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Referred to as: Jungs
Based out of: Russia
Founder: FSC
Purpose: To provide a venue for German speaking pedophiles to discuss their attraction to young boys
Website Address:
Current: http://jungsforum.net/
Pedophile Websites: FSC, BoyChat
A forum for German speaking pedophiles who are attracted to young boys
Front page of Jungs

Jungs is the German language version of BoyChat.

English Translation of "About the Forum"

About the Forum

The Boysforum is a German-language forum for Boylovers, men who are primarily attracted to pre-pubescent and pubescent boys. Our discussions are centered on Pedophiliac topics; our feelings and sexuality, doubt, concerns, problems, music, films, literature, desires and thoughts, but especially about one: Boys, because for us, they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Our goals:

We want to be the central meeting place for pedophiles in German-speaking countries and a safe haven where people can talk openly about pedophilia. We think that being positive about our sexuality, and our interactions with boys, and lead a change of opinion about pedophiles instead of the negative view of pedophiles currently in the media.

When young boys go through puberty, they sometimes realize that they are different from other men, but also that they are part of a criminal minority [of pedophiles].

In particular young boys fear that they belong to a criminal minority. We would like to help boys accept their sexual orientation.

We want to give information to both the Boylovers and also people seeking impartial information on the phenomenon of the boy love mindset.

We want to give both helpful information to the Boylover and to people who want impartial information about the phenomenon of the boy love mindset.


Information about the number of pedophilies is not very accurate, but estimates for the number in Germany range from 50k – 500k. Most of these men can’t talk to others about their sexuality. They deny or hide this aspect of their personality, and live in isolation. So, they only hear the media’s side of the story that pedophiles are child abusers. This is particularly hard on young Boylovers, who are full of uncertainty and doubt, and growing up knowing that their sexuality causes them to be among the most hated and despised. Suicide is the second most common cause of death after traffic accidents! Who knows how many young boys commit suicide because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their sexuality is different from what people expect from them.

We want men and also women of this persuasion to stop being subject to—and creating—this isolation, and reach out to other similar people. The BoysForum is a medium to connect kindred spirits.

The goal of this forum is to create a virtual self-help community where [pedophiles] can express their feelings and thoughts, and create a space where people can find themselves and their confidence, as well as responsibility. Boylovers can talk about their lives, fears, longings, friends, parents, and problems. These types of discussions will help the public to understand how men can fall in love with children.

This forum will also provide a place where people can examine their opinions and prejudices. People are also invited to discuss experiences in their childhood, both positive and negative, that had to do with this topic.

Additionally, the BoysForum will also be a platform for other topics, such as political events and topics that relate to children and life.

What aren’t we?

This forum is not, though its name may imply otherwise, a forum for gay teens. Sometimes gay teens think that this is a place for them. In these cases, Admin refers them to the gay youth website DBNA [Du Bist Nicht Allein or “You are not alone”].

We cannot take the place of real relationships, personal discussions, or therapy. People can use this to talk to each other about their feelings. If you need a therapist, we can refer you to someone.

English Translation of the FAQ

Who writes here?

The people who write here are a minority. They are men who are predominately attracted, both sexually and emotionally, to prepubescent or pubescent boys. They have a different approach to dealing with this attraction. Some of these men are attracted to men and/or women, and some are attracted to girls, while others have no attraction to adults or women. Some want a clear sexual relationship with boys, while others just wish to be friends. Some have problems expressing their feelings and are looking for help here. Others are searching for friendships or sexual relations with boys. Most guys of this minority accept the tag or identification of “Boylover” and/or “BL”. Their scientific sexual orientation can be called “Pedophile”. There are no empirical or statistical collections [about Pedophiles] because they don’t exist or at least we don’t know about it. This provides Boylovers the option to legally discuss their thoughts and experiences.

Do you only speak German here?

This forum was established for Boylovers in German-speaking countries. Of course, just like in all forums, we can understand different German dialects and philosophical, artistic or poetic phrases/styles. This forum tolerates other languages, but we suggest that French speakers use La Garconniere. English speaking users should use BoyChat. Dutch speakers should use Jongensforum and Spanish should use Castillo Azul.

Can I take part in this forum?

