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David B. Kazarian
Age: 59
Birthdate: May 7, 1960
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Website Designer/Computer Technician
Location: West Monroe, Louisiana
Physical Description:
Organizations: SOclear, SOSEN, CFCAmerica
David Kazarian AKA JustaDadatHome is an activist for sex offenders. He is an active participant in several RSO advocacy groups, a staff member of SOSEN and a member of the CFC America sites.


David Kazarian AKA JustaDadatHome AKA Megan AKA justaboutbroke is currently a Staff member of the Sex Offender Support and Education Network SOSEN and active participant in several RSO advocacy groups including SOclear. David is a registered sex offender, convicted in 1986 for LEWD/LASCIVIOUS ACT W/CHILD UNDER 16 and also for ATTEMPTED SEXUAL BATTERY in Jacksonville, Florida. He currently lives in Louisiana and is registered in both states. David claims that his crime was a Romeo and Juliet type of crime and that he was barely 18, yet records reveal this was not the case.

David, first arrived at SOSEN under the user name JustaDadatHome, but abandoned it and took on the name of Megan when he was made a Staff Member there. He's involved closely with TMaximus95 and the CFC America website which is to serve as a National site, and also maintains a state site called CFC Louisiana.

David is angry over the Adam Walsh Act and will stop at nothing to get it repealed. He believes that those who sexually assault others cannot gain sympathy from the public and that to succeed in his goals he must exploit children and let them be the face for registered sex offender activism. He has gone so far as to put his own child on YouTube in a video titled "14 Year Old Boy Raped by United States Government", in which his son claims that he is being persecuted for the crimes of his father, and pleads with America to stop passing laws that will help protect children from sexual predators. David says he is making a new video in which he will use his young daughter because he believes the only way to get what he wants is to make people feel sorry for his children.

David is extremely manipulative in his attempts to use children to further his cause. He blames all his problems on others, including politicians and society in general, while taking absolutely no responsibility for the consequences of his actions. It is for this reason that we feel he is an especially dangerous element, unable to understand the effects his own actions have on others and especially children.

David has allied himself with and is maintaining a Louisiana based website for the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign which is attempting to gain support for removing almost all restrictions and penalties for sex offenders along with abolishing age of consent laws for prepubescent children and is affiliated with SOclear, SOSEN and B4U-ACT, an organization owned by Michael Melsheimer aka "Lek", member of BoyChat and well known pedophile activist.


come watch as a 14 year old American Boy tells how the United States Government is Raping him Daily with this law.

I believe Mothers of Children and Teens who are being persecuted unjustly, Professionals, who know the statistics and are willing to fight for the cause and public figures, like Michael Moore, or some tv host who is willing to do the research, and speak up for the cause are the ONLY ones should be in front of a camera.

Not that I know anything. And I like Tom and his crew, I do not wish to say anything against him personally or what he does. But I should be allowed to voice my opinion, in humility and for the cause.

If you are a sex offender, please do not get in front of a camera unless you have a contract of who will be there and what they will say. And definitely it needs to be pre-recorded so you can sign off on it before it is aired.

Our Investigation

We first became aware of David Kazarian when we learned of sites, such as SOclear and SOSEN, on which registered sex offenders, their families, friends, and other supporters gather in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • David Kazarian
  • Kaz
  • JustaDadatHome
  • Megan
  • DataTechs
  • David Kaz
  • Just Kaz
  • justaboutbroke



Known Websites

Last Known Address


Out of State
BIG LAKE, AK 99652

Previous Address

128 Hillcrest Ave
West Monroe, LA 71291-7824

Last Known Phone Number

(318) 509-8693

Additional Quotes

If a person pisses on a tree, he should not be labeled a sex criminal!

If a child gets caught having sex with a child… do not persecute them for life like a rapist!

