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Referred to as: JON
Based out of: Netherlands
Purpose: "JON offers Dutch people the possibility to talk about these feelings, let them hear how others handle them, and allow them to make their own choices. You are not alone!"
Website Address:
Current: http://home.uni-one.nl/plein/jon/
"JON is a Dutch local support group for people that have the ability to fall in love with children. It's not easy to discover this aspect in yourself."
Front Page of JON's website


"I am fond of my children. I share the care for them with my wife. Preferably, I go about with my wife and children. In my free time I really do not need any pub or soccer club – unless my son should be a member of such a club. I play and I have a romp with the children as a friendly father. We share the bath tub and the kids like to creep into our bed."

"No, this is not a matter of sexuality, surely not. Taking a shower is taking a shower and I do not make anything else of it."

More Information

If you have more information on this organization, its history, ownership, members or contact with underaged children, please contact [email protected].

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