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Pedophile Websites: Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat
HoldenC is a long time member of the Free Spirits Coalition and serves as a moderator on BoyChat. He says that finding BoyChat helped teach him that he didn't have to fear that his touch might cause harm to little boys.

HoldenC is a pedophile who has been a member of the Free Spirits Coalition and BoyChat since 2001. He serves in the role of a moderator for the BoyChat forums.

HoldenC states that he first was attracted to boys at the age of 12, but that by age 13 he was attracted to boys who were younger than him. At the same time, he was dealing with feelings of confusion because he found himself also attracted to older men. It wasn't until he was 15 that he discovered the word "pedophile" but was more on a mission of knowledge regarding homosexuality. At the age of 18 he began using the internet to search for answers, when he found BoyChat in 2001. HoldenC found acceptance and support at BoyChat, as do most young people who are searching for answers as to who they are and what their sexuality is all about.

HoldenC's name was taken from the character "Holden Caulfield" in "The Catcher in the Rye", by J. D. Salinger. He says that reading the book as a teen gave him his first glimpse into what boy love was all about, and that as a result, he has always related to the character.


I like young boys (specifically as young as 8, and teens as well

Is there some fundamental reason bound to nature why a father cannot also have a sexual component to his relationship with his son? No, I can't see why. It all comes down to how you define roles, it all comes down to man-made social constructs.

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The notion that sex alone will damage a boy in some way is a crazy myth.

there are boys who don't know they'd like it, but would if they were introduced to it.

there certainly are boys who would be interested in having sexual relations, and would enjoy it.

When it comes down to it, what IS the difference between touching a penis and touching a cheek? Well, they're both just parts of the body.

We are ALL very capable of harming boys, just as anyone is. Just because we feel a love and attraction for them does not mean it's impossible that WE be the source of harm.

Sex does not harm a child physiologically, and yet society claims it's one of the most harmful things a child can experience. Where's the logic?

there have been BLs that have had sexual relations with boys (and that these experiences can be enriching for both)

I love boys because they do not have breasts, they have a glorious bulge in their pants, and they have nice, thin, straight hips and perfectly round butts.

there's no reason why a boy can't enjoy sex, why a man and a boy couldn't have a mutually wanted sexual relationship, and there's no backup to prove that sex in itself can scar a boy for life just because he experienced it below some silly, arbitrary, societally imposed age.

The damage is not inflicted by us, but my society's platform on sex. Our society (I tend to mean specifically the American society) is so stuck up on sex on ANY level, never mind sex between men and boys. The notion that sex with children is terrible and harmful is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I'm not insecure about being a BL, and I really feel no need for a theory behind it. Here's the facts: I love boys, and I know what that means. I'm not worried that I might hurt a boy, and not worried that somehow my feelings might be bad. No matter what the explanation may eventually turn up to be, it doesn't affect the fact that I love boys. It wouldn't make me treat them any differently, or feel any worse about the way I felt about them.

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The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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