall

Online Accounts

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Additional Information

  • May own or work in a public Laundromat

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If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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