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Age: Early 30's
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: White
Occupation: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, BoyChat, BoyWrite, etc.
I*Love*Green*Olives is a pedophile activists who aligns himself with well known and troublesome activists, such as Rookiee and Lindsay Ashford.
Current ILGO signature picture on pedo forums
Old ILGO signature picture on pedo forums
Picture of I*Love*Green*Olives as a child

I*Love*Green*Olives, aka ILGO, Ilovegreenolives and 'Oliver Gruinelaves', is an outspoken pedophile who goes to great lengths to hide his true identity. When he is talked about around the anti-pedophilia community, it is mostly about being a brown noser to other well-known pedo activists like Rookiee or Lindsay Ashford. A lot of his posts are about the injustices that these two are going through. When he posts to the forums and he gets a compliment from someone who he considers his better, he starts to "blush" and "gets flustered and doesn't know what to say".

ILGO spreads his writings around to as many blogs and forums that will listen. He frequents Girlchat, Visions of Alice, BoyChat, BoyWrite, as well as online debate forums where he tries to argue for pedophilia in any way possible. He also tried to replicate Pedologues by making his own podcasts which can be found here.

After his failed attempt at being the new Rookiee, ILGO has gone back into hiding again. How much of that is related to his sex offender status is not known at this time. He has stated that his offense was a "minor" one but that anti-pedophile websites are still talking about it 10 years after the fact and that he is unable to move from his building due to residency restrictions placed on him.


I'm a Paedophile; I like kids -- and I think it's quite telling to sit back and watch the reactions in media discussions on the case, after all it isn't us who need to see little girls all dolled up like tiny women to be able to look at them sexually. We aren't the ones who need to see a girl as a 'slut' or having already been 'damaged goods' before we're able to look at them that way...

On Dylan Thomas:

A bit back, about three weeks ago Dylan Thomas of BoyChat made a really insightful post that addresses the issue you have displayed such ignorance of, entitled Note to parents: I am not abstinent. and it is one of the best examinations of the whole 'chicken and egg' dilemma those of us who are pro-choicers face when asked why we don't act on our beliefs. (The usual rejoinder after our explanations being of course that we don't act because 'in our heart of hearts we know its wrong...)

Dylan Thomas completely responds and in my opinion puts that fallacy to bed, along with a few others as well. Dylan Thomas is one of the most insightful child-lovers commenting on our situation these days and it is usually well worth pausing and reading his words whenever his byline shows up. I'm copying and pasting an excerpt here and then I strongly urge you to finish up with it at the link below to BoyChat...

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Additional Quotes

As for it being 'easy for [me] to snipe from the sidelines,' please try to understand that I've been in your situation before. I got extremely lucky and was sentenced to 'treatment' and probation. Then I more or less waited around for two years to get past that and then another eight or so to get past the SOR bull####... My second* biggest mistake was blurting everything out to the investigating officer when he came to see me--I was a kid more or less myself at the time, only four months past my eighteenth birthday. I too was faced with prison time and all the rest, I didn't want to die in prison so I took the plea. I know what you're talking about, 'mkay?

We're in that position in my honest opinion. And we need to build up structures like the one we have here, like the Podcast Pedologues (which I sincerely hope is to be the first of its kind,) like the current blogging explosion. I remember way back almost two years ago when Silent War over at Lux's TKGL.net announced he was blogging to the rest of us in the forum. I remember thinking to myself how incredibly brave Silent War was and how I could never do that.... And yet here I am! And in the time since Silent War started opening the floodgates* how many Paedophile bloggers are there? Right now Rookiee is the only paedophile podcaster I know of, how many more will there be next year at this time?

To that end let us be honest with each other and strive to make a creed that has applications in the here and now, not only in some afar off time once the struggle for acceptance is finished. I seek here a guide for daily living; not the framework for [edit] an erotic story. I seek something that can guide us into a 'real' Girl-Love cult to which even the most religious and the most atheistic can link hands together in agreement on. A core of mores and morals. The basics and basis of a Girl-Love Culture!

