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Kalos/Paul Blanchard
Location: Possibly Montreal, Canada
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat, BLogo
Kalos is the pedophile who designed the logo for pedophiles who like young boys.
Kalos' sig pic on BoyChat

Kalos, AKA Paul, was a regular poster on BoyChat. He calls himself the BLogomeister, because he designed the BLogo, the logo for pedophiles who like young boys. He is also a member of the Montreal Ganymede Collective.

Our Investigation

Here are the steps we took to discover that Kalos' real name was Paul Blanchard:

  • While researching Tygyr, we kept running across a man named Paul Blanchard, whose name was on fpc.net, which is a site associated with Jimf3 and Tygyr.
  • We posted this article, only knowing for sure that Kalos called himself "Paul."
  • ILuv2Surf contacted us and helped us put the pieces together by sending us information that Jimf3 said on a Pedologues episode that fpc.net (FPC) belonged to Kalos.
  • We found a phone number for Paul Blanchard, and one of our volunteers called and verified that Paul Blanchard is the same person as Kalos, though Blanchard says that he is not "officially" Kalos. He also said that Jimf3 could call him collect from prison if he needed to.
  • Paul Blanchard is also the person who runs ganytech.net, which is another website that was associated with pedophiles in the past.

Online Accounts

Other Aliases

  • BLogoMeister

Active Website

Email Addresses


Last Known Address

Montreal, QC H1V 2V4

Last Known Phone Number


More Information

Special thanks to I Luv 2 Surf for connection information.

Contact Us

If you have additional information about this individual, please contact [email protected].

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