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Jack Justin McClellan AKA Stegl
Age: 57
Birthdate: February 27, 1962
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Unemployed - collects social security disability
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Physical Description:
Hair Color: dark, balding
Pedophile Websites: GirlChat, stegl.info, VoA, Annabelleigh.net
Jack McClellan AKA Stegl is a self-admitted pedophile who has a Website describing where pedophiles can target young girls.

Jack McClellan AKA Stegl CNN News

Jack McClellan's sig pic

Jack McClellan AKA Stegl is a pedophile from Arlington, WA, who created the Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Lover website, stegl.org. The site is now open again, and called Jack McClellan's Portland Girl Love, since he is currently in Portland.

He is currently homeless and rides the bus system regularly in Portland, looking for little girls.

He was previously arrested in California after a judge issued a restraining order to keep him away from children. He was hanging around UCLA's Infant Development Program (a University day care center) with his digital camera, when a University employee called police. He has now appeared before Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig who ordered Jack to stay at least 10 yards from places where children congregate, including schools, playgrounds and child care centers. The new order also prohibits McClellan from contacting, videotaping or photographing children without written consent from their guardian or parent in the state of California.

He also has become the focus of an investigation into the disappearance of a Washington girl, because he posted some details of her murder on his website.

News reports and comments he posted on GirlChat place him in Portland, Oregon as of September 7, 2007. He says he likes Portland because of the transportation system, on which he ogles little girls, and because of his new drug contacts there.

I've discovered that public transportation has its good points: I regularly ride with LGs (usually accompanied by their low-income mothers only), and I've made some drug connections by mingling with other bus riders: a guy gave me a psilocybin mushroom cap this morning (what a beautiful day!), and two guys gave me a couple of hits off their pipe full of strong marijuana while we were waiting for the bus to this Internet cafe (I'm still high as I type this, ha ha)

JackMc ss01.jpeg


This screen shot was used by TriMet police in Portland to ban him from the bus system. As a result, he has moved back to the Los Angeles area. Screenshot before it was edited by the moderators at GirlChat


October 4, 2008 - Portland residents should be aware that McClellan has recently indicated interest in renting a room from a family whose household includes a young daughter. McClellan found their ad through Craiglist and posted a link to it on GirlChat, however the link was removed by GC moderators.

He has been intensely interested in prostitutes for years, rating them, posting information about where to find them, their prices, etc. Then, he did the same thing regarding little girls. He rated them, published pictures of them, and talked about places to go find them and take pictures of them. He stated he would not take down pictures of other people's children, because he took them in public places, such as schools and parades, and said that if a parent wanted a picture of their child taken down, they would have to send him another picture of their child, to prove they are the parents.

He has also recently incited pedophiles to act violently against anti-pedophiles:

I wish we could change our lot through peaceful means alone such as the Internet and media appearances, but this experience has taught me that it might take some of us physically fighting back and possibly putting some of these haters and antis in the hospital or morgue before we're finally taken seriously and treated with respect.

JackMc ss1.jpeg


Outrage over McClellan's actions has resulted in California enacting a new law. Assembly Bill 534, signed by California's governor on September 27, 2008 and taking effect in January 2009, makes it a crime to "engage in surrogate stalking, which is the act of publishing photos, physical descriptions, and/or locations of children with the intent that another person uses that information to commit a crime against a child."

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, author of the bill, issued the following statement: "AB 534 is also a testament to the positive impact community involvement can have on important policy debates in Sacramento. There is no doubt that the grass roots efforts of community members outraged over Jack McClellan's actions aided me in getting AB 534 first to the Governor's desk and then signed into law."


LGs sexually arouse me, but I've never wanted to have coitus with one because I can't imagine how that could be pleasurable for her. The other sexual stuff (usually termed molestation in the US) is different, and if it weren't for the laws I could picture myself engaging in cunnilingus, finger-vulve touching, and even anal licking (the thought of putting my mouth to the anus of any other type of human repulses me, but for some reason it's different with LGs).

JackMc ss2.jpeg

My view is that the girl must be potty-trained and able to talk (which would ensure that she can adequately verbalize and exercise dominion over her genital and excretory orifices) -- so I think 2 is a little young for most, and I would set an age-of-consent for non-coital sexual play between men and girls at age 3 or 4 (I don't endorse coitus until the girl reaches puberty -- though digital or small dildo penetration may be essentially harmless from a medical standpoint before then). I definitely don't accept the view of the dominant culture that loving, noncoercive, consensual sexual touching with potty-trained prepubescent children is abusive and ruins them for life. What ruins them is the subsequent brainwashing by the "sex offender" industry that they've been damaged. The key test that this is nonsense folkways is that children have to be indoctrinated that pleasurable genital/anal touching is "bad touch".

