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Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe
Age: 34
Birthdate: May 23, 1985
Race: French-Columbian
Occupation: Store Manager at International and a possible Priest; former and possibly current youth counselor for the Columbian Squires and a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus.
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Physical Description:
Other: See Photos Below
Pedophile Websites: Boylover.net
Justin-Georges Coulombe AKA "Justinian_Draconis" and "Bean's Shadow" is a pedophile from Edmonton, Canada who is "boylover" pedophile, primarily attracted to little boys between the ages of 2-12.
File:Justinian Draconis - 11.jpg
Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe
File:Justinian Draconis - 01.jpg
Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe
File:Draconis pic1.jpg
Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe

Justin-Georges Stephen Coulombe

Justin-Georges Coulombe AKA "Justinian_Draconis" AKA "Bean's Shadow" frequents many pedophile forum boards where he posts rants on pedophilia activism and discusses joining a "pedophile political party". He also dreams about the day when pedophiles or "boylovers" are accepted and not feared by society.

Although little is known about Coulombe, it is clear he is heavily connected to high ranking members of the pedophile community, has been visiting pedophile forum boards for years and, frighteningly enough, has been a youth counselor and member of the clergy, while visiting children at Pokemon championships.

In a bone chilling final note, Justin-Georges Coulombe keeps photos of himself with his arms draped around young boys alongside "boylove" symbols in his Photobucket account.


I look forward to the day when being a BL, intergenerationalist, Ephebophilia, Hebephilia, or any other words we use to describe our relationships, are no longer a thing to be feared and hated by so many, but are instead a welcomed and encouraged members of society. With all the rights and privileges there too. As well I would like to see "Legal Age" be defined not solely by the time you have spent on this earth, but an averaging of all aspects of the person. Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Temporal. It is my Dream, and if it weren't for Dreams, and the men who follow them, this world would be a far darker place.

I prefer briefs myself, especially when they are on a boy.

Our Investigation

  • We first noticed Justin-Georges Coulombe on the "friends" list of a prominent pedophile, using the name "Justinian_Draconis".
  • That led to photo posting site where he kept his signature pictures from the pedophile forums boards.
  • We found him also posting as "Bean's Shadow" on Boylover.net.
  • The email address he used linked to other social networking sites and matched the data on the pedophile sites.
  • Searching that email lead to public and social network sites which matched information he had posted on the pedophile forum boards.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Justinian_Draconis
  • Bean's Shadow
  • Drac
  • Ender
  • Ender Wiggin
  • Shinji_Ikomo
  • Effoc
  • Jalen Kartos
  • Kilargo
  • Ranier
  • Silverdawn
  • "Father Gregory"
  • "James"

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Websites

Last Known Address

Justin-Georges Coulombe lives in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA. His actual address is unknown.

Additional Quotes

Giving advice to pedophiles about adopting a foster child:

Well to speak on a personal perspective in regards to this one. I have a really good friend of my who is both a Teacher and a closet BL, and he was able to adopt a son in the great white north just over 16 years ago now without too much difficulty. Though it may have had to do with him being a teacher with a spotless record, though if anything it proves that it is able to do even in the continent of North America. Though it is by far easier if you have a mainstream relationship which would cause no questions from those that make the decisions.

I am sure this was asked before, but I will ask it again to get your opinion on the matter. I had read some time ago about a Political Party in the Netherlands who was pushing for Pedophilia to stop being taboo and get pushed to the mainstream, as well as judging the age of consent differently. I was wondering if any of you would stand behind a party with similar views if they were to form in your own country, assuming of course the rest of their platform was sound (IE: Economic Renewal, Universal Health Care, Ending Wars, and the like.). I would like to see your opinions on this.

I personally have thought about Civil Service on a number of occasions, and would feel quite comfortable spearheading such a party, if I wasn’t so apathetic in regards to my current political system, not to mention the overly conservative nature of the country in which I reside. But if someone else were to start the party I would be behind it in a heartbeat.

Just wondering is all...

