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Jean-Baptiste le Bonhomme
Age: approx. 16-25
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Student
Location: Netherlands
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition, BoyWrite, GirlLove Garden, Jongens, GirlChat, Blogger
Jean-Baptiste le Bonhomme is a pedophile who is omnisexual. He is part of the digest (archive) team with BoyChat.

Jean-Baptiste le Bonhomme, is an omnisexual pedophile who is very active on many pedophile forums across the internet. As part of the Free Spirits Coalition and BoyChat, he serves on the digest team, recording and archiving topics of particular interest to the boy love community. He is also a contributor to a (currently active) blog run by pedophiles at Blogspot.

JB, as he signs his posts, is also a member of BoyWrite, where he occasionally writes short stories that deal more with paranoia about the future of pedophiles. In addition to his creative side, JB posts on the Jongens forum (the Dutch version of BoyChat), GirlLove Garden and GirlChat. There may be other pedophilia based forums where he is a member as well. His real last name may be "Goodman".


that singer's quite a cutie... I would've loved to've meet him at 12...

Just remember: depressions create lakes and lakes attracts boys

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The investigation into this person is ongoing.

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  • AIM: op aanvraag

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Additional Quotes

Never get cabin fever in the middle of nowhere... unless you can be bitten by a boy

In response to: "Goin' fishin' for boys today..?"

Went out today, but only found kawaii girls

kawaii is Japanese for cute... I read a bit too much manga and see too much anime...

In response to a confused poster, who questioned his sexual orientation because he is attracted to both boys and to women:

Everybody is a combination...

Posted by Jean-Baptiste le Bonhomme on 2007-April-26 16:17:09, Thursday

In reply to i'm confused posted by confused on 2007-April-26 08:32:26, Thursday

... the people who are only one thing probably got themselves stunted in some trauma they forgot.

Acknowledge your feelings... wank to anything that comes to mind... it'll do you good

Blessed be


I've performed a few times on an art festival where everybody could do whatever s/he/it liked...

and one time... a girl I was so into at that time asked me if she could recite a poem by me... How could I refuse

... now I have this image of an preteen Angelina sexkitten in my head and it won't come out...

Also a French reader of our blog recently has told me 'bonhomme' means 'good man' and it is clear that the name he is hiding behind is an obvious justification of his evil intentions. Calling a pervert a good man is a perversion of decency in itself

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  • General: Poetry, Computers, Mythology, Esotericism, Occultism, Beauty, Youth, Life, Death, Philosophy, Psychology
  • Music: Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Folk, Classical, Avant Garde
  • Books: Any Science Fiction, Any Fantasy, Horror, Any book that provokes thought
  • Art: At least some knowledge of art/art history

Escher was Dutch...

and the 'art' I make was based on the work by Roger Penrose and Oskar Reutersvard. They both 'invented' the tribar/impossibl triangle independantly from each other...

I also like Vasarely. Ever since I started with mindexpanding/altering work I've liked any Op-Art artist.

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