Of course, it’s an open and tolerant platform. Anyone can take part, no matter which sexuality he has. However, the first reason for this forum is to help and support Boylovers. As far as possible, we are ready to assist with Girllovers (GLs). This forum can help hetero or homosexuals better understand Boylovers. Kids and teenagers are also welcome to this forum, however, they should pay attention to a couple things. [Links to “tips”] Also, when people are writing a letter or email, there are 7 rules to obey, which you can find in the forum. We also accept other opinions and are tolerant of criticism. We see ourselves as nonjudgmental and unbiased. We expect, however, that all users of the forum be fair with each other.

Who hosts this forum and who runs it?

The Jungsforum and its affiliates are run by Free Spirits. The Free Spirits Committee (FSC) is a group of volunteers that consists of representatives of the Jungsforum and their partners. The FSC operates and maintains the technical infrastructure [webmasters] but they have no direct influence on the content except for security questions. The structure and the individual projects of Free Spirits is here [link]. (Highlights of link: There is something in here called Boywiki, which is says is the newest project. It is modeled after Wiki and contains articles about Boylovers. This link also says that this website and La Garconierre were founded in February 2004 and that Boylinks is the biggest listing of Boylover websites. It also says that a German version of BoyWrite is almost ready to be launched.)

What kind of risks are there to actively taking part in the forums?

If you are in the forum and you write an article or message, you leave your IP address, which can be used to find your provider. When you write a message, your IP is saved in a message log that is only seen by one admin person of the Jungsforum and admin of Free Spirits, who periodically erase the logs. Only through a court order can the logs of other users be released. Also, you should realize that your browser saves websites. We suggest that you regularly delete the cache from your browser.

On my homepage, can I link to Boysforum?

A lot of people find Jungsforum through links, so yes. However, if your page has nothing to do with Boylovers, and you are just an enthusiast or sympathizer, ask yourself if it really makes sense to link to Jungsforum. It has happened in the past that providers have deleted pages that have links to here.

Is there a risk through the Jungsforum that I could land in jail?

Before we answer this question, we should tell you that under Article 5 GG, you have the right to express your thoughts in writing, pictures, and verbal words. If everyone in the forum holds themselves to these rules and no illegal stories or pictures are exposed, then it will not come to the point that someone from this forum comes in contact with the police. On the other hand, we [pedophiles] in Germany are already under suspicion. You could own illegal pictures or you could be doing illegal activities, but you can only be safe if you are obeying the law in the real world, and you don’t give your name, address or personal information here.

Should I give my real name?

If you don’t want people here to know your real name, use a nickname. The nickname should not be a trademark, and if it is, you can run into copyright problems with the admin people. Please always use the same nickname, as it simplifies things.

Should I meet people in real life?

Not all people here are boylovers or trustworthy. There are a lot of people who can not come to grips with the thought of boylove, and there you should take caution. On the other side, in the past, it has been very helpful for boylovers to meet each other and exchange ideas, experiences or opinions or just simply easily talk about young boys. Many relationships have blossomed in a lot of cities in this manner [through Jungsforum]. We suggest that if you want to meet someone, contact them through email to learn more about them.

Can I discuss this forum with other Boylovers outside of this Forum?

Jungsforum is not the bellybutton of the world [not the center of the universe; not the bee’s knees]. There are many similar sites. [Links to other similar websites]


Some people are fakes pretending to be little kids. Everyone here should be truthful and honest.

When kids, especially teenagers, misinterpret the name of the forum, they think it is a location for homosexual kids to come to. In those situations, homosexual kids should go to the forums for homosexual youth, for instance the Du Bist Nicht Allein (You Are Not Alone) webpage.

Youth who are homosexual come here to look for men. They run into distrust because people think that they are fake.

People who write in this forum act as men when they are actually boys themselves. Unfortunately, through experience, in BoyChat, their opponents attack as older Boylovers. [Not sure what they mean here.]

We suggest that younger and less experienced Boylovers seek help from older, more experienced Boylovers. [Implies: don’t act like you know more than you do] There are a lot of people who suggest that youth under Boylovers are in danger. They argue that there is an extreme emotional problem that results when kids take part in this. They say that kids should be able to decide on their own. However, on the other side, they should worry about their safety and do not put any personal information in the forum.

We will not mediate contact between adults and kids. This is because of legal reasons.

The 7 rules of forum:

No erotic material

No requests for illegal or questionable material

No put-downs, no threats, be respectful

Write substantial posts, not just “me too” or “you’re right”

No details of sexual experiences

No “You guys are a bunch of perverts” messages

No requests to meet young ones in real life



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