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Organizations: BoyChat, Free Spirits Coalition
Kasper created and founded BoyChat on December 29, 1995.

Kasper created and founded BoyChat on December 29, 1995. It was a WWWBoard, a webscripted anonymous online discussion forums board, devoted to supporting pedophiles. Pedophiles would post on this Web site using anonymous nicks/usernames so they had less fear of detection or identification


This prologue was written by Alexis about Kasper and how BoyChat got started. Text taken from: http://alexis.fpc.li/bchistory.html

Prologue: Free Spirits and the origins of BoyChat (mid-1994 - 12/95)

The original BoyChat was hosted on Kasper's pioneering "Free Spirits" website, an encyclopedic collection of boylove and boy-related links and information. "Free Spirits" went up in Fall 1995.

The name "Free Spirits" seems to go back even further, however, to the origins of the online boylover community, the alt.fan.teen-idols newsgroup and the #afti IRC channel founded by Jody. These started up sometime in the middle of 1994. Toward the end of 1994, Acolyte, a regular on alt.fan.teen-idols, put up a teen idol FTP site containing various pictures in archives. One of these archives, the only one not to feature stars, was called "Free Spirits", and contained various pictures of gorgeous boys hanging out on the beach, by the pool and so on. The pictures were, of course, perfectly innocent and legal -- celebrations of the beauty of boys. But they seemed particularly revolutionary because they were pictures of anonymous boys rather than young teen stars. They could not be mistaken for any kind of fandom. Rather, they boldly declared one thing: the love and admiration of boys, whether actors, stars or kids on the street.

I don't know whether Kasper borrowed the name "Free Spirits" from this archive, or whether "Free Spirits" was a book or other collection that existed previous to Jody's FTP site. (Adam The Baroque Keyboardist tells me that one volume of the series Boyphoto is subtitled "Free Spirits", and I have also come across the phrase in other boylover related contexts.) In any case, Acolyte soon took the site down because interlopers were uploading questionable material to it.

Kasper's page belonged to a new generation of boylove web pages. It was divided into sections on literature and stories, politics and information, boylove homepages, pictures ("one of the most popular sections", the index page said) and miscellaneous. It went further out on a limb than the a.f.t-i sites had and posted some risque links, for example to a gay erotic stories archive that included stories about boys, and a list of web pages written by actual boys (a section "removed due to certain requests"). Kasper made no bones about the purpose of the site.

And here's a quote about how BoyChat got started written by Kasper himself. Text taken from: http://alexis.fpc.li/bchistory.html

Posted by Kasper on November 27, 1996 at 20:09:03:

Perhaps many of you guessed from my message '44 sleeps to go' that BoyChat's Birthday was indeed looming up on us. As I will be on holidays until late Jan/early Feb next year and unsure if I will have access to the 'Net I thought it was time for a little lesson in Internet-Boy-Loving history. :)

On December 29th, 1995 at 00:52:56 I posted the first message to the newly formed BoyChat WWWBoard Chat Forum. It was simply titled 'Welcome to BoyChat' and was basically just a test to see that the scripts were performing as they should. Approx. 6 hours later at 06:44:55 Cedric earned the title of being the first real poster by writing a message entitled 'Christmas' which went like this:

Posted by Cedric on December 29, 1995 at 06:44:55:

From my experience, boys enjoy Christmas more than any other creature on earth. This is a magical time for them. I used to have this kid who lived with me, and we would share Christmas together instead of with our families. It was a very special time for me. If I can bring joy to a boy who has had nothing but misery in his life, what wrong have I done? In my feeling, none. You could say that I have done good. Too bad the people of society don't see it that way.

yertz cedric

This set the ball in motion. In no time, BoyChatter's were appearing from everywhere. Does anyone remember the following guys?

FALCOR, RAY, Terox, Zaphod_B, Tarod, Alan, Wolfgang Haar, ottoman, Virtual Boy, RIK, Cap'n Cafeen, Andrew~MBL, jongen, GUARDIAN, Mark, Ianthe.

They had all posted within the first two days of BoyChat's existence.

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