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Dale Erwin Hodges
Age: 37
Birthdate: May 11, 1982
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Tutoring children, now Incarcerated
Location: Roswell, Georgia, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Brown
Individuals: JoeCool4218, Steven Jones, Justin Case, Lammasu, SlaveToLogic
Pedophile Websites: BLN, BL.net, BLISS
Dale Hodges was a staff member of several pedo sites before he was arrested on charges related to child pornography.

File:JagDawg - Dale Hodges - 05.png

JagDawg AKA Dale Hodges was an active member of several pedophile based sites, including BL.net, BLN and BLISS, where he was on staff as a moderator. Hodges was arrested in November 2009 on charges resulting from an international sting operation which also resulted in the shut down of BL.net and the arrests of many other pedophiles.

Hodges was not only a member and moderator on the sites he would frequent, but he also met with and formed lasting friendships with several other pedophiles from the boards. Some of those people included major players in the online pedo world, including JoeCool4218 (one of the top Directors of BL.net), Steven Jones (owner and financier of several pedophile sites), and Justin Case (owner of BLOC). In addition to these persons, Hodges also associated himself with at least one other pedophile who had been previously profiled here. While authorities from ICE were investigating members of BL.net, they stumbled across our site and the profile belonging to Hodges' friend.* As a result, we were able to assist authorities with information on other members of BL.net, including Hodges, which helped lead to the arrest of four (4) individuals in the United States, several arrests internationally, and ultimately the shut down of BL.net.

Hodges states that his AoA is of little boys between the ages of 9 and 16 years old, but that the attraction could also go up or down a few years. He posted often about his nephew "J" and a boy named "Micah", whom he referred to as one of his YFs. In one post he even joked that he would like to explain sex to his nephew, especially if it was "hands-on". Hodges also enjoyed verbal sparring on the message boards and offering advice to others on how to find a YF for themselves.

Hodge's case is still pending. We will update this article when new information becomes available.

*Note: Due to his having turned state's evidence, the profile belonging to Hodge's friend has been removed from this site, at the request of, and out of courtesy to, law enforcement handling the case.


In a poll taken regarding little boy's penises:

The beginning of hair, so soft, usually blond, downy hairs floating at the base of the penis that is roughly a couple of inches limp and no more than 5 inches erected. Cut or uncut does not matter, and whether he can cum or not also does not matter, so long as he can enjoy it. [Big Grin]

When asked which parts of a boy he would NOT kiss, Hodges replied:

On the hairy parts! [Eek!] just kidding.

I doubt there is a place that I wouldn't kiss. [Blush]

Well, I guess there might be a couple, but I don't know which ones they would be.

When asked to write a letter to his 10-year-old self, Hodges wrote, in part:

If anyone your age comes around wanting to do sexual things...DO THEM. Don't hesitate. They won't be able to talk about the size of your penis to others because then they'll be outed as fooling around with you. It's perfectly fine, and it's part of growing up. It's not gay. It's only gay when you're my age and still do it.

Our Investigation

  • We noticed JagDawg on several pedo sites. One of the posts on BLN was authored by Steven Jones, who welcomed Hodges under the screen name "Buddy Christ" and stated that he had met him in person. In a reply to another member who welcomed him, he stated that the poster probably knew him from another site on which he used the screen name JagDawg.
  • From JagDawg's posts on BLISS, we were able learn that he lived in Georgia, attended the University of Georgia, and that he had met other pedophiles in the area. At times, children were involved in those meetings. Through his posts, we were also able to link him to the Buddy Christ screen name.
  • At the same time we were investigating JagDawg/Buddy Christ, we received a tip from someone stating that Buddy Christ was Dale Erwin Hodges of Atlanta, GA and that he was grooming a little boy named Micah and possibly another child named Eli.
  • In a post made by another pedophile who met JagDawg/Buddy Christ in person, he referred to him as "Dale". This matched the name used in the MySpace profile we had located, which was titled "TheDale".
  • Searching through the screen names and other information we found, we located a personal web site belonging to Dale Erwin Hodges, hosted on the University of Georgia web servers. In his bio, he listed his date of birth as being May 11, 1982, his birthplace as Savannah, Georgia, the fact that he was a student at UGA who played trumpet in the band, and had a page filled with photos of little boys.
  • Posts located on the BL.net site for JagDawg/Buddy Christ matched information on his location, his status as a student at UGA, his job as an usher at ball games, and his playing trumpet in the UGA Redcoat Band. To further his identification match, Dale Erwin Hodges posted a photo on his personal web site of his dream car, a red Jag with "TheDale" graphically inserted into the photo over the front license plate area of the car. This photo was an exact match of the signature image used by JagDawg on the pedophile message boards.
  • Information regarding Hodges identity, which was turned over to ICE Agents in Atlanta, was further verified when he was arrested after meeting with another pedophile and handing over 2 DVDs filled with child pornography to undercover operatives.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • JagDawg
  • BuddyChrist
  • TheDale
  • feydrauthaharkonnen
  • CobraNightViper3
  • Bro D
  • Erwin
  • Highwind
  • thedale3
  • AIM: CobraNightViper3