I think they're talking about 'pedar' that ability we have to know when a girl is approachable... and the ability we have to just draw children to ourselves just by being ourselves. Not that I support their suggestions of genocide in any way, of course--just pointing to what they may have intended.

--I*Love*Green*Olives (who thinks it'd serve the antis right if they did somehow discover a true fool-proof [a necessary requirement, don't you think?] way to tell who we are. Unfortunately, I'd imagine that once the genocide was over so too would be the human race....)

You might think so, but when it comes to sensitive data it makes sense to use everything you can...Imagine a scenario where you've been handed over to the local LEOs and they have whatever writs to search the computer, if you have a few 'not so good' files as the outside containers and the 'real' stuff is inside those files but hidden in a way in which they look absolutely 'normal' chances are the LEOs will stop with your 'not so good' stuff (which should be the legal but slightly questionable stuff) and frustrate themselves at not having anything to get you on...if you just have one layer of protection; once that layer has been breached you're SOL. If you use multiple layers of protection you have a better chance I'd think.

I really like green olives? ^^; Actually, its......because of the innuendo involved with 'virgin' olives, then I started thinking about it for a bit and thought of how green olives are sweeter and juicier than their older counterparts and how black olives (old olives) are more or less spoilt tasting, etc etc...

I thought it was a good way to say what I like without being completely obvious about it. Otherwise I'd have probably come out with something like 'unwrapped pink' or 'hidden treasures' or some equally absurd nickname. Or perhaps I would have just posted as 'I think too much' Heh...

Unintentional Child Porn Can Be Fun!...it was entitled 'Sometimes it's Okay to Say no to Adults' and it was about Child Sex Abuse. ...The rest of the book was some fifty odd short short stories presenting various scenarios and ending with the question: What would you do. The stories were intended to be used as discussion starters for nervous parents... What did I do with them at the ages of eight through twelve? Heh...check the post title and I'm sure you'll get the idea! ^o^;

Look..I may be being an asshole here, but by all that is holy and several things that are not you need to fight this thing out for those two years. You've said it yourself this is bigger than you. You're fighting not only for yourself here but for all of us--I may never intend tohave children of my own but for fuck's sake this is bigger than having children. This is, as you've said down further in comments to others, about free speech, freedom of association, right to privacy, right to resist illegal and unlawful search, plus many etc etc that I can't think of at the moment.

Now is not the time to go down and hide.

Now is not the time to give up.

They're already killing us in our homes, hunting us down like dogs-- #### they want to put a gotdamned collar on our necks with a GPS reciever....and that's just the start...

I'm not one to normally advocate activism--and I wouldn't if this were about something unfightable (is that even a word?) like lowering the AOC laws...but this is about our very right to live, breathe, eat, work, and be. For you to start this and then abandon it...you can't do that to us; its not fair...to us or yourself!

I find the podcast to be of exceptional value at providing voice to an alternative viewpoint on issues. We will not be able to deal with issues of sex, rape, inequality, or child molestation until people realize it isn the paedophiles who do most of these acts. Until the silence is broken and paedophiles are no longer used as scapegoats this podcast is very much needed!

...I think most of us, true Child-Lovers tend to commit suicide before we allow ourselves to reach that point. As I've said elsewhere, we're not the problem, and most self-actualized paedophiles know better and will take the steps to remove themselves; it's the ones who are suppressing and repressing that we need to worry about....the very ones websites like this one were designed to help.... I still remember the first time I realized becoming a monster wasn't inevitable. That I could choose not to become the statistic they said I would be...heady, empowering stuff and why we need to be here.

I like tomboy girls and I think girlish moppets are cute.

Additional Information

  • In and out of mental institutions as a child and teenager.
  • He is the oldest of three children. His sister is 8 or 9 years younger than him and his brother is in the middle.
  • He is single and lives alove. His closest famiy is at least two hours away.
  • He has a hearing loss. His sister has the same problem.
  • Lives near a christian coffee shop in a place he calls 'Smallville'.
  • Into anime, manga, Harry Potter Fandom.

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If you have any information about this person or his exposure to children, please contact [email protected].

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