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John Kapshaw
Age: 61
Birthdate: 07/25/1958
Occupation: Cook - Wendy's and Activist
Location: Utica, New York, United States
Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: None
Organizations: GirlChat, ToyBOX, Visions of Alice
John Kapshaw is a member of multiple pedophile boards, as well as a convicted arsonist.
John Kapshaw AKA Handfulofdust

John Kapshaw AKA Handfulofdust of Utica, New York was a member of the social networking website for pedophiles known as ToyBOX. Kapshaw, who also has multiple convictions for arson, stated on his ToyBOX profile that his "Age of Attraction" was to both boys and girls aged 3-13 years old. He claims to be homeless and is a neonazi who posts on Stormfront.


About Me

"So this is me, lifelong GL (and BL as well), finally opening up to Kindred Spirits. I have many other interests and I am a good conversationalist and “listener”.

My dream is to find a Female P with whom I can share the pleasures of life. Sexuality Age Of Attraction

3-13 Same Sex, Opposite Sex, or Both?


Our Investigation

  • We noticed somebody posting on a pedophile website ToyBOX under the screen name Handfulofdust.
  • Handfulofdust's profile on ToyBOX included his E-mail address.
  • This email address was associated with other online accounts that belonged to John Kapshaw.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • Handfulofdust
  • Shadow
  • John
  • Storm777

Known Websites

Pedophile Affiliations

Other Contact Information

  • AOL Instant Messenger: handfulofdustv3
  • AOL Instant Messenger: Chagatai58

Additional Information

  • He claims to be homeless, but also says he works at Wendy's.
  • Says he used to be a volunteer firefighter.
  • Has two cats: Suzy the Black Panther and Alpha Queen Spark


Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual, contact us at [email protected].

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