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Mark, aka Hob
Age: approximately 26
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Possibly Teaching
Location: Los Angeles, CA, formerly from Claremont, CA
Physical Description:
Other: Wears glasses, hates contacts
Pedophile Websites: BLISS, BoyTalk, Paiderastia
Mark, aka Hob, is a bisexual pedophile who has worked as a teaching assistant with elementary children. He is a moderator for BLISS and writes often about a young friend named "Randy".
Mark's signature image on BLISS

Hob, aka Mark, is a pedophile activist who also serves as a moderator on the BLISS forums. In addition, he is a long time member of BoyTalk, another boylover website dedicated to supporting pedophilia. Mark was also a part of the blogging team on Paiderastia.

As an activist for the pedophile movement, Mark has expressed a concern for lack of media attention since Rookiee's podcast ended. It is with that in mind that he has spoken of dabbling in the creation of a boylove comic strip, as well as funding his own podcast, liken to the now defunct Pedologues podcast. He encourages other pedophiles to start thinking of ways to keep the movement going forward.

Mark states that he has been attracted to children since he was in his mid to late teens, and thought of himself as being bisexual at the time with a lean towards heterosexuality. At the age of 19 however, he began working with elementary school children in the capacity of a Teacher's Assistant while attending college in the area. During his first year of working with students, he met a (then) 7 year old child named "Randy". Mark enjoys talking about the little boy on the message boards, saying that he is absolutely, romantically, in love with him. His infatuation with the child continued at least throughout his college years as he continued to work in the school with Randy and his classmates.


The heart of the problem is LESS about how society views pedophiles, and MORE about how society views children. Everything that pedophiles experience in society is a consequence of the expected role of the child in society. Centuries ago, rights and responsibilities were a matter of what family you were born into. Age was secondary.

However,, the demands of living in a free society has made it necessary to do away with birthright. In it's place we have age-based consent. An age for voting, an age for drinking, an age for fighting, and an age for raising a family. It is a better system than what has come before, but it is not perfect. In is in this area that we should focus our efforts if we're going to see any real change.

In the end, it doesn't matter much if the American Psychiatric Association takes pedophilia out of the DSM. That will come as a result of social change and not the other way around. What we must really focus on is the informal (and incorrect) consensus that youth is a disability.

When I was 19 I started working as a teaching assistant and that's when I met Randy. It was then that the idea of boylove came to me. It seemed so simple. I was in love with a 7 year old boy. That's something that I accepted of myself, but I would continue to be nervous interacting with children, often keeping a "professional" distance from them for fear of being found out. A year later in August 2001 I also found BT, but I came to it without confusion. If anything, boylove boards simply validated what I felt, as well as being made aware of matters pertinent to the subject. I suppose I should feel fortunate not to have grown up thinking of myself as a ticking time bomb. Maybe that's an artifact of the younger generation since homosexuality, another example of "deviant" attraction, is more widely accepted. Being accepting of my own bl attractions seemed like the next logical step.

Our Investigation

  • We first noted that Hob was one of the moderators on the BLISS site as we were researching other members.
  • Hob's profile stated that he was from California, and he posted that he was also a part of the Paiderastia blogging team
  • In a thread about first names, Hob posted that his name is "Mark". In yet another post, he mentioned that he is/was a teaching assistant working with elementary children, while attending college in the Los Angeles area, which coincides with his profile stating that he's from California.
  • In a post about California fires, Hob mentioned that he used to live in Claremont, CA and that a fire in Sept. 2002 was directly viewable from his old college.
  • In yet another post, started by Hob, he noted memorable events which took place on August 6th, ending with the birth of his YF, Randy.
  • Our investigation into this individual is ongoing. We will update with any new information once it has been reviewed and confirmed.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names:

  • Hob
  • HOBbit
  • Mark


Last Known Address

Los Angeles, CA area -- If you have information regarding this individual's address and/or telephone number, please contact us at [email protected].

Additional Information

  • Randy, a little boy Mark has posted about often on the message boards, could be a potential victim. It is not known if Mark pursued a sexual relationship with the child, even though he speaks of being romantically in love with him. If you have information about this child, please contact us at [email protected].
  • Randy's birthday is August 6th. He is probably 13 or 14 years old in 2007.
  • Randy possibly has relatives in the Seattle, WA area whom he has visited during winter break from school.
  • Mark has spoken about health issues and is knowledgable regarding certain cancer treatments so he or a close relative may have cancer or a cancer related illness
  • Did very well in his American Sign Language class in college, so he may still be using that skill in some capacity. He is also fluent in Spanish and speaks of using other languages, such as Japanese, as well.
  • Enjoys writing and sharing poetry with his peers online.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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