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JeanBoy, Jeany
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat, Somersault, BoyWrite
JeanBoy is an active member of several pedophilia organizations, and assists with the digest team at BoyChat.

JeanBoy is a boylover pedophile who is a member of the Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat, Somersault forums and BoyWrite. He serves as a member of the BoyChat digest team, which compiles and records forum posts which they feel are noteworthy for future reference.

JeanBoy's posting style on the boards is more aligned with someone who serves in a support role. He rarely posts anything about his own experiences, but chooses instead to cheer up depressed members, offer light advice, and offer support when needed. He does occasionally post regarding a boy moment he may have had, but those occasions are rare. He reads and offers support, but doesn't seem to contribute, to the BoyWrite site as well.


Not so long ago a 9yr old and his mom came to visit.

What would've been only a few minutes if she had come alone[she was dropping off something] turned out to be a stay of almost 2 hours. Mainly because of a 9yr old curiosity. He, never being here before, proceeded to explore every room, counted TV sets(4), sat on every piece of furniture and sipped on his drink as if it was a fine wine. All the while listening to his iPod and announcing to us what song he was listening to.

After finally sitting down he says "Come here!" pulls one of the earbuds out of his ear and says: "Jeany put this in your RIGHT ear"

"Earbuds" are the earphones for the iPod, there's probably 20 inches of wire between the left earbud and the right. With the way he was sitting and after I put the earbud in place, my face was maybe 6 inches from his.

I guess he scanned through 20 or 30 songs while we were like that and occasionally let a few play all the way through while mouthing the words to me eye to eye and practically nose to nose.

Wow, what a rush that was! Both of us isolated in this shared "space" while his mother sat across the room. Priceless! [OK, I guess you had to be there.]

Anyways, it being a school night, they had to leave way too soon. Yeah, if it was up to me we'd still be listening. Maybe I'd even know some of the words by now.

Next time you're with your YF with iPod, suggest sharing.

Enjoy the rush!


can be anything from that outdoorsy smell mixed with salty sweat to a hint of chocolate chip cookie with a touch of Crayola®! and more...

It's always unique to the individual yet totally familiar.

There ain't nothing else like it!

It's addictive as hell too.


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  • JeanBoy
  • Jeany
  • Jean[___]


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Being in the right place at the right time is what we are all about.

You lucky dawg!

The parents are often the fly in the ointment. I hope it all works out with a nice long healthy friendship with SB.

Who knows, maybe the parents are even encouraging him?

When I was his age it would've certainly been something my mom would've done and had. Let's just say she knew I would benefit from an older brother figure.

Nuff said.

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  • JeanBoy gave another BoyChat poster advice on how to get rid of everything on a computer hard drive.

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