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Age: 40s
Birthdate: February 2
Race: Swiss/German
Location: Most profiles indicate UK, but he has also mentioned Quebec, CA.
Physical Description:
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Blondish/Reddish Hair
Pedophile Websites: CBLF
LeX is a pedophile who participated in taking control of blogs belonging to other pedophiles, which had been deleted for terms of service violations.

LeX is a pedophile refers to himself as being a Christian. He is a member of CBLF and is known for blogging, as well. He states that he loves little boys and everything about them; however, he holds himself as someone who does not have sexual relationships with children, even though he is attracted to them.

LeX also says that he champions other pedophiles to refrain from engaging in sexual relationships with children and to stay away from child pornography as well. He does not believe that having sex with a child will do damage to the child for life.

More recently, LeX, along with fellow pedophile Daniel Lievre, took control of a number of blogs which had been deleted from Blogspot for terms of service violations. He and Daniel Lievre are holding the blogs until the original owners contact them, at which time they plan to turn them back over to the owners.


No, I don't think that if a kid has sex it will automatically screw him or her up for life.

From a profile questionnaire:

Question: How do you want to Die?

Answer: Exhaustion from too much sex with boys.

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Known Screen Names

  • LeX

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Additional Quotes

I've been attracted to boys for as long as I can remember, and came to realise about 15 years ago that being a BoyLover is something rather different from just the average Dirty Old Man (Not so much of the Old!)

Response from online questionnaire:

Question:What country would you most like to Visit

Answer: Spain, their AoC is 13...

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