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John Clennon aka "Humboldt"
Age: 36
Birthdate: May 18, 1983
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown, claims to be a musician
Location: Formerly of Humboldt, CA; may have moved to San Mateo area
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Individuals: Lindsay Ashford
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat
John Clennon aka Humboldt is a pedophile activist who frequently posts graphic details of his fantasies about having sex with very young girls.

John Clennon aka Humboldt is a pedophile who frequents the board GirlChat. He states that he is sexually attracted to girls 5 to 12 years old. He believes that children definitely would consent to sex, but don't because adults teach them that it's "evil and dirty and sacred". His efforts toward pro-pedophile activism have included transcribing interviews with Lindsay Ashford, suggesting ways to manipulate others into thinking children are the ones who are attracted to pedophiles, and coming up with ideas such as issuing permits for children that would allow adults to have sex with them.

Clennon claims that his mother knows of and accepts his pedophilia. He also states that if he someday becomes a father, he would probably not be able to resist molesting his own daughters.

Clennon openly and frequently posts graphic details of his fantasies about sex with little girls. He believes that children younger than two and even infants can consent to receiving sex from an adult; with his idea of 'consent' being his own interpretation of the child's reaction. These and other statements made by him are quoted below and clearly illustrate why this individual poses a definite threat to any children who may be around him.


"After I discovered the fantasy of a child being a potential sexual being, I couldn't control my thoughts anymore when I was around them. When I threw them up in the air, I kept uncontrollably wanting to grab them where I wasn't supposed to, and when they sat in my lap, I started getting erections, right there in the middle of the sermon with the kids in my lap."

"Nothing would be a greater honor for me than to be there for a 10yo's first time...although her first orgasm sounds much more exciting to me than watching her feel the pain of her hymen being broken. But meh, since I like to include vaginal penetration in my fantasies, it's a fact of life that her hymen gets broken"

"Generally, picturing the little girl having the orgasm is just (wow I'm getting a boner already) all I think about when I ejaculate. Almost to the point where I want to be her. Truth be told, when I'm alone in the house I make LG noises. hehe"

"To answer your subject question, yes, of course two-year-olds can consent to being given sexual pleasure, as easily as they can consent to eating chocolate. Same could be said for every age, right down to the teeny tiny neonates."

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a poster named Humboldt on a pedophile message board.
  • Some of his postings ended with a signature that included the name John Clennon.
  • Searching this name revealed an additional pedophilia-related nickname and profile.
  • A search of public records confirmed this information to be correct.

Online Accounts

E-Mail Addresses:

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If you have additional information about this person or his affiliations, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Known Address

He grew up in Humboldt, and we believe he may have moved to San Mateo, California. If you have any information on his upbringing or current location, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Known Phone Number

Additional Quotes

"I see no problem with child-adult relationships, or adults giving children orgasms. I think this would be rather healthy for the child, if you ask me.

"My suggestion earlier was to selectively test and assign permits to children under the legal age who want to be sexually active. Much like driving, except way way easier, and available to much much younger people. With the parent's written permission, children can take a test, as you've suggested, monitoring their level of education on pregnancy, STDs, getting their partner tested, safe and unsafe sex, what to do and who to tell when unwanted things happen, etc, to show that they are plenty educated enough about sex to make sure they can have sex safely. And in the end, if they meet the requirements for being "informed", so to speak, they'll be issued their very own sex permit saying that they are now perfectly capable of "informed" consent."

Additional Information

  • Claims to be a musician
  • States that his interests include "Children, Animals, Civil Rights Activism, Performing Arts, Norwegian Black Metal, Chess and Tennis"

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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