JackMc ss3.jpeg

I've had an ad on my site for a few months that is aimed at young women from 18 to about 30 who might have seen me on TV and want to have sex with a "celebrity", but I haven't gotten any hits off it. I'm thinking about changing it to an ad aimed at single moms of any age with prepubescent daughters. Of course I wouldn't be soliciting or seeking sex with the girls, but I'd be willing to "hit" just about any worn adult vagina to have a close, nonsexual-cuddling relationship with a cute LG.

JackMc ss4.jpeg

Quotes Detailing Jack's Search for and Possession of Child Pornography

Is it legal to view ...a LG's anus online, from America? US child pornography law states that CP is only sex acts plus lascivious exhibition of a minor's genitals or pubic area. Well, according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, "pubic" means: "of, relating to, or situated in or near the region of the pubes or the pubis" It seems that a case could be made that the butthole is not in the pubic area -- it's in the anal or rectal area.

JackMc ss5.jpeg

There are links to these matters and other news items about me on my Web site (now called Jack McClellan's USA Girl Love), but I don't think the mods here want me posting my URL because I now directly link to (legal) pics of nude LGs -- so you'll have to e-mail me for it if you can't find it in a search engine.

JackMc ss6.jpeg

Nudist galleries/videos/DVD site that includes some beautiful naked LGs -- like the one here! I couldn't find any frontal shots showing a prepubescent girl's cute little hairless pussy crack in the free samples on the site, but tipster Fernando (who is a subscriber) sent me three images containing them that I believe are within US law.

Our Investigation

  • An anonymous tip lead us to his website Stegl.info.
  • Public Records revealed that John Hyland operated the site.
  • Other posts on pedo Boards VoA and GirlChat revealed more personal information about his prostitute website and his real name "Jack".
  • Media got word of our investigation, prompting this article.
  • That led to a police investigation which uncovered the website owner was Jack McClellan. *Public records gave us his address and phone number.
  • Jack has since become a huge media story, which is referenced below.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Stegl
  • un_circumcised
  • un_csd

Known E-mail Addresses

He recently posted this on GirlChat:

If you must e-mail, it's probably not a good idea to contact me through my old Fastmail box because the cops got ahold of the password and may be monitoring it, so use my new gmail box (deleted).

JackMc ss8.jpeg

Known Websites

(Still available at the Wayback Machine)


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Previous Address

28964 Hall Rd
Stanwood, WA 98292

Mailing Address

PO Box 95
PMB 14
Stanwood, WA

Last Known Phone Number

(310) 266-1452

Previous Phone Number:

  • (360) 629-9956
  • (425) 239-7225

Additional Quotes

He is most likely lying about never having touched an underage girl, from his prostitute tracking website:

Last month I saw a girl that looks 12-14 working alone on Hastings between Commercial and Lakewood in the afternoon. She appears to be a Native/Oriental mix. I wanted her, but hesitated too long, and someone picked her up.

JackMc ss8.jpeg

He likes to hang out at ice skating and roller rinks:

I started checking out roller rinks this year (the last time I patronized them was 20+ years ago), and have discovered that they are great places to mingle with and meet LGs. I had a latina LG start talking to me at one last weekend because she was curious about my earplugs (the noise level in these places is rather high): I'm not sure of her age (like many latinas, she was quite tiny, and looked younger to me than she probably is), but I'm guessing she was in the 5-7 range. On the 1-10 cuteness scale I give her a 5 or 6, and definitely would have enjoyed cuddling her. I told her about my earplugs and said that she was a great skater (she really is), but that was about the end of the conversation and I didn't try for any physical contact because I feared that her parents or guardians might have been watching us. I kept an eye on her until the skate session ended, and she appeared to be there unsupervised. I now believe that many parents drop their kids off at these rinks (it's probably a similar situation at ice rinks--which I've also checked out recently and found numerous LGs) because some have posted warnings saying that persons under a certain age can only leave the rink with a parent or guardian--apparently to assuage parents' fears of child lurings. There can be quite a variation in a GL'er's paranoia level between rinks: one rink in my area has a cop stationed there, and makes people go through a metal detector (it's not even in what I consider a rough neighborhood). Another thing to keep in mind is that some skate sessions are more family and kid-oriented than others, so check the schedules. Also, you should skate much of the time to look more legitimate--I'd imagine that an unaccompanied man loitering in these places with no skates on would raise suspicions (some rinks have policies stating that everyone must skate--at least at certain times).

