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Age: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Location: Canada
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition
Hasmal is a long time member of both BoyChat and the Free Spirits Coalition.

Hasmal is a pedophile who is not only a long time poster on BoyChat and the Free Spirits Coalition, but he has also served as a moderator for the forums. Believed to be from Canada, he is a self described hardcore atheist and believes that all religion should be abolished.

Hasmal states that when he was 15 years old, he realized that he was in love with a 9 year old boy whom his Mother babysat during the day, along with the little boy's younger brother. He shared his story of how he befriended the curious young boy, answering his questions and showing him affection. Hasmal states that it was then that he realized he was a boylover.


I want to mention first that I am with those who thinks having sex with a boy is not a bad thing.

Is sex with boys wrong? I don't believe so, but I am not so blind as to dismiss the arguments presented against that. It's possible that I am biased here (given that I do want sex) but one thing I know for sure is that we're not doing ourselves any favor by promoting this side of things, while knowning full well what's going on in the backyard, so to speak.

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Additional Quotes

So, is having sex with a boy okay? I would say yes

But I can guaranty you that "romantic love" is not a prerequisite for sexual experimentation. A closeness, a lot of affection, a certain level of intimacy is what is needed. But for the most part, trust is the key element. The boy must trust you.

Once, while we were sitting on the couch watching TV, I had my arms wrapped around him. On a spur, I decided to slowly rub his belly. Kevin didn’t react so I kept on doing it. I don’t know why I decided to do that, it felt... Right, for some reasons.

One day stand out in my memory. It was near the end of summer that year and we were outside, in the backyard. I was lying on the ground and Kevin was straddling me, as usually. We were talking and, on an impulse, he leaned forward to put his head in the nook of my shoulder. I started to rub his back and, after a few minutes he called my name softly. I replied "Yes?" and he said "I wish you were my dad." Just like that. It was a simple phrase, but it turned my world upside down. I gave him a tight hug and I could feel him tightening his grip on me as well. With my throat constricted, I said I wished I was his dad as well.

Thinking back on that time of my life, I guess that is when I came to realize I was a boylover...

I am a die hard atheis. I refute the existence of a god, gods, godess, godesses or any other lame definition of "higher being" or "cosmic entity". I never could understand why people have this terrible need to surrender their lives to a bunch of lying, manipulative people.

Additional Information

  • Hasmal has posted about living in a small farming community in his teens.

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