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Michael Matthew Kaylor
Age: 51
Birthdate: December 2, 1968
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Assistant Professor

Department of English and American Studies

Faculty of Arts Masaryk University
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Physical Description:
Hair Color: Brown
Pedophile Websites: BoyChat
Michael Matthew Kaylor is a pedophile, who believes it should be legal for adults to have sex with children.

File:Kaylor - Michael Matthew Kaylor - 01.jpg

Michael Matthew Kaylor AKA Kaylor was originally born in the United States, but later moved to the Czech Republic, where he currently resides. Michael is a self described "pederast," a term which he personally interprets to mean that he's sexually attracted to adolescent boys (twelve years and older, or there about). In his posts on BoyChat, Michael often tried to draw distinctions between what he defined as a pederast, versus a pedophile; suggesting that he was more likely to gain social acceptance by advocating for sexual relationships between adolescent children and adults, than sexual relationships between prepubescent children and adults. That said, Michael also regarded sexual relationships between adults and prepubescent children as acceptable, just not as likely to be as socially acceptable as his idea of pederasty.

Outside of BoyChat, Michael authored publications in the Czech Republic on the topic of pederasty.


I have to admit ...I am certainly not, in any way, attempting to "sacrifice to pedophilic on the altar of the pederastic", making the spectacle of your demise the best way to secure my place in the world. I just fail to see how, in arguing legally for "the pederastic", I can also argue for "the pedophilic", given the current climate. Fight your fight, advance from whatever direction you choose ... but I need to formulate arguments in a way that could legalize and legitimize a "suspect desire" in the current climate, hence my choice.

Re: I am not sure ...My guess is that there is a divergence (a divergence that is perhaps best avoided and best rarely discussed in BoyChat, for reasons of inclusiveness) between those attracted to younger boys (to pick an age arbitrarily, say under twelve) and those attracted to youths (say twelve or older). The first group is probably more prone to consider, to elaborate upon, and to desire that elusive quality dubbed "innocence"; the second group is probably less likely even to anticipate its existence in those they find attractive. As someone who is *not* a member of that first group, I have to admit to having no particular interest in "innocence".

Our Investigation

  • We noticed a pedophile named Kaylor posting on BoyChat and referring to himself as Michael.
  • He posted numerous personal details about himself including that he was an American living in Eastern Europe
  • From his posts regarding his work on the topic of "Victorian Uranians" his University webpage was found
  • Dr. Michael Kaylor's email address matched the email address he had used on BoyChat

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • Kaylor
  • Dr. Kaylor
  • Skype: dr_michael_cz

Known E-mail Addresses


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Phone Number

420 549 49 4177

Additional Quotes

'Fortune favors the bold' ...I sympathize with the fact that society reviles both your "pedophilic" desires and you, as they do me (and all others with "pederastic" desires) at the moment. But ... it is perhaps possible, on the "pederastic" side of that divide, to achieve a "Uranian Utopia" ... and, though I recognize that I am following the basic rules of triage, I cannot find a single cultural, ethical, or logical reason why I should follow you to your inevitable defeat. I am willing -- self-outed that I am -- to risk the possibility that a puritanical madman will end my days in a fashion different than I would hope ... but I am *not* willing to end my days because I have been mislabeled "a pedophile", a lover of pre-pubescent boys. Socrates died a pederast; Plato, a pederast; Alexander, a pederast ... Leonardo, a pederast; Shakespeare, a pederast ... Hopkins, a pederast ... T. E. Lawrence, a pederast ...That is the traditional line I am willing to follow, though disappointed that Thomas More seems not to have been a pederast (but I will carry his portrait and his moral daring along with me on the journey anyway).

Let me try ...In some places on this planet, a sexual relationship with a fifteen year old is entirely legal (as it is here, in the Czech Republic, which seems poised to lower the age of consent to fourteen). I am rather assured that a sexual relationship with an eight year old is illegal everywhere on the planet. This means that, for most of the world, the "smell" is more unpleasant when it comes to pedophilia involving an eight year old than to pederasty involving a fifteen year old. Such is simply the case. Am I suggesting that this state of things (or "smell", to continue your analogy) is how it should be? NO, I AM NOT. If the advocates of pedophilia can manage to convince the world that a sexual relationship with an eight year old is acceptable, legitimate, perhaps even laudable, I will tip my hat to their success.

FINALLY! I recognize that "pedophilia" is as legitimate and noble and ancient as "pederasty". However, "pedophilia is a very hard sell" ... and I believe, given various medical, philosophical, psychological, ethical, familial, legal, regional (see foo), economic (see valerio and foo), cultural, social, etc., factors, it would be "a less hard sell" to sell "pederasty".

What is my "suspicious behavior" ... the fact that I've decided to use my real name? my university e-mail address? If you need a personal reference, why not send an e-mail to either Dylan or Rookiee (both of whom are my SKYPE-ing buddies). As for the contents of my recent post: I fail to see how it in any way fluctuates from Rule 5: "Do not advocate or counsel sex with minors". My post simply states that, for myself personally, I cannot imaging having any form of sex with a minor given the present legal and cultural and social and parental climate that that boy has to live in. I AM, OF COURSE, HOPING TO CHANGE THAT ENVIRONMENT SO THAT I CAN!

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If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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