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Age: 36
Birthdate: January 23, 1983
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Works with cars.
Location: Rostock, MV, Germany
Physical Description:
Organizations: CQ2, BoysMagicWorld, TeenBoysWorld, Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, BoyMoment, 12chan
Leaven12 is a boylove pedophile who posts to multiple forums. He has been banned from a site that is notorious for trading pictures of nude children.

Leaven12 is a pedophile activist from Germany. He is a member of multiple forums, including Boylandonline, Kidzlandonline, and BoyMoment. He is a moderator at both TeenBoysWorld and BoysMagicWorld. He posts to 12chan, which is a site where pictures that are illegal to post to the other -chan sites are shared. He was once even a poster at a site that is notorious for trading pictures of nude children, but he was banned. The only reason to be banned from that site is for trading child pornography.

He states that he found out he was a pedophile at the age of 7, and his AoA is 5-13 year old boys.


I'm 24yo, come from Germany (MV), found out i love boys with 10y or so.

i play ps2 and often football in summer with cute boys - meet nearly all my boys there, the youngest friend is 7yo and oldest 15 yo (that ages are my AoA too!) ... i prefer blond boys, caucasian race, green and blue eyes and summer

summer summer and SPEEDOS are so cute. i hate winter it is often cold and dark

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