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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Jeremy B Candle or Jeremy Candal
Age: 33
Birthdate: December 17, 1985
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Former Pedophile Website Programmer, current profession unknown (possibly unemployed computer repair technician)
Location: Portland, Oregon (somewhere near Vancouver WA)
Physical Description:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown, but shaved head
Pedophile Websites: Boylove.net, Global-Unity, BoysMagicWorld, Boylover.net
Jeremy Candle is a registered sex offender, child molester and pedophile activist who worked as a programmer and Moderator on the pedophile websites Boylove.net and Global-Unity.org before they were shut down due to the members grooming of an underage teen.

Pedophile and RSO Jeremy Candal AKA "Nikkie"

Jeremy Candle AKA Jeremy Candal AKA Wolfpup AKA BLWolfpup AKA Sith Apprentice AKA Nikkie AKA Twitchy is a longtime pedophile who spent time in prison for grooming and subsequently molesting a young boy between the ages of 13-14. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison but it was suspended. He only served nine months in prison and was let out on probation for two years.

Despite Jeremy Candle's lucky break of having a suspended sentence, he did not appear to be rehabilitated from grooming and molesting children. Jeremy chose to not only join the online pedophile community and post on their forum boards, he also decided to become an active member and leader of the online pedophile activist community. He became a forum board moderator and "PAL" manager at Boylove.net, an extremely graphic website, where there are photo gallery sections entitled "Tightie Whities" and threads discussing things like "Boy Urine...Yay or Nay???", "Boys give me a boner...what's wrong with me?" and "Incest". Eventually "Wolfpup" made appearances on "Boylove Radio" where he billed himself as "DJ Nikkie" and "DJ Sith". He eventually became a programmer and active contributor to the Boylove.net and Global-Unity Websites.

Jeremy even participated in the grooming of a young member of Boylove.net and Global-Unity, a 16 year old boy who claimed to have started posting on pedophile forum boards at the age of 10. Jeremy worked side by side with this minor on the Global-Unity website as a moderator and programmer. On this website he drooled over this kid’s 11 year old brother, who the boy put on web cam without the 11-year-old's permission. Jeremy participated and encouraged members of Global-Unity to instruct a 16 year old kid to remove his clothing on web cam, while they also removed theirs and showed him their penises. Law Enforcement was notified and the website was shut down. Police even interviewed Jeremy after this incident and he continued to post on the pedophile sites about his disdain for the RSO registry and the Police who were monitoring him.

Despite this pressure from law enforcement, he continued to post on the web that despite his actions of grooming and molesting a 14 year old boy, he doesn't deserve to be a Registered Sex Offender. He even did interviews on online radio podcasts making jokes about his sex offender status stating "Look at me they reformed me and I'm part of the BL Community."


Re: Boy Urine ...Yay or Nay???

It wouldnt bother me any. Urine is actually scientifically very clean contrary to popular belief. I wouldnt mind having a boy pee inside of me either. I know that might be like whoa but its something that I have always wanted to try.

Come to the Dark Side

Sith Apprentice.

People say that child porn should be illegal. I dont think so

Our Investigation

The following is how we were able to discover Jeremy Candle’s real name and his status as a registered sex offender:

  • We noticed a pedophile posting on pedophile websites under the nick "Wolfpup."
  • His profile displayed the email address of BLWolfpup.
  • He made several posts on Boylove.net signed "Jeremy C."
  • He used the nickname "Nikkie" and "Sith Apprentice" on Boylove.net as well as Global-Unity.org.
  • These profiles contained his date of birth and general location.
  • He posted a story of his molestation of a 13 year old boy and provided enough information on Global-Unity.org to lead us to his Registered Sex Offender information.
  • From there we were able to connect the aliases used by his real name of "Jeremy Candal" to the pedophile identity "Nikkie".
  • In addition, we traced him back to "Lord Corvinous", the identity he used in an attempt to infiltrate our forum boards by providing us with information about other pedophiles.
  • When confronted by our administrators, Jeremy admitted he was indeed BLWolfpup, the pedophile.

Criminal Charges

  • 16-3-655(B)
  • Date of Conviction: 2004-05-17
  • State of Conviction: SC
  • Age Of Victim: 14
  • Sex Of Victim: M

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Wolfpup
  • BLWolfpup
  • Twitchy
  • Sith Apprentice
  • DJ Nikkie
  • DJ Sith
  • Blackmoonwolfpup
  • Lord Corvinous
  • Shadowhunter12
  • Jbcandal
  • AIM: Jbcandal5

  • --2016
  • Skype: Pupmischief

Known E-mail Accounts

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites




Last Known Phone Numbers

  • 843-492-7782
  • 843-424-5596
  • 843-626-2596

Additional Quotes

Xavier if you can read this yeah I am a BL yeah I am an RSO

Love knows no age or sex

Re: Shotacon - Good or Bad..??

