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Global Unity aka GU
Created: November 11, 2007
Referred to as: GU, Global Unity
Based out of: Portland, Oregon
Founder: Paul Gerard Dobbins AKA nz
Purpose: A social networking site to provide a place for pedophiles who are attracted to little boys and girls to discuss being sexually attracted to children and changing laws to lower the AOC so they can legally act out their sexual desires with children
Website Address:
Current: http://www.Global-Unity.org
Organizations: Boylove.net, BoyMoment
A social networking site and chat room for pedophiles who are attracted to little girls and little boys.

GU or Global Unity or Global-Unity.org was a pedophile social networking web site dedicated to adults who want to have sex with very young children. Nz AKA Paul Dobbins and LyricalCancer AKA Jack (Jack Kaiser / Jennifer May) claimed to be owners of this new site and advertised it on Boymoment and Boylove.net.

Global Unity had been operating since November 11th, 2007, when we noticed two underage boys were running the site along with Nz who was pretending to be the "Adult friend" or AF of one of the boys, LyricalCancer, who was actually an adult. The other young boy was 15 year old Allaloneboy. He was a moderator of the site, a very high position for a child on a pedophile social networking site.

GU looked a lot like Myspace, with all pedophile members. Nz and Jack wanted it to be a social networking site for all pedophiles and not just "boylovers," even though they both were Directors and administrators on the Boylove.net website, which consisted of primarily “boylovers.” This caused a bit of a stir, and by the time 2008 started, most of the members were from Boylove.net and Boymoment.

Although the owners advertised Global Unity as a social networking site, it soon became clear the real reason for the website was the typical version of pedophiles "networking" – watching kids undress on video cam.

Jack had been advertising on other pedophile websites about the famous weekend "cam" sessions in the Global Unity chat room. At the time, Jack was posing as a 14-year-old kid and claimed to be giving "cam" shows on the weekends with his friend, a recently turned 16 year old Allaloneboy. The wiki team quickly contacted law enforcement, still thinking Jack was 14. The police informed us of his real age, 22 at the time, and claimed they could not do anything else.

We still continued to monitor the GU chat room. Global Unity’s chat room had live video feeds of the members in the chat room. We discovered, just as Jack had announced on other pedophile forum boards, the Global Unity chat room was basically a strip show on the weekend. As we monitored the chat room one weekend, Allaloneboy was coaxed into not only showing the other pedophiles images of his younger brother and little sister, but also into taking off his clothes. At the same time, the other pedophiles were removing their clothes for Allaloneboy to see. We immediately contacted the police who arrived at Allaloneboy's house and informed his surprised and shocked parents.

The next day, Global Unity was shut down. Boylove.net was shut down the same day too.

Notable Members


The site is shut down and has not been seen again.


nz posted this on boylove.net:

Ok so global unity opened last night with great success I think, the video and audio conferencing software works perfectly and flawlessly and even a lot of people said it had better quality than yahoo... YAY! hehe

But, this is what kinda cheezes me off.

We tried to invite a few of our friends and they said no they wont join. Why? Because it's not a BL site. So I sat there thinking ok, you want to be equal with the rest of the world's population and taken seriously and not just seen as pedo's, well except ped0sapien, but yet when a site comes along thats open to EVERYONE including BL's and GL's you wont even goto it?

You seriously need to get your heads on straight. If you want to be treated equal you need to actually take a step in that direction. I'm not saying go out there and be apart of the active group thats public like others are trying to fight for equality, but when a site that allows you to be who you are and be who you are with other open minded people, you shouldn't be afraid or as I put it, be a little bitch and not join.

I'm not trying to force people to use global unity, nor trying to toot my own sites horn, but this is more of a in general type thing. A LOT of BL's talk about equality but don't want to even take any steps to help with it. Joining a site that is open to everyone regardless of sexual preference is a DAMN good start and allows you to be who you are in a more open yet secure and anonymous setting

They also had an internet radio show where they had Allaloneboy, Nikkie, Dacarus, and Pimme, along with several other pedophiles, operating as disc jockeys, promoting pedophilia and pedophile activist ideas (e.g. lower the Age of Consent, promoting better societal views of pedophilia (by using terms like "boylover" or "girllover") and spreading those ideas in the media and across the internet.

Global Unity Radio

Welcome to the Global Unity Radio page. We will be putting information here for the Radio shortly so be patient and get ready for GUR!

More Info

Registrant Address

Paul Dobbins AKA nz was the registered owner of Global Unity.

Registrant Name: Paul Dobbins

Registrant Street1: 2845 SW 117th AVE
Registrant City: Portland
Registrant State/Province: Oregon
Registrant Postal Code: 97005
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.5036464892

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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