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Graham Ryan
Age: 34
Birthdate: January 31, 1985
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Student (studying to become a teacher)
Location: Bend, Oregon / Wichita, KS
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment
Graham Ryan AKA Jaje AKA Jacob is a boylover pedophile who works with children daily, possibly in a daycare setting. He is sexually attracted to little boys from infancy up to puberty.

Graham Ryan AKA Jaje AKA Jacob is a pedophile who is a regular member of the BoyMoment pedo site and where he has told everyone that his name is Jacob. Indeed, he signs most of his posts with the name "Jacob", but in reality, his name is Graham Ryan.

Graham states that his AoA is of little boys from toddler to puberty, and refers to himself as a "little boy lover". He hasn't named his YFs, but he has stated that they are 8, 9 and 13 years old. He is known to post on the BoyMoment forums about his working with children on a daily basis, and how happy this makes him. Our investigation revealed that Graham's Mother owns a daycare center in Oregon, so while he hasn't specifically stated that he works (or has worked) in his Mother's center, his posts all seem to indicate that to be the case. He has openly posted about having worked part-time at a school as well. Since his move to Kansas he says that he is unemployed, but looking forward to employment possibilities, as well as making many new YFs. He has also said that he is in college and studying to become a teacher.

Unlike many pedophiles, Graham is rare in that he actually admits that he became a pedophile by choice. Citing several "reasons", including low self-esteem and fear of his inability to ever sexually please an adult, he states that he made a decision to allow himself to be sexually attracted to little boys. Graham even states, "If they're young and have nothing else to compare it too they won't know any better". He has also posted about being deeply in love with a little boy, with whom he never shared his affections.


I've seen many boys peeing, but never a YF. Hope to someday.

I just met a new boy who seems very open and carefree, so maybe I'll get to see one soon.

I don't think I'm old... yet... but I have noticed that my attraction has become wider, mostly to the younger end. I see young boys all the time that I wouldn't have been attracted to a few years ago, and even some older boys. I think a part of it is just appreciating the beauty of all boys more, even ones that aren't my "type"

This is really personal, but these are the honest reasons why I think I became a boylover:

1- I think part of it comes from my mom. She has always been a person who loves kids. She has always been very caring and good at relating to kids, especially boys, and I'm sure I got that from her. I don't think that she is or ever was sexually interested in kids, but she cares about them. She even had a YF who she became very atttached to. She would take him out somewhere, to the zoo, a movie, etc every week for about 4 years. She always said she did it so the kid's mom could have some free time, but I know she cared about him immensely. When she had to move away from him she really missed him, and she still writes to him all the time. I think she has some of the same ability for compassion and emotional attachment to a boy that I do, though I doubt she has it on a sexual level.

2- Once I hit puberty I started having a lot of issues with my perception of my body, and they lasted for a long time. I know now that it was a mental problem not a physical one, but I thought for a long time that my penis was somehow broken or inferior to others'. As I got older I became more and more convinced that I would never be able to satisfy a grown man (or woman but I've never cared about that). This is when I became sexually interested in boys. "If they're young and have nothing else to compare it too they won't know any better" was my mindset at the time. I want to make clear that is totally not my mindset now, but I am sharing this in the interest of honesty and showing my progression as a boylover. And I also want to stress that I've never done anything sexual with a boy.\

3- At the same time I was having these issues I had the good (or bad depending on how you look at it) fortune of being friends with a few really attractive boys. I had crushes on all of them. One of which was a few years younger than me and small for his age. I really fell for him. I was so deeply in love with him for an incredibly long time, but I never told him. We never talk any more, but I still think that he is my soulmate. I think the fact that he was considerably younger than me and was even younger looking is part of the reason why I am a boylover instead of just gay.

Please don't judge me based on these things, or for sharing them. They are very personal to me and I feel quite vulnerable right now, but I wanted to share them because, well, this is the truth. Just saying "I've liked boys since I was 12" would not answer your question

Our Investigation

  • We first found Jaje posting on the BoyMoment pedophile forums, signing his name as "Jacob". A review of his profile revealed the screen name "crackerslam" for his AIM and an e-mail address, "[email protected]" for use on MSN Messenger. He also revealed his age (23) and date of birth (01/31/1985).
  • We searched for a MSN profile belonging to "[email protected]", which gave us his Windows Live profile in which he stated that his name was Graham, with a nickname of "CodeRedCrave". The e-mail address also lead to a Zorpia.com profile in which not only did the age match, but he listed a location of Bend, Oregon.
  • The same "[email protected]" e-mail address then led us to his MySpace profile, in which he gave his name as being Graham once again. We then took note of his profile photo and other identifying information on his MySpace page, including his age and zodiac sign. All of the information, except his location (Wichita, Kansas) and first name, matched everything he had posted in his BoyMoment profile.
  • A search on the screen name "crackersnack" lead to a YouTube account with the age being a match to his MySpace account and BoyMoment profile as well. The "crackersnack" name also lead us to his Blogspot blog, again with the name "Graham".
  • The screen name "crackerslam" then lead us to a photo hosting site, in which he had posted the same photo that he uses in his MySpace profile. Other photos in his album revealed his car, including an Oregon license tag number, and photos of his Mother's daycare center, which he helped his Dad to build.
  • A search of his blog on the BoyMoment site revealed a post in February 2008, in which he confirmed having made a move half way across the country.
  • A public records search was done on the name "Graham" with the DOB 01/31/1985, with the results showing a Graham Ryan from Bend, Oregon, which matched the information he had posted in his Zorpia.com profile. We then searched MySpace using his name only, and the result of that search was the exact same profile we had found using his e-mail address from his BoyMoment profile.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Jaje
  • Jacob
  • crackerslam
  • crackersnack
  • CodeRedCrave
  • grahamcracker85
  • AIM: crackerslam
  • MSN Messenger: [email protected]

Known E-mail Address

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

The current address for this pedophile is unknown, although he states that he is living in Wichita, Kansas.

