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"Howard Kline"
Age: Middle age
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Possibly a DJ
Location: Large city in the US
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, etc.
"Howard Kline is the pen name of a pedophile activist who runs the Cerius website.
Howard Kline's depiction of himself on his website

Howard Kline has been running the Cerius website since 1998. He's a pedophile activist who has the delusion that sex offenders serving time are "political prisoners." His website has extensive information about pedophilia, including fictional stories, history, and politics regarding pedophilia.

He expresses an urge to come out as a pedophile and let the world know who he is. We hope that he will.


I am not sure that I ought to have sex with Gary. Physically, I find him attractive. I admire his maturity. I am flattered by the way he seems to like me. But I have reservations about going to bed with him. First of all, I have no idea how interested he is in going to bed with me. He has said he is gay, but I wonder how reliable such a pronouncement can be from a fourteen-year-old boy.


The second truth is that I will not turn him down. No matter what the origin of his desire is, whether his sexual orientation is stable or uncertain, I will not reject his sensuality. I am not a machine and my responses are only governed by logic when significant desires are not at hand. If this boy comes to me, if he touches me, if he looks into my eyes and kisses me, my groin will respond with my approval. Whatever the purpose of my reservations about sleeping with Gary may be, their effect will not be to stop me from doing so.

That law itself is a crime against me and other members of this community, not to mention against children, for whom it ensures that any sexually motivated affection they ever receive will only come from a criminal.

Our Investigation

The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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If you have information about this person's current address, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

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If you have information about this person's current phone number, or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

Additional Quotes

Later in the trip, late one night, I met a 15 year-old male prostitute. He was very handsome and he did a little dance for me in the shadows of a deserted street corner. After years of denying my desires, for the first time in my life I found myself knowing what I wanted. I wanted him.

The choice that did not appear in my consciousness as I rolled across the American countryside 30 years ago in search of myself was, “Am I a pedophile?” In those days of the early 1970s, being gay or bi was beginning to be discussed as an acceptable lifestyle choice. But the pedophile was still then, as today, reviled in almost ever corner of society. To consider the possibility of oneself being a pedophile would have taken a level of courage and philosophical confidence that was far beyond me at the time. Now I am ready to face the music.

I have a sort-of catch-22 in my relationship with these boys. Of course, I love being with them. The main reason I get to be with them is my car. They use me to transport them to their favorite video game arcades and other spots they like. I get to hang out with them because they need a ride back.

There’s an old song from the 60s called, I think, “Come A Little Bit Closer,” where the guy finds a beautiful girl in a bar and he knows she’s trouble and he knows he should leave but she’s too captivating and he stays. That’s how I felt. I thought, “I shouldn’t be putting myself in the way of temptation like this. This could be dangerous.” But I’m not going to follow that advice because I really enjoyed being around those kids and I think they enjoyed being around me. And I think their parents and the coach liked me too. I’m going to make some new friends and have a new kind of fun that I’ve been depriving myself of for years while I’ve avoided contact with the people I love the most, boys. Maybe I’ll befriend a family and have somewhere to go next Thanksgiving instead of being by myself!

my professional colleagues are not allowed to know about the wonderful and terrifying emotional and erotic feelings and challenges that equally excite me in a whole other dimension of my day-to-day life.

Additional Information


  • Raised Jewish
  • Hangs around a campus radio station
  • Helps coach a Little League team
  • Ran away from home when he was 10
  • Harbored a runaway when he was approximately 23 years old

I am a middle-aged man living in a large city in America. I am a professional with a moderate reputation in my field. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel through many parts of the world.

I have another website that uses my “real” name and presents my professional credentials and reputation.

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If you have any information regarding this individual, his whereabouts, or his contact with children, please contact [email protected].

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