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address

114 Old Ferry Way
Roswell, GA 30076

Additional Quotes

I think that sex can be an awkward discussion for many parents. I could be wrong, but I think that if I had kids that it wouldn't be a problem, given my attractions. But I've also been told that kids change your life completely when they are yours. As an AF, and an uncle, I don't find the discussion difficult for me. If my sister wanted me to explain sex to J, I'd have no trouble (especially if it was "hands-on" [Sarcastic Angel] (*slap*bad Dale)).

In college, I marched in the marching band, and at one game, a mother approached me with two boys and asked if they could take a picture with me. Being the nice BL that I am, I took her up on this offer and she took a picture, then took a picture for me. It's possibly one of my favorite pictures as the kids are fairly young (5ish?) and therefore cute, even if they do seem disinterested. But what I find funny is that in someone's photo album they have a picture of their sons at a football game, being hugged by a boylover. Oh, if only they knew.

I also have memories of my oldest nephew back when he was still truly a boy (he's 14 now, but still rather tasty, imho) around 10 to 12. I really discovered how good a BL I could be in having him stay with me for two weeks the summer he was 10.5. We just hung out a lot, played on the computer, outside, went to Six Flags, as well as the public pool. But the best moment I think I felt was the first night he was there. Now my place at the time had 3 bedrooms, and it was assumed by me and my sister who lived with me at the time, that he would probably sleep in that room. Well, it's about 10 PM that night, and he comes downstairs (I lived on the basement level (Looking back, I really loved that place)) and in the sweetest voice he had asked me "Bubba (family nickname), can I sleep with you tonight?" I thought about it, and then said sure. I expected it to only be that one night, but he took it to be the whole two weeks. Not that I minded. Well, I did mind being kicked in my sleep, but I didn't mind going to sleep with him wrapped around me.

Excellent question. I think most any age can be adorable. From the time they can talk, they get cuter, until the time they can talk back. LOL! But I'd have to say that my favorite ages have to be the pre-teen and early teen years, like 9-16. But it's more than age that is a factor in whether a boy is more than just a cutie (most every boy is cute). I don't like boys that are too overweight, but I like my yf just the way he is, although he could stand to lose a few pounds. Then again, so can I!

I grab my crotch and shake it at people I don't like. It's my penis, my balls, my property, and I can do with them whatever the hell I please, and if that means "adjusting" then sobeit. Sometimes I try to be rude and obvious about it, but I mean, why the hell should Hasnt be uncomfortable down there? I'll help Hasnt Bin Laid out and move him a little.

I value characteristics and qualities that I, myself possess. These include, but are not limited to: honesty, integrity, loyalty, intellect and impartiality. The first one being the virtue that I value most. I believe it is the first quality that makes me dislike politics and also makes me dislike most adults. Subsequently, I think it is also why I always feel more at ease around kids, because they haven't perfected how to be dishonest. They can be dishonest, but I can usually see through it.

Additional Information

  • Born in Savannah, Georgia and attended school there.
  • Graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia with a BAA in Economics. He was also a member of the UGA Redcoat Band and played the trumpet.
  • Wanted to get into the Navy as a Supply Corps Officer but also wanted to teach Math/Science in schools. He also worked for a Home Depot in the Atlanta area, and was working as a tutor at Huntington Learning Center in Alpharetta, Georgia at the time of his arrest.

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