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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Jonathan Johnson
Age: 43
Birthdate: May 11, 1976
Race: African-American (claims to be 1/2 Caucasian and 1/2 African-American)
Occupation: Prisoner, formerly Tech Systems in Omaha
Location: Tecumseh State Correctional Institution - Omaha, Nebraska
Physical Description:
Height: 5'9"
Individuals: Jonty
Pedophile Websites: BoyMoment
Jonathan Johnson AKA Jizzony is a pedophile who regularly posts on the BoyMoment forums. He boasts that he has many YFs and has the trust and respect of their parents to allow these kids to spend the night and take showers with him.

Convicted child rapist Jonathan L. Johnson AKA "Jizzony"

Jonathan L. Johnson with one of his YFs he posted on BoyMoment


When we first discovered the disturbing story of Jonathan Johnson aka "Jizzony", we knew we had to act immediately. Based on the large amount of photographs of topless children, the graphic nature of his posts on the pedophile forums and his association with another jailed pedophile, it was quite clear that several children were possibly in danger or had probably already been molested. We contacted law enforcement shortly after the article was posted in October 2007. After months of working with law enforcement in both Omaha, Nebraska and Des Moines, Iowa, we are proud to announce that today, June 20, 2008, Jonathan Johnson was arrested due to our assistance. He is awaiting formal charges to be filed Monday. Look for the complete story and update then! We can also report that after this article was posted, the mother of his children took custody of his three girls and has them in a safe location.


Jonathan Johnson has been charged with 4 counts of first-degree sexual assault, involving 4 different children. More charges may be filed in the near future. He is being held on $1 million dollar bond.


March 18, 2009

Jonathan L. Johnson was sentenced to 20 to 40 years for his crimes against children. Thanks to our team's hard work and diligence, another dangerous pedophile is in prison where he belongs.

Jizzony is the screen name of Jonathan L. Johnson a 31-year-old bi-sexual pedophile from Nebraska, and a regular poster on the very graphic pedophile forum, BoyMoment. He is a very dangerous pedophile because not only has he worked as a DJ at a Skating Rink where he had access to young children daily, he also has many young boys who stay overnight and sleep in the same bed with him on a regular basis. He admits to showing his YFs the pedophile posts on the BoyMoment forums, which include graphic discussions such as "Little Boys Cum", "Little Boys Butts", "When is the last time you saw a Boy naked?", along with graphic photographs of young boys in various stages of undress.

He likes to describe in detail stories about his YFs on BoyMoment. These stories include: 1) how his "young friends" have "seduced" him three times, 2) how he has "kissed" these boys, 3) how he sees these boys naked regularly, 4) how he showers with the boys, 5) how he will sleep in the same bed with them cuddled up, and 6) how he gets an erection from these encounters and is sometimes close to orgasm.

He also claims to be the father of 3 young girls and is attempting to gain sole custody of his stepson. You would think the process of raising three small girls would keep him busy, but he has time to regularly entertain young boys, including taking them to hotel rooms to spend the night and let them run around naked in his house. He photographs these boys and posts their pictures on his MySpace account, Flicker photo Web page and on the BoyMoment Website.

Jonathan Johnson says he regularly introduces his children and YFs to other pedophile members of the BoyMoment Website. He even shared a story of how a fellow pedophile, Jonathan F. Dunne, aka Jonty, came to visit his house and showed his daughter child pornography and molested several of the 9 children he took on a weekend trip to a hotel room. Jonty has thus far only been charged with molesting one of the boys, possibly because Jizzony has refused to tell the authorities about the other molestations that took place according to his posts listed below. In addition, it remains unclear as to why Jonathan did not immediately report the child molestation, or his daughter's exposure to child porn; instead, Jizzony continued to post on BoyMoment that he would not report to police and he wanted to remain friends with Jonty as late as April of 2007.

Eventually, Jonty was arrested in May of 2007 for the molestation of Jizzony's nephew, as well as possession of child pornography. Unbelievably, the nephew's mother supposedly allowed the molested boy to stay alone with Jonathan Johnson for one week, even after Jonty was arrested.

He claims to carry on long term relationships with several YFs - "JA" aged 12, "R" aged 14 and "J" aged 10 (whom he claims to have french kissed). He also posted stories and photographs of attending his daughter's school events and bragged that he was alone there with 600 kids and only a few other parents. In addition, Jonathan recently made a post saying he rents his house from a fellow "boylover" who lives in a small house nearby.


In response to the question "Have you ever been seduced by a young boy? He managed to take you by surprise and you were completely lost, let him have it his way!

