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James Patrick Finn III
Age: 54
Birthdate: January 3, 1965
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Stonemason
Location: Federal Prison
Physical Description:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: blue/hazel
Hair Color: light with blond highlights from the sun
Other: Wears glasses
Organizations: Montreal Ganymede Collective, BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition, Epifora
Jimf3 is a very outspoken pedophile activist who has been involved in many activities with other pedophiles, both online and off. He has had access to many children. He was recently arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.
File:Jimf3 mugshot.jpg
James Finn III AKA Jimf3

Update 9/9/08:

James Finn III was sentenced to 97 months imprisonment, after which time he will be on supervised release for 3 years. During his 3 years of supervision, he will not be allowed internet access nor to associate with any other pedophiles in any fashion. Jimf3's days of pedophile activism are over.


James Finn III was arrested due to the fliers sent out by volunteers to his community. Finn, 42, was found to have over 600 images of child pornography as well as thirty videos of child pornography. He faces a maximum of twenty years in jail. Finn was the first "featured article of the month" here on The Project and volunteers in our forum activism area decided to selectively pepper his community with fliers. Those fliers ended up being the end for this Boychat capo.

Words cannot express our elation at his arrest. He is now facing federal charges.

It should also be noted that police were able to locate the young boy named "Tim" and questioned him regarding his relationship with Finn. We are happy to report that the young man is okay and doing well.

Jimf3 AKA James Patrick Finn III has been involved with many pedophile websites for years. He is a founding member of the Montreal Ganymede Collective (also called the Montreal Ganymede Collectif), which is a group of pedophiles who get together in real-time to talk about having sex with little boys. He's also been deeply involved with BoyChat and the Free Spirits Coalition. Finn was also the co-founder of the Free Paed Cooperative (also called FPC), which hosts pedophile websites. He is viewed by the pedophile community as a leader, and has held several administrative positions with Free Spirits Coalition, BoyChat and Epifora.

Finn has a number of what pedophiles call "Young Friends" or YFs and speaks very openly about pedophilia and his encounters with little boys. Finn has been known to relate many stories about a young boy named "Tim", who is known to be an 11 year old neighbor. There are also two brothers from New York, aged 17 and 13, whom Finn has had regular contact with. They are listed as friends on Finn's MySpace page and have commented about the times they have seen Finn. The younger brother created Jim's MySpace profile, for which he paid him $20.00. There are also pictures of Finn's MySpace page with a couple of boys who are likely these two boys. For their protection and privacy, we will not publish their names in this article as they are minors.

Finn has also mentioned two brothers who live close to him, one of them who is 12 years of age. The age of the second child is unknown except that Finn has mentioned that he is slightly older than his brother. They are local to Finn and were also listed on Finn's MySpace page. One of the young boys has deleted his profile and the other one has removed himself from Finn's friend's list. We are unsure of the connection they had with Finn. In addition, Finn often mentioned many other boys he came in contact with, while posting on BoyChat. One such boy was a strawberry blond haired child and one of his female cousins. Finn also posted about spending time in a local park where he would meet little boys all the time.

Finn previously served 7 months in prison in 1995, and was given a dishonorable discharge from military service for molesting a young boy. Finn was never convicted because he bullied the child into not testifying against him. As noted in our breaking news above, Finn has again been arrested and is currently awaiting trial. We will update this article when new information becomes available.


Then I spent the afternoon playing football with a whole gaggle of younger boys, one 13 y/o strawberry blond who is just possibly THE standard by which all beauty should be judged. Two of us adults were the "permanent qb's" who were only allowed to throw the ball, not block or tackle. Yet somehow we were fair game for being sacked - and being sacked HARD!

Strawberry blond's hair smells delicious when sweaty. It's that natural boy aroma mixed with shampoo and soap. Utterly captivating.

Spent the evening playing poker with the adults, as a cute 12 y/o redhead waited on us - bringing drinks and snacks for dollar tips. His mother was mortified but the rest of us thought it was pretty cute. He made out like a bandit!

I had to remind his mom, my cousing, that she and I used to hang around the poker table too when we were kids. That brought a smile to her face and her objections mostly stopped.

Strawberry blond spent the night - parading around in short pyjama bottoms and a white muscle shirt.

I was Thankful. hehehehehe

I should have told him this: "When you were wearing those short, tightpj bottoms without undies last night I saw a hell of a lot more of you than I would if you had boxers on!

I am convinced that inter-generational love is not wrong. I must help spread that message. I realize it would be easier to sink into obscurity and perhaps find a beautiful, satisfying relationship with a boy. I know by becoming an activist, the possibility of that relationship becomes very remote indeed. I will, nevertheless, do what must be done.

Our Investigation

  • We became aware of Jim Finn from very early on, as an out pedophile who was the webmaster of BoyChat and very active in the pedophile activism movement. He did not work as hard as most pedophiles do to hide his identity from public view.
  • As we began searching using his screen name, Jimf3, we located several pedophile websites where he was an active participant. He provided some basic information about himself, including e-mail addresses, and that he was in the construction industry. On one site he even wrote a biographical account of his military experiences and his years on the run to avoid prosecution, detailing his location and activities during that time.
  • Public record searches by our volunteers yielded information pertaining to both his residence and his business. We were also able to find online listings of his masonry business, including his business website.
  • As our investigation continued, we were able to connect Jim Finn, III to the business as a partner (with his Father) and to locate his residential address in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Public records verified all information found.
  • Since Finn has been arrested, we will make every attempt to follow the progression of his case and will update this article as necessary.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Jim
  • Jimf3
  • Jimdownriver

Known E-Mail Addresses

Known Websites

Last Known Address

3373 Applewood Ave.,
Lincoln Park, Michigan 48146

Last Known Phone Number

  • Work: (313) 382-5369
  • Cell: (313) 231-3464

Additional Quotes

I had very little to do with it. I swear. All I did was ask Tim and his older friend if they were having any luck fishing. (His friend is is hot and studly. I must admit that I was actually interested in the friend and barely noticed Tim) And later Tim asked me to untangle his line so I did.

Since then he's been like a little puppy following me around. Not that I mind!

It's cute, really. He imitates all sorts of things that I do. I seldom wear a shirt when I'm skating, for example so last week Tim showed up shirtless. He watches how I work the fishing rod and handle the bail with my fingers and he does exactly the same things.

I don't know that I've ever been friends with a boy this young - since I was a kid, anyway. It's kinda fun. Even if he is a scrawny little thing. hehe

I know a 13 y/o boy who is usually very sad and often quite angry. Life hasn't been fair to him - or more to the point, he's beginning to comprehend that life isn't fair and that he can't expect it to be.

I try to spend as much time with Tad as I can (which isn't all that much) but I think that as much as Tad needs to feel loved and cared for, he benefits as much or more from caring for other people. His grandmother noticed too and she's going to try to encourage him to do just that.

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