If a person committed a crime 20 year ago, with no more crimes since… do not RE TRY HIM ON THE INTERNET AND SENTENCE HIM TO LIFETIME OSTRICIZATION FROM SOCIETY… that hurts his children, his wife, and all his relatives.

If a person commits a crime like rape, or involving a child… sentence the hell out of him.. then when he gets out of prision… supervise him just like you do all other criminals… if he stays clean, he is rehabilitated.. if not, he will hang himself.

I think a person like, a Real 17 year old boy, who had sex with a 14, 15 year old girl and is branded for LIFE, speaking on his own, and even, if possible, the girl also there telling her side, would be most effective. If their were a couple, who are now older and married, but the same circumstances as above, could also be interviewed and tell their story.. that would be awesome!

I know, if I personally were to be interviewed, I am sure they would focus on my 24 year old crime, and probably hear, or listen to nothing else beyond what I did, plead guilty to, and served my time for so many, many years ago. I tell you even good "Christians" do not want anything to do with persons who have committed certain crimes. But, any parent would be appauled to see and hear what is being done to YOUNG TEENS who get caught up in the Adam Walsh Act.

How has all this effected us,

Our lives have been ruined, totally, by the Adam Walsh Act and others, and that brings to mind... We cannot ever rest, or take ease, as they are passing new laws daily, we do not ever know what to expect!

You could be a sex offender!

If you piss outside, If you chat online to a girl who tells you she is 22, and you talk about sex... you could be a sex offender for the REST of your life as she could have LIED, she may only be 13! You did not know, but the Adam Walsh Act makes you a Sex Offender for the rest of your life. Many other ways an Innocent Person can be put on the Sex Offender Registry for LIFE, Even Children! Come read some stories, horror stories of the lives of whole families ruined, for NOTHING.

The children of these men are having their lives ruined for ever. Children who once had wonderful lives. Children who once had many, many friends, now become objects of ridicule, vicious jokes and nobody wants to play with them anymore because their parents told them, " That boy or girl's daddy is a Bad Man". These children should enjoy the protection of the United States Constitution which prohibits this kind of law. These children are innocent.

Thousands of Children Daily are having their lives ruined by Unconstitutional Sex Offender Laws.

Every Government Official, from the President down through each Governor of every state takes an oath to support the Constitution.

If you know of other RSOs, tell them of this blog, and our site.

We need you all to make as many comments as possible. We are emailing and contacting Government People, Lawyers, Politicans, News People... anyone who might help us to get rid of these terrible laws that are hurting so many Men, Women and Children.

Daddy, why is our government punishing you again for a crime you committed 37 years ago?

I'm sorry Baby, President Bush said they could do that in a new law, they call it the Adam Walsh Act. But Daddy, why is our government not protecting us from these laws? Well honey, President George Bush gave the power to the Attorney General to break the law. He gave the Attorney General the power to violate the United State's Constitution. It is his fault that all the children at school are making fun of you and do not want to play with you any more.

Louisiana Drivers License for Sex Offenders: Has stamped on it in a large orange rectangle, under the photo, SEX OFFENDER

Every time you have to use that identification like at banks, or cashing checks... video stores...You are showing your Shaming, badge of dishonor. Publicly Humiliated. And by an unconstitutional law. What purpose does this serve in Justice?

The yellow badge that Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany as a badge of shame

A badge of shame, also a symbol of shame, mark of shame, or simply a stigma,[1] is typically a distinctive mark or token on a person deemed as worthy of public humiliation or persecution, and required to bear a distinguishing sign in public or in captivity. The yellow badge that Jews were required to wear in parts of Europe during the Middle Ages,[2] and later in Nazi Germany and German–occupied Europe, was intended to be a badge of shame.[3] The term may also refer to other identifying marks that are associated with shame. The biblical "Mark of Cain" can be interpreted as synonymous with a badge of shame.[4][5][6][7] The term is also used metaphorically, especially in a pejorative sense, to characterize something associated with a person or group as shameful.[8]

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