Answer by Jizzony:


3 times that's happen.

In response to the question: "Anal sex - Interested Or Not ?, with a boy matching your AoA"

I vote yes too..

I have given and recieved and I heppen to be one who enjoys both ways very much, if its done in a passionate and loving manner it feels awsome.....and yes size does matter OOoouch!!!!!

In response to have you ever had an accidental orgasm from a YF sitting on your lap?:

Hmmm maybe a lot of pre-cum once or twice, one YF felt me get hard, knew what it was and wiggled even more.

God I love it when they know what's going on, they know they caused it and they tease you even more.

Our Investigation

The following are the steps we took to connect the pedophile screen name "Jizzony" with the real name of Jonathan Johnson:

  • We noticed the "Jizzony" screen name posting on the BoyMoment website, signing his posts "Jonathan".
  • From one of his posts, he admitted he used the screen name "Jizzony" all over the internet and had a YouTube account under that screen name. He used the name Jonathan Johnson on YouTube.
  • A search of the internet led to a MySpace account and other non-pedophile accounts where he used the name Jonathan and Jonathan Johnson.
  • He posted pictures in his profile on BoyMoment of the young boys "JA" and "R".
  • These pictures on BoyMoment matched pictures in the Slideshow on his MySpace page. They also appeared to be the same boys in his friends list on YouTube and MySpace. His avatar picture on BoyMoment matched a photo on his Flickr Photo account.
  • His MySpace Account said he worked at Skate Daze in Omaha NE. Other online postings and accounts with his matching photograph confirmed the employment.
  • We then confirmed that Jonathan Johnson worked at Skate Daze.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Jizzony
  • Jizzony1
  • Jizony
  • jjohnson1x

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites


Place of Employment

  • Was terminated from SKATE DAZE, a business which is proactive in the protection of children on 10/10/07.

Additional Quotes

About taking 9 children and a fellow boylover on a vacation to a hotel room, where the fellow "boylover" inappropriately touched the children and downloaded child porn, which his daughter saw:

A fellow BLer, well I thought was a BLer; screwed me over really bad last weekend. I let a BL buddy I met over the net who I have been talking to for about 7 months come and visit me. Well turns out he couldn’t handle being around my YF’s without keeping his hands to himself. The first time I let it go with him apologizing to the Boy (who is 11yrs old) and making sure the boys was okay with him staying. After that incident things went okay for the next week, but then last Sunday morning things went really bad. I had taken him with me on one of my mini vacations to be with some of my YF's from a city I used to live in. Well while there I saw him holding one of them on his lap and saw that he was starting to let his hands go places they shouldn’t. I instantly called him on it and he stopped (clearly I’m now realizing this guy has a real problem with self control). I asked my YF who had become fond of him to not sit on his lap anymore. My YF (age 12) knew what I was talking about and said “ahhh yeah I won’t be; he’s a weirdo”. So I’m already planning on telling him he needs to go once we get back to my house the next day. So the night moves on into the am hours and the boys and my daughter’s finally settled down.

Now around 2:30am my dearest YF (age 9 1/2) comes in to the bed room (we had a 2 room suite) and snuggles up to me and tells me he needs to talk to me. I instantly get ready to freak out on my BLer friend cuz well I assumed this was about him trying to touch this one now, but it was worse. My YF told me he over herd him talking to my daughter. Apparently he d/l’ed some CP (child porn) on his laptop while at my house; which I told him was not to be done. (I don’t even look at that stuff; I have too many YF’s to lose over that crap. I see all the boys I need to every day of my life.) Anyway he, like a dumb ass moron left it on there after he was done and my 8yr old daughter found it. She was telling one of my younger YF’s (age 6) about it and my BLer friend herd the whole thing. He then threatened my daughter with death if she ever told anyone about it and he told her to keep her fucking mouth shut.

I don’t believe in keeping secrets from my YF’s parents so I have explained the situation to the ones involved. Basically I only told them about the CP and my daughter. I would have gladly told them about him touching the boys too, but believe it or not the YF’s involved in that asked me to please just let it go. They understand they were not to blame and they don’t want to go through the state asking them a bunch of questions. Plus they know this person will never be near them again. So after carefully listening to them I have decided to do as they asked and keep that part out of the story.

So the parents are still okay with me and most are sympathizing with me. Although in my heart I know they will ask the kids if this man touch them and when they lie and say “no” it will hurt them. I know they know they should tell but again for mine and there sake of embarrassment they won’t.