Previous Address

20636 NE Boulderfield Ave.
Bend, Oregon 97701

Additional Quotes

I work with kids, a lot of them. On any given day there are at least 50 kids that come through my work. There's always some cute boys to look at, but unfortunately my job doesn't provide many opportunities to get close to boys outside of work.

I wish I could say more about my job, but I have to be careful. I love my job and I'd be devastated if I lost it.

The way I see it, if you fight for sex you're always going to lose. Every time. If you fight for lowering the AOC what are you really doing? you're fighting for the legal right to have sex with children. How does that make us look? like all we want to do is have sex with children. Even if you are fighting for many other things, even if you're a person of exceptional moral and ethical character who would never ever do anything to harm a child, even if it is a tiny little, minute part of what you're fighting for, if it is out there it is all that people will focus on. Honestly, there is practically no one out there who's not bl who actually wants us to have sex, or even be legally able to have sex, with their children, even people who are tolerant and supportive of af/yf relationships. Society doesn't want their children to have sex, they want their children to be protected.

I think the only way to make it any better is to completely ignore the AOC issue and anything else that's even remotely connected to sex. I'd even go so far as to say that we should actively support AOC and other laws designed to protect children. The only kind of childlover that can ever be accepted in today's world is one who proves that he truly cares for the health and safety of children, all children, and is willing (better yet, happy) to sacrifice any chance at the freedom of being able to fulfill his desires to make sure that he is doing the best thing for all children (what society believes to be best for children, not what you believe is best for them).

If people saw bl and gl relationships in a non-sexual light, if they were shown all the love, support, and guidance that we offer children without worrying about "does he want to have sex with my child?" then we will have a chance to become accepted by them. After then, and only after that is achieved, is when it could be possible to make any change in things like AOC laws. Personally I'm not even sure if there should be any change, but that's a different topic.

...I refuse to grow up yet (I'm still in college), but I'm well on my way to becoming a teacher. I already work with kids and I love every minute of it, so I know I'm going to love being a teacher.

It was cold and rainy out today, and it made an o.k. day out of what would probably have been an above average day.

There were some really beautiful boys who came into my work today. One family had 4 very very gorgeous boys ranging in age from about 13 to 3. They were all stunning, but they had on long pants and sweatshirts so their figures were hidden. They had really sweet faces though.

The best boy of the day was flat-out amazing, I think. I could tell he was, but he had a thick jacket on with the hood up the whole time so I never got to see very much of him. I got to play with him a bit though, and he was really nice. Very happy, fun, and outgoing, and just a perfect cute little 4 year old boy.

There was a lot of beauty at my work today but it was all covered up because of the cold

Oh well, it was a pretty good day anyway. One of my friends just got hired and she's going to be working weekends with me from now on. I'm pretty excited about that.

Hope tomorrow will be warmer and the boys will all be in shorts and t-shirts.

I found a positive thing about the approaching winter and cold weather...

when boys come into my work they take off their thick jackets and sweaters, usually taking their shirt up with it, stretching their arms up high and exposing their beautiful smooth tummies, chests, and hopefully the tops of their underwear too It makes me happy to see all the beauties showing off their wonderful bellies I hope all of you get to see that too (if you live where it's cold, like me).

Happy perving everyone!

So here's a few changes I've noticed in myself since I became an active member here:

- I am much more confident, outgoing, and generally in higher spirits on a daily basis. - I never watch t.v. anymore, I spend all my time at home on the computer (that's a good thing). - I don't hang out with my friends in real life as much, but I don't need them as much. - I have developed a far broader spectrum of emotions in regards to my daily interactions with boys. I do have some days now when I am quite down on myself, wondering whether I really am a "monster" for being attracted to young boys. But then I have many days when I love being me, being a bl, and being fortunate enough to be around a lot of very attractive young boys. Like I said, I'm generally in higher spirits than I used to be. - I am getting less and less sleep. I'm either on BM 'til late at night or I'm up thinking of posts to make. - I have become much more confident in pursuing new relationships with boys in my life. I'm going through a time where my current YFs are drifting away from me a bit, but I have several new boys who I've met recently and I am optimistic about building meaningful relationships with them. I never really had the level of mutually devoted, caring, and meaningful relationships with any of my current YFs that I want so much, mostly because I was not emotionally ready to provide this. But I believe I am now.

BM still occasionally brings an array of emotions to me that I'm not quite used to dealing with. I am repressing my attractions to boys less than I used to, and the nature of this board brings things to the surface. Sometimes when I read of a member and his YFs I will get a little jealous, or if I read a post I don't deem to be within my beliefs of what a boylover should be or how he should act I will get a little frustrated.

Ups and downs, that's the nature of life.

I am immensely happy to be a part of the community here on BM though, and to have met the great people I have become friends with here. I want to thank all of you for making this place so wonderful, uplifting, and inspirational

Additional Information

  • Also interested in tennis, bowling, and poker.
  • States that he joined a bowling league and is now tutoring "Adam", the 11 year old grandson of the league treasurer in math.

I joined a bowling league this week, and even though it was primarily a room full of middle-aged "manly" men, I somehow managed to become friends with the only cute boy there.

His name is Adam, he is a cute and young looking 11 year old boy. He is the grandson of the league treasurer, and he was there doing homework. I met him when his grandmother found out I'm good at math and roped me into helping him with his math homework.

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