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Heather Elizabeth Peterson
Age: 54
Birthdate: January 1, 1965
Occupation: Greenbelt, Maryland
Physical Description:
Other: Unknown (This person is believed to be transgendered)
Heather Elizabeth Peterson is a writer who is known for stories and articles which cater to the pedophile community, and for actively campaigning against acts of violence against pedophiles.

Heather Elizabeth Peterson, aka Dusk Peterson, is a vision impaired writer who is self-described as a religion journalist, fiction writer, history writer, and editor. He/She is known for writing gay fiction, historical fantasy, homoerotic fantasy and pedophilic fiction, as well as writing articles that center around interfaith pedophiles and their needs.

Peterson is the editor of Philia, an online magazine which is intended to provide news and links to religious support groups for pedophiles. He/She is also the founder of PVAP, which is his/her campaign to "Prevent Violence Against Pedophiles". Peterson also has several websites on the internet which feature his/her nonfiction stories, most of which are considered erotica for homosexuals, pedophiles and those who practice pederasty.

A member of several online pedophile communities such as BoyChat, GirlChat, CBLF, and Crossroads, Peterson uses the forums mostly to promote his/her works. He/She was also a member of the now defunct LiveJournal group called "Violent Boy Love" and still maintains a LiveJournal profile as yet another source for promoting his/her works.

In addition, Peterson writes and promotes a novel titled "Twenty Thousand Gold Stars."[1], It is a fictional account of a pedophile who discovers an online community of pedophiles, and the relationships he forms with other pedophiles. It's very obvious that the posts and thoughts in the book echo those at the numerous pedophile message boards on the internet. It's interesting that someone would rewrite these as a book, since the same arguments and discussions can be found at any time of the day on the pedophile boards.


And even if I'd put it into print, I'd have posted it online anyway, because not every boylover can risk buying a novel about boylove.

*Snort*. Darling, are you under the delusion that boys are the only young creatures who strip themselves naked at a moment's notice?

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

Online Accounts

Known Email Addresses

Known Screennames

  • Heather
  • HEP
  • Dusk
  • Dusk Peterson
  • Heather Elizabeth Peterson

Online Activity


Last Known Address

P. O. Box 162
Greenbelt, Maryland 20768

Additional Quotes

I've been through the whole deal of not being able to talk about BL for three years to the significant other, and it just wasn't easy.

We can agree that there's a lot of inappropriate forcing-into-therapy going on

Additional Information

  • Heather has posted that she has novels and short fiction scheduled for publication and that she is expecting her first e-book to come out in July, 2007.
  • She has had stories published in the well known Children's magazine, "Highlights for Children".
  • She received BA from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD in 1987 (Major - Great Books of the Western Tradition).
  • Also has an interest in the BDSM lifestyle as it relates to homosexuals.
  • Heather is listed as a contributor to the e-mail discussion group belonging to Lesley A. Hall, on the "History of Sexuality".

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