He has his YF join BoyMoment:

My lil cuz who is 14 and the biggest lil pervert in the world (Ha ha like I’m complaining) is fully aware of me being a boy lover and wants to join BM.com. He’s defiantly bi-sexual and hmmmm he might just be a BL’er too. I dono he sure likes flirting with my YF’s and they seem to like him a lot to.

About allowing his 12 year old YF to look at pornography:

Today I caught him on my PC with tool in hand watching some porn site he found in a "Playboy" Magazine (not mine his dad's I'm sure). What does he say to me....ha says "Hey Jizzy pull up a chair" What that hell do you say to that, I mean what I'm I to spank him for being a naughty boy...do I give him the whack-off in private speech, tell his mom, and oh yeah I could join him

About his 10 year old "young friend" he calls "J", a cousin of his step-daughter, who he claims to have french kissed:

Here’s a lil back round on him. J his is a 10yr old half American half Vietnamese kid who came from a family of 3 brothers 2 older and one younger; also having a younger sister and only 2 of these kids are from the same dad. (That would be J and his younger bro J also)The relation to me was they were all my step-daughters cousins. Both parents lived in the home and both parents worked full time. Mom is a nurse and dad is head of security at a local strip club. Mom works long hours and dad works night hours only. Most o the time the oldest boy “C” who is 14 watches over his siblings.

He started coming over every weekend; even when my kids were not there he was still coming over and staying the night. We would spend hours just laying in bed snuggling and watching TV and talking about anything we could think of. We could just lay there and stare into each other’s eyes forever and be so content with it. I was so falling in-love with this boy and I knew he had already fallen for me big time.

My wife (the cheating fucking cunt and I split about a year after me and J had our reunion and I sadly moved 2 hours away, which sucked cuz now I don’t see him every day, but what I do get is him all to myself cuz he now gets to come visit me just about every other weekend here at my house and its usually just me and him. With him coming down to be with me all alone it has really allowed him to express some emotions he was not able to with my wife and other kids around. He started kissing me good morning and good night and soon his kisses started landing on my lips instead of my cheek. I started watching him as he would kiss me and soon his eye would close tight and his kisses started last longer than just a peck. Finally about 3 months ago he kissed me with his mouth cracked open just enough for me to have to say something.

I told him I could tell that he was wanting to actually kiss me and that I would not mind if he did just as long as it was something he understood and something he wanted to do. He told me he just feels the need to kiss me; he said he just wants to love me like that. (BTW this kid can express his feelings with words like no other kid I have ever encountered). I looked deep into his eyes and OMG I could tell he was so telling the truth about what he was feeling.

So I lay back and say “J I would be honored to kiss you” without words he leans over me and starts kissing me. I never felt something so beautiful in my life. He kissed me as if he had been practicing this his whole life. Soon his lips started to move as if they were meant to kiss me and his heart god I could hear hit racing and his breathing got so fast and heavy. Finally I pushed him off and said “OMG J that was incredible; where did you learn to kiss like that?” He said “I don’t know it’s just how I felt” He then buried his face him my chest and we just laid the holding each other for, god hours.

After the kiss we no longer acted like friends with each other, if we were alone or around ppl we trusted we were a couple in every way. Eat together, slept together, and even shower together. We were one with each other and yes we had many long talks about us and how the world sees us and how to handle the questions we know we would be ask. Best of all we have the support of his mom. She does not know everything about us, but she has seen him kiss me and she knows we are closer than the average nephew and uncle, but she trusts me and knows he is safe with me and she has told me this.

That my fellow lovers; is the story of my beloved “J”. I love this boy so much and I will cherish what we have forever. I hope and pray each one of you someday meet a boy as wonderful as my J.

Oh and for the perverts on the board……….the answer is ”YES”.

More "Boy Moments":

14. September 2007 - 15:20

A painful crazy Boy Moment:

So my YF (JA age 12) and his little Brother (K age 2) were over my house the other night taking a bath together. JA stands up in the tub to get the soap and while he’s reaching for it I see his little brother bite him right on his penis and bit it hard right on the tip. I mean like bit down and pulled, it was stretching out maybe 4 inches. JA screams bloody murder (as anyone would) and smacked K so hard he falls out of the tub. JA is now screaming historically K is balling cuz of JA’s retaliation and I’m just trying to get a grip on what just happen. JA jumps out of the tub and takes off running holding his injury. I grad K and run right after him.