While it might offend societal views on child sex I dont see anything wrong with it. Its cartoon characters. its not like anyone is getting hurt or raped. i tell you some of the things that people will go the lengths for just because something offends their sense of security. FUCK SOCIETY AND THEIR VIEWS ABOUT US.

My First YF

Ok after reading over Dacarus's story it made me start thinking of a boy that I loved and spent a lot of time with. This story takes place between the years of 2003 to the beginning of 2004.

It was a rainy Saturday morning and my brother once again had been arguing with my parents and had left the house. We didnt know where he was at. There was a guy who lived across the street from my house who had a son who had given my brother a ride before somewhere so my mother told me to check there and see if he was there or if he had seen him. For the sake of this story I will change the names around to protect not only my identity but as well as the others involved in this story. I went over to Bills house and saw him outside and asked if he had seen my brother. Well he said he hadnt so that was the end of that day. He seemed to be lonely so I figured that I would start swinging by from time to time to visit.

As time would tell later on I was attracted to boys. Well bill had a son who was 13yo when I met him. He was a wonderful boy to hang around. Great personality and loved to play a lot. He was kind of shy of me at first. He didnt really know me so that was to be expected. I started to learn things from his father about cars and how to work on them and such. God I loved to work on the cars his dad had in the back yard. Nothing like getting under the hood and tinkering around with the engine or pulling off a dented fender and putting a new one on. But anyway. Bills son who I will call Alex started to take a liking to me. I could go over to Bills when I got into an argument with my parents or I just wanted to get out of the house.

Me and Alex started hanging out more. He would be at my bus stop when I would come home from school. (I was in high school during this time). We would go to his house and play on the playstation or we would watch TV together or just work on cars. We formed that bond that only a BL and his YF can form. Granted at this time I had no clue what a BL was or that I was one. I realize now that he was my YF. Anyway things began to get more and more deep between us. I will skip over the sexual parts of this story since they arent appropriate for this site. Anyway my parents started to suspect that stuff was going on that shouldnt be and banned me from Bills house. Thats when things became really interesting.

I would continue to see Alex in secret. He would continue coming down to my bus stop and we would go for walks together or go back to his house and get the rifles and go hunting in the woods (I lived in the country) or we would just enjoy each others company. Well I turned 18 the next month and my parents couldnt stop me from seeing Alex anymore. They realized that but kept warning me not to continuing doing the things I was doing. I loved Alex and nothing would keep us apart. Or so I thought until one day his dad walked in on us. That was the end of it. It was so abrupt. I had lost something that meant so much to me.

I wound up going to prison because of him. The funny thing is his father fought for me in court. He said he didnt want me going to prison. He realized that his son loved me and I loved him and he wasn't going to stand between us. I was sentenced to ten years which was later to be suspended and I was released nine months later and put on probation for two years.

Did I love him. Yes with all of my heart. I realize now that I shared something with him that some of us look for but cant find. A love that defies even the laws and boundaries of societies themselves. I still miss him and there are times where I cry because I dont see him anymore. Life moves on I realized. I dont regret those four months that I spent with him. It was worth it in the long run. It helped me realize a part of me that I didnt know was there.

There you have it my story of love and pain. I hope that you guys read it and realize that no matter what others may say we have a gift given to us from the above that not many people have. That gift is to understand boys in a way that no one else can understand them.

Sith Apprentice

Additional Information

  • Wiccan, former member of the Blackmoonwolf Coven in Myrtle Beach, SC calling himself "Lord Corvinous" or "Lord Michael Corvinous"

this is the inner court of blackmoonwolf temple. we are based in the beautiful city of myrtle beach south carolina. our coven is based on the alexandrian tradition and we try to meet once a month. we train those who wish to follow the alexandrain way in ritual, potions making, the wiccan rede and laws. spell casting, binding, etc. if you feel as though you are interested in training in the alexandrain path then you can contact me at lord_micheal_corvinous @yahoo.com. thank you and may the goddess bless and protect you in your lifes journey.

Hey whats up guys. I am Lord Micheal Covinous. I have been with Lord Misheals coven going on two years. i just thought that I would swing by and say hello to everyone and whatnot. Hope to talk to you guys soon.

  • Aliases:
    • Michael Jones
  • Considers himself "gay"
  • Smokes heavily
  • Plays online video games including Runescape, where he acts a leader in the guild.
  • Interests (in his own words):

Playing video games, working on the internet, joining message boards.

Surfing the web, working for the government, Reading and watching TV

I enjoy Airsoft, playing video games. I listen to Rap and rock. My favorite books are Harry potter, Sience fiction. If I am in front of a TV, I usually watch Jag, Survivor, American Idol. Movies I enjoy the most are Star Wars Series, Scienece fiction.

Other information:

I went to College for one Semester with a Double Major as well. Computer Programming and web page design. Minor in Psychology. I wasn't able to finish but I learned alot while i was in school. I am able to put those skills to use with board management, askk well as designing forums for friends of mine.

Contact Us

If you have any additional information regarding this individual or his contact with children, please contact [email protected].

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