Information on a young boy he claims was his first love:

We met at the Junior High I had attended. I and a few of my friends had organized the first (and only) school dance, and I was working the (non-alcoholic) bar and just being a general good host. It was Halloween and everyone was in costumes. I was dressed in Navy Whites (how prophetic that would be for later), and I looked up through the crowed braking conversation with my Friend. If I hadn’t of had at table in front of me I am sure I would’ve dropped the bottle of pop I was holding, for there through the crowd was the loveliest and beautiful boy I had ever seen. Kyle was his name, I had never seen him before that day, and he was dressed in a head to two cat costume, not too dissimilar from those footy PJs that were popular when I was really little. I handed off my pop and headed out through the crowd and danced with him right there in the middle of the dance floor. He smiled up at me warmly, but never once did he question my dancing with him. He was 11 or 12 at the time and I was in my last year of Junior High. We danced as I sang softly to him, at the end he reached up and gave me the most pure and chaste kiss I had ever received. I couldn’t help but cry a little as I write this remembering a simple time. For the next year we had lots of discreet and chaste fun, till the fateful night before my graduation. It was a private school and we had dorms, Kyle had arranged without my knowledge to get us alone for one night. The next morning I remember a very unique smell I had never smelled again.

Lavender, boy sweat, chlorine, these were the smells, but they were in perfect balance, and the sun streaming in through the windows was glorious as it would light up his skin. As fate would have it that would be one of the last times I would ever see him. He came to my grade 9 grade as my date, my being Class President allowed me the grace, that and my popularity. But the next day I would travel to another country for Highschool and wouldn’t return for another 8 years. Though I would visit home from time to time. I had lost track of him till I was watching the news one night with my parents in their home, and I saw a news report, I had to leave the room I was crying so hard. What made it worse was that Kyle’s parents wouldn’t let me go to his Funeral. But that is a different story entirely. For those that want more information on his death I will post a link to the news report, but I will not cover it here.

- Rest in Peace Kyle James Young I know you are happy now and have nothing more to fear.

Additional Information

  • Has been a Chef
  • Big fan of the young actor Cameron Bright
  • Claims to be openly gay since the age of 12
  • Computer gamer and fan of Star Trek
  • Fan of the child actor Nathan Gamble
  • He possibly works as a youth counselor for the Knights of Columbus
  • It is also possible he worked at the now closed Indigo Sudbury School or had contact with children there as he posted a logo from this school in his online image account: http://www.indigosudburycampus.com
  • If you have information pertaining to his location or the identities and location of any of the children featured in this article, please contact us.
  • How he chose his name:

Some people have begun to ask about who I am, and why I chose my name. So let us disseminate a bit more information about me. I chose my name out of two reasons, one my love of all things Orson Scott Card, and secondly because I believe in a mostly hands off perspective to Boy Love. I believe in shadowing from the same stand point as a teacher or a counsellor, in that we watch and we flit through their lives like a shadow on a wall and we help them as much as we can and then move on. Content always in the fact that at the very least we “Primum non nocere” & that we have made a positive difference in the lives of those whose lives we have touched. As well I would like to mention that I have used the name Bean’s Shadow (or Beans_Shadow) throughout my entire time travelling through the communities that are friendly or at least neutral towards those of us who share our unique perspective on love. Over the months, or in some cases years, of absence from this and other sites on the net, I have grown and changed. In that time I have seen many things, experienced many events, and flitted through many lives, that have changed my own life drastically and for the better. I would describe them here, but it would have me writing an essay as oppose to a clarification. So yes if any of you have known Beans_Shadow from anywhere else, then it is highly likely that I am the same person that you knew then, if only grown up a bit. Thank you all again for the warm welcome that has made me feel as if I were part of the community again, and that I hadn’t ever left.

You’re Friend, Bean’s Shadow

Related Media

He appeared on a Church website:

Justin-Georges Coulombe has felt a call to the priesthood since age seven. Now, at age 20, he feels it's time to respond.

To help discern his calling, Coulombe attended a vocations workshop at Camp Oselia Sept. 17-18.

He went to the workshop feeling torn between being a father and being a priest. "I feel that I'm called to do both and I am not sure how I'm going to do both. I feel that I am meant to have children because I work very well with them and I feel that I am meant to work with children; so it's a dilemma."

Coulombe said the vocations workshop opened his eyes. "Being in contact with other brothers and religious people who (already) made the decision has helped me further discern the fact that the priesthood is the direction I want to go because (as a priest) I can help more than I can just being a father."

The Alberta Vocation Directors' Executive holds the retreat annually to provide an opportunity for those sensing a call to a religious vocation to explore that call more deeply.

This year, 16 participants from across the Edmonton Archdiocese, the St. Paul Diocese and the Ukrainian Eparchy gathered to pray, contemplate and listen to speakers share their experience of priesthood, religious life and secular consecrated life. Sister Geraldine Kelly of the Ursulines of Jesus led the retreat and gave participants some tools to help them out.

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