Finally he calms down enough for me to inspect his injury; OMG it was so bad. It had swollen up 3x the size it should be and was already turning black and blue. I was kind of unsure on what to do so I called their mom and told her, she said

“yeah I forgot to tell you K likes to play snapping turtle in the tub.”

She told me to just have JA ware a big t-shirt and that’s it for the night and to try and have him put ice on it (she’s a nurse so what every).

Well soon JA was calm and he was feeling better. He must have felt better cuz he started in with the jokes like, “Hey you should kiss my Booboo” and “Hey you got some ice you can rub on this” JA is always a big perv… The next day it looked even worse; he could barely move without yelling out in pain. Soon mommy came to get them, but JA wanted to stay cuz he didn’t want to put pants or anything on so he got to stay and soon as his mom left so did the t-shirt. So now I have a stark naked 12yr old parading around my house yelling “I’m naked, I’m naked” I didn’t care though JA is always naked. Anyway just thought I would share that moment with you guys………Later Jizzony

Yeah, he is the most perverted boy I know, I can't even begain to disclose the things this kid has done...

And yes all feel fee to laugh and poke fun, its pretty much a laughing matter now anyway.

oh and BTW the kid making the Peace sign in my "Avatar".... that's JA...(God please don't let me get nailed for that)

Hey guys what’s up with ya’ll. All is good in BL’er land I hope. Its time for a Boy Moment with Jizzony again, but this is a hot boy moment so grab a towel he he.

I have this 13yr old YF (well he’s actually related to me but who cares!!!). This kid is out of his mind perverted; he loves to sexually tease me at every turn. So far I have not found his breaking point. Aaaannnnyway…..

He is my baby sitter on the weekend and this weekend he must have been really horny. I came home around 1am from DJ’ing a wedding reception and he was still awake chatting on my PC. I said “who u trying to freak out now”. He replies “Some gay friend of yours that I added to my Myspace”. (Needless to say this kid is not freaked out by anything). So I look and see who it is and I know this friend is harmless so I get ready for bed. My girls (all 3 of them) are all crashed in my bed so I hit the couch. I lie down and fall asleep. Not sure how long I was out, but I wake up to feel him lay down on me. I was faced away from everything so that means he was lying on my back. Now he has done this before but he usually moves off and just snuggles next to me. Well this time I felt his hair tickling my neck, next I feel him start to lick my neck and ear. I get hard instantly cuz OMG it felt good. It sent chills all through me. So he keeps doing it and I let it go on for maybe 2mis. Then I felt him start to push his growing into my back side. At that point I’m on the verge of losing control. I reached up and grabbed him by the hair (back of the neck) and pulled him around to my face. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes fixed on me. He moved his mouth so it was touching mine and right when I was about to let this go on, I found the courage to say, NO......Boy was he pissed!!!!!. He called me an asshole, a jerk, and a dick. He was fucking mad; Mad-mad. He got up and said “and you call yourself gay, whatever” I soon got up and told him I loved him and some words on why I didn’t want to continue and all. He was fine after a bit, but I could tell he thought that it was going to happen so at least I know he’s down for whatever…...So that was last weekend’s fun. I just had to share that with ya’ll.

Later Jizzony

About his YFs:

I have YFs over almost every day, one or two of them stay the night at least once a week.

I have showerd with many of my YF's; little boys and teen boys. They always seem to just come it if I'm showering. Its all just boys being boys, well the teens get a little cheeky but the little ones just like being naked and free with me. Two of my LB YF's moms know I shower with them and have never said anything bad about it....Thank god!!!

so I had a few slumber parties. God I still to this day can’t thank God enough for the cool parents my YF’s have.

hey; can you ask mom if we can stay the night.” I of course say “sure thing buddy”. I ask and she says yes yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

So after everyone leaves we ajurn to my basement apartment. (Yeah I live in my mommy’s basement, how typical of a “Pedophile” ha ha LoL”) Anyway the boys instantly find what they like. “R” sits at the PC glued to “Myspace” (and no u can’t get his URL he he) and “J” sits at the PS2 playing “Devil May Cry 3” and me well I just sit back and watch these angles enjoy themselves. We all hang out and wrestle around throughout the night; “R” makes a few passes at me every hour or so and I laugh and tell him things like “you wish, you could only be so lucky, and in your dreams boy” Funny how I can make him feel like I’m the one to be won here ha ha ha. As the night goes on clothes start coming off; 1st “R” and “J” loose their shirts. Both boys are very fit and define. “R” has as wonderful young teen build, very broad shoulders, long torso, visible pecks and abs and a perfect “V”. “J” still has that young boy build to him; very define abs but no pecks yet and maybe a slight “V”. oh about an hour later the pants fall to the floor. Now “R” is in his boxers and “J” is down to his white briefs. They are both so cute and not shy with being like this at all.

