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Jackie Sparling
Age: 65
Birthdate: November 28, 1954
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Disabled/Retired
Location: Ashland, Ohio
Physical Description:
Organizations: SOSEN, SOclear Media Productions, Prison Talk
Jackie Sparling is a sex offender activist, working as SO Clears chief operations officer.

Jackie Sparling is a bitter sex offender activist who believes the government owes sexual offenders something for imprisoning them.

The motivation for her sex offender activism stems from the imprisonment of Donald Sparling, her husband of two years. Donald, a Long Island appliance repairman, was caught with another man, James Teal, trying to lure a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl to his house to be their "sex slave". A search of Donald's home by detectives revealed a receipt for an airline ticket to fly her to Long Island, NY and a search of Donald's computer revealed plans to impregnate the girl to breed his own victims to abuse.

Aside from trying to lure a 13-year-old girl to his house to be his "sex slave," Donald was found to have hundreds of photographs depicting children as young as 5 involved in sex acts. Among the photos found were some that James Teal had taken of himself while he sodomized a 6-year-old boy he'd abducted and drugged with sleeping pills.

Despite the predatory nature of her husband's crimes, Jackie suggests the threat of sexual abuse lies within the home yet fights laws that will prevent sexual predators from living with children.

Jackie Sparling is well known for her complete indifference to the horrifying effects of sexual abuse on children, and seems to resent these victims. Perversely, Jackie tries to paint sexual offenders as victims of "unjust laws." Not only does she dismiss even the most heinous of crimes as not being worthy of restrictions but she states she cares about one thing and one thing only: getting rid of the laws.

Jackie Sparling is a signatory on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with SOclear and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.


I did contact the Statehouse yesterday afternoon, while he took a 3 hour nap. I spoke with the nice lady I worked with on the one we did in December. She agreed that they would handle THIS one the same way that they handled the last one, and that was that they didn't put the event on their calendar. The only way any anti's or opposition will find out about this is from US and WHEN we decide to get the word out. I asked her, "what if someone calls and asks your staff if there's a symposium scheduled on this bill or anything else to do with sex offender issues", and she said, that they didn't give the information out last time, and they wouldn't this time.

I also think we need to let John Stossel's producer know that we are going to do another one and what the topic is. We were able to get them on the story after December's event, and I want to see him keep on this. Thanks to Petra Luna, John knows that these anti's are nuts, lol. He knows these laws are irresponsible. Lets give him some more "fodder" for future shows. Who knows, maybe Golden will be his next "sacrifice". LOL

Our Investigation

At this time our investigation is ongoing.

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Ashland, Ohio

Additional Quotes

This poor woman is a mess. Obviously she never sought therapy and counselling, or if she did she fought it's therapeutical value.

They may come off sounding all wrong, but some people appear to like being "career victims". Children can and do get past this kind of thing. I'm living proof as are many others out there.

My heart aches for her, I could hear her pain in her voice, but the other part of me wants to jerk her up by her bootstraps and tell her to GET SOME HELP.

We have to use what the public will have the most compassion for, and that's KIDS

My husband is the SO in my family. Still serving time. Yet, I know that the only way to reach the public and gain ANY KIND OF SYMPATHY/COMPASSION from them is by going through our young people. I know that in the end my husband and every other adult RSO will benefit from the work we do now, using the Romeo and Juliet cases as our soapbox. If you think you will get people to listen to your story and care without SYMPATHY and COMPASSION, you aren't living in the real world. I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh, but I am one to put it like it is. We can't possibly get them to listen if we can't get them to "feel" to "CARE".

Whatever works, people, whatever works. That's ALL I care about at this point in time.

We all know that the laws are created by politicians, and politicians don't do anything that would displease their constituents because they would like to either win a seat in office or keep the one they have. Therefore, in order to get these laws changed, we are first going to have to convince John Q. Public that the information they have been given by those politicians as well as the media, is less than correct.

We can thank Rep. Collier for this further intrusion into our lives.

I'm busy right now trying to get people to work together in OH to get the word to the representative and the Judiciary Committee that we won't stand for this.

With the idiocy that's going on over sex offenders, the witch hunts and the hysteria, it's in trouble anyway. The constitution is burning ladies, don't you smell it?

Let me see if I can explain this to you like you are two years old...

To put this bluntly, you and your little group of woman against sexual predators aren't doing a DAMNED thing to consider yourselves "proactive". Get a dictionary and look up "proactive" and "reactive". All you are doing is adding another group to the list of would-be castrators. Why don't you put your energies into educating the public as to the epidemic of molestation of our children at the hands of family members and friends in this country. All of your grandstanding about being "Against Sexual Predators", isn't doing one damned thing to help THAT child. THAT child STILL goes to bed at night in fear of their doorknob turning. THIS IS OUR REAL PROBLEM. Yet few are addressing it. Guess it really is HARD to look in the mirror.

Why am I so adamant on this subject? Because while Nero fiddled, Rome burned. While the adults in this country are focused on stranger danger, Uncle Bob, Cousin Phil, Grandpa Joe, or Coach Dean is FIDDLING with their children in ways they shouldn't be.

When my husband was traversing the courtroom in dispensation of his case, during a bail hearing, the ADA stood up and told the judge that he COULDN'T let my husband go home with me, I was as bad as he is!!

The sex offender laws affect ALL sex offenders. We all know that. Therefore whether you or your loved one was charged with CP, got caught in a Romeo/Juliet type situation, or was charged with sexual assault/rape doesn't even come into play with our organization.

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