JackMc ss9.jpeg

I knocked over an LG!..on roller skates, hee hee. We were approaching each other, and both of us thought the other was going to take evasive action. Neither of us were hurt, and I think I took the harder fall (I'm not even certain she hit the floor). I hadn't noticed her in the rink until the crash, and she was quite cute: light brown hair, blue eyes, about age 7 or 8, and an 8 on my 1-10 scale.

JackMc ss10.jpeg

Mocks people who think he is a danger and gloats about checking out little girls:

Posted by Jack McClellan on Friday, May 4 2007 at 07:25:35am

I was stuck at a long light, and the vehicle in front of me had a cute blonde LG of about age 3 or 4 in the rear seat. She kept looking around and smiling at me, then started waving. I then threw open my arms -- like I was about to embrace her. She enjoyed that, and I could even see her mom laughing in their rear-view mirror. I doubt mom would have been smiling if she knew I was the infamous pedo responsible for the Seattle-area girl-love site, hee hee.

JackMc ss11-12.jpeg

While I'm on this subject, another recent GM comes to mind: I was at a sort of post-parade street fair a couple of weeks ago, watching some prepubescent kids (mostly girls) do a musical/dance thing, and I was sitting on a rather high concrete wall. Near the end of the performance, an older prepubescent girl climbed up on the wall and was kind of playfully rolling around on the top of it, saying to another kid below something like: "you have to be 11 to come up here" (apparently that was her age). It kind of made me nervous because she was quite close to me (almost within arms length), and we were the only people on the wall at that moment. I would have stayed up there and seen if she would have gotten even closer or given some indication that she wanted to communicate with me, but the entertainment had just ended for good at that location, and the situation seemed too awkward given that cops and other authorities are probably keeping a close eye on me at most of the events I attend -- so I reluctantly jumped off at that point.

JackMc ss11-12.jpeg

I had a memorable legal GL experience at this McDonald's a few months ago: I was sitting in there eating in the late afternoon, and a pack of LGs came in and went wild in the kiddie area. They must have came from a dance practice or something similar because most of them weren't wearing shoes, and I seem to recall some even being barefoot! Unfortunately this Mc D. has thick opaque glass blocks separating the kiddie area from the rest of restaurant, so I couldn't see the girls much of the time -- but I could hear their hyperactivity, and some of them frequently came around the corner into view. I stayed there about 40 minutes after I finished eating, pretending to read a paper, hee hee.

His sex habits:

picked up approximately 150 Vancouver streetwalkers from 1985-2003 (the vast majority on the low-track), had intercourse with all of them (about 10% anal or anal + vaginal), and didn't catch any STD to my knowledge.

Additional Information

  • He has said that he is innocent, and has never touched a child, but, with words like this from his old website, it's likely that is false:

There might have been a single mom or two with kids as well, but they all arrived in cars, so I didn't have the "need a ride?" offer to use, and the kids never separated from the parents (there weren't any playing in the park's playground on this cold day).

The media has been very interested in him, and there are numerous stories about him, in all varieties of media. He has spoken about possibly staying with another pedophile who is a sex offender named Trucker, and is considering buying a gun.

Other aliases:

  • Peter John Hyland - his first legal name, which he changed in 1997
  • John Hyland - how he registered his first pedophile domain
  • Jack Hyland - used with his prostitute guide domain name

Related Media Links

General Characteristics:

  • Talks about the radio a lot.
  • Talks about circumcision a lot.
  • Talks about pot, lsd, shrooms and peyote a lot, and sometimes mdma, but says he hasn't done it yet.
  • Very meticulous about directions/addresses/etc.
  • Hates smoke of any kind.
  • Hates loud noises.
  • Eats french fries wherever he goes.
  • Interested in light pollution, vacationed to where there was less unnatural light.
  • Is a john/prostitute activist.
  • Very frugal, focuses on prices a lot.
  • Hyper focused on smoke levels in the air, and the weather.
  • Obsessed with the colors of LE vehicles, and the number of LE personnel in any area.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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