Now right around 11:30pm the ADD meds they take ware off and they become these two lil super charged perverted animals. “J” becomes our “flasher” for the night. Not sure what drives him to do this but he always thinks everyone wants to see his pecker. He flashes me and “R” many times with me yelling “Boy put your damn pecker away” and “R” adding “yeah your making Jiz get all hot”(that’s so cool). At one point in the night “J” comes running out of my room completely naked with one of my daughter’s bardies in his hand. He starts rubbing it up and down his junk while making sexy sounds. Ahhh fuck this is hot but, I’m more thinking “What the hell is wrong with this kid!!!!!” He went completely berserk. He ran up to me and “R” and started trying to poke us with his little hard stick. Now this…this was fucking way out of my comfort zone. I yell “J” get the fuck out of here like that. He says “noooo I’m gonna poke ya”. Right about now I’m being complete serious with him and tell him 3 times to get his pants back on. Well he would not do it so I had to remind him who’s the adult. He received a nice firm bare ass cracking. (Sorry but it needed to be done.) Man he was not happy with me about that at all, but it worked just as it should. He put his pants on and with in 1 minute he was back at my side with his head on my shoulder, whispering how sorry he was for acting like that. I say a few was to reinforce that I love him and yep….. The night goes on.

Things got kind of quite after I excised my right to spank; given to me by “MoM”. (ha ha funny side story, I called “J’s” mom once to ask her if I could tie “J” up cuz he was being a jerk. She said “go for it; just don’t leave any marks ha ha LOL. Guess what boy got tied- up that day. Okay back to Thanksgiving he he). So we sat and cuddled for awhile; watch a few movies. Soon it was like 3am and these boys were still not even close to crashing. Witch sucked for them cuz I was ready and there was no way on god’s green earth I was crashing and letting these two kids stay up by themselves. So I said well time for bed and they pissed and moaned all the way. Though once we all get in bed they clamed down.

Let’s see, a good sized 30yr old man, a tall 13yr old, and an 11yr old in a queen bed is not very comfortable!!! Now “J” is a completely hands on snuggle partner. He likes to just rub my hair and face as he falls asleep, it’s actually quite cute until “R” wants some loven too. Oh god, then they have this little fight to see who can basically snuggle me the cloest with out looking gay ha ha its funny. Witch is hard for “R” to win at cuz he’s 13 and he knows he’s pushing it just by being in my bed. Finally I lay flat on my back with arms out. Now I have one on each arm; both facing me with an arm over me and “R” is trying to sneak a leg over too.

More affection questions……

I asked about what you do for your YF(s) to show affection, but what does he do for you.

For me, most of my YF’s like to rub and pinch the back of my neck. They know this drives me wild (and it does too). I have another YF who loves to play with hair; mainly the hair on my legs. He sits and pinches and twists it.

So what’s your YF(s) do?

About his "Young Friend" 14 year old "R":

3. September 2007 - 00:58

Here’s a quick Boy Moment, sometime these boys say the most amazing things…..

Yesterday my very close YF (age 14) got to hang out with his GF at my house and every chance he could he sunk a kiss from her. It was cute how he tried to hide what they were doing. I would not let them get further then a quick peck on the lips though. The last thing I need is my YF becoming a daddy at 14. More happened yesterday though and I didn’t realize it until I tried to sleep last night. I was up most of the night dealing with thoughts of being so damn lonely anymore. I thought of how happy he was with her around and I’m happy for him I really am, but god it felt like this could be the end of his need for me . Well today he was over and I could not hide my stand-offish attitude with him and he wouldn’t let it go unknown either. He finally said:

“Jon, what’s wrong with you today? Have haven’t hugged me or even touched me and I have been here for 2 hours?”

I could not lie to him; so I told him I was really having issues with seeing him with her. He instantly stopped what he was doing and came over and buried his face in my chest and held my without a word for maybe 5 minutes. Finally he looked up and said

“Jon, I’m not leaving you; I will never leave you. There is so much more I need from you, so much you have not taught me yet; I’m not ready to be on my own yet. So please don’t think I am. I need you and I always will. You have shown me a world I never thought existed, you are the reason I have any kind of social life. Without you I don’t know where I would be and without you I don’t know where I would go. I know you get lonely a lot and that’s why I try to be as close to you as we can be. I wish to god we could be together like you want; if you were my age or I yours I would be with you."

My YF, age 14 said those things to me today. He said those exact words to me. I was stunned and shocked. I looked back at him with the awe one might stare at God himself with. I felt so loved by him at that moment I started crying and he followed. I looked at him and told him that he was the greatest friend I had ever had in my life and he inturn told me the same. He then asked me if I just wanted to go lay with him for a while and with out waiting for my answer he took my hand and pulled me to the couch and just snuggled up next to me for the next hour or so while we watched TV.

In Response to the question "has anyone ever had an orgasm while a toddler was wiggling around on your lap?"

Hmmm maybe a lot of pre-cum once or twice, one YF felt me get hard, knew what it was and wiggled even more.

God I love it when they know what's going on, they know they cuased it and they tease you even more.

The police and his young friend:

20. August 2007 - 05:48

Well time for a Boy Moment

I’m so happy every one, oh so happy!!!!! My YF (age 10) and I just got to spend an entire week with each with each other. This would be the YF who was offended by a fellow BL’er I know. His mother called me on the 8th of this month and told me that the “State” had told her that they no longer had any issues with me being alone with my YF. When this all was found out they did not want me alone with him since it was my friend who offended him and in my house ( I knew that would happen). Well I have been cleared and his mom let him stay with me for a week. It was like being in heaven. I love this boy more than I think I have loved anything else in my life (aside from my daughters and step-son of course.)

So I drove the 2hrs to get to him and picked him up and brought him home and the moment I shut my front door he jumped into my arms and didn’t let go for 2hrs. I’m serious; I carried him to the couch and we literally just snuggled and cried tears of joy for 2hrs. Well, actually I think we snuggled for 30mins and then slept for an hour and a half. Being with him again was heaven in every way. It had been 4 months since I was able to hold him the way we both enjoyed and grew to love.

When we awoke he wanted to tell me everything that had happen to him as far as the police talking to him and all. He said they really drilled him on what happen. He said they didn’t really harp on if I was involved in what happen, but they did ask him if I was. He said that he made it very clear that I had nothing to do with any part of it (as I knew he would).

So after a lot more talking and catching up we finally got up around 12am cuz we were starving. We went to the kitchen and made way to much food. We made breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. My kitchen looked destroyed, that was probably from the flour and sugar fight we had while making cookies. It was about 5 AM when we finally got tired and went upstairs to go to bed. When we got up to my bedroom we walked to the bed and just looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Finally I remembered to start breathing and started putting on my PJ’s. As I went to put on my top he said:

“John, can we sleep without our shirts…….. (Blushing he then says) I miss how warm you feel when we snuggle.” I was so touched by his words I almost started crying; I couldn’t help it. This boy always seems to take me by surprise with his words. I looked at him and agreed to his request. We got into bed and snuggle close and fell asleep.

30. July 2007 -

Okay I need some input on what to do here. Please try to just advise me about this situation only. I know when you read this you may have many other questions about things but I just need advice on this one single situation right now. I will explain anything else in time.

This is about my YF who is 10yrs old.

As some of you may know a very close YF of mine was ummmmm offended by a member of the BL community; he was even a member of this very board. Anyway the issue I’m having today is…. I finally decide to go down to the court house and pull up the court case involving my YF and this man and see exactly what was said at my YF’s abuse interview. Well to my surprise what my YF told me happen was not what he told the police. He told them a very modest version of what happen. I cannot ask my YF about why he didn’t tell the whole story because he is on vacation right now, but the story he told the police will was pretty PG-13 compared to the story I was told by my YF and his bother. Their story was quite X-rated. I guess I don’t know what to do. Do I keep quiet until he returns to ask him why he kept many things quite or do I contact the police or his mom and tell them he left many things out? Personly I'd rather just leave things as they are, but I though I would get on out side opinion just to see what everyone thinks.



Additional Information

  • He fancies himself a photographer and likes to take extensive photographs of children.
  • He likes karaoke and at one time had equipment for party hire.
  • He works as a DJ, sometimes for weddings and other events.
  • Although he claims to have several college degrees, he appears to have a problem with basic grammar and spelling, as you can see from the unedited posts above.

Schools attended

Des Moines Area Community College
Ankeny, IA Graduated: 2005
Degree: Associate's Degree
Major: Telecommunications

Bellevue University
Bellevue, NE Graduated: 2000
Major: MCSE 2000

Omaha South High School
Omaha, Nebraska Graduated: 1995
Degree: Performing Arts

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