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Leisa Drafts
Age: 50 (approx)
Birthdate: 1969
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Last known to be employed as a real estate agent. Also claims to work as a school nurse and says she teaches sunday school.
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States, formerly Tenn Wood Acres, MD, and South Carolina
Physical Description:
Height: 5'1" (155cms)
Eye Color: Wears colored contact lenses
Hair Color: Black
Organizations: Butterfly Kisses
Leisa Drafts was a member of an internet forum for female pedophiles.
Leisa Drafts

Leisa Drafts

Leisa Drafts AKA Leisa34f was a member of the Internet forum for female pedophiles, Butterfly Kisses, where she made posts about an 8-year-old girl she referred to as her "little lover" and whom she appears to admit to touching inappropriately. Drafts also posted comments describing what she found attractive about girls and admits to masturbating herself after observing the eight year old girl she referred to as her "little lover," in her swimsuit.

She is on several dating sites, and portrays herself as a closeted lesbian. She seems to target single mothers. Sometimes she says that she is a mother, herself, but it is not known if that is true or fiction.


Topic: anal play

"When my first lover did it to me with her finger as a girl ( was 8 she was 14) I was so embarrassed and shy about it I shed a few tears and felt totally embarrassed. But I still remember what she told me “it’s a very special private place and I only want to touch you there because I like you so much”. I still remember that and after I felt so much closer to her like it truly made me fall in love with her I think, to share in such an intimacy, she penetrated my heart and my bottom

It was almost the same with my little lover she shed a few tears of embarrassment (before I touched her) but afterward we have an ever deeper bond and now she still blushes a little when I ask her to lay across my lap but she doesn’t hesitate now she knows it means I really love her.

Topic: How you met your special friend.

"I met my little lover last summer at my apartment pool , she was 7 (8 now) at the time and a little chubby but very cute. Het baiting suits were always to tight and the I would go to the pool anytime I saw her there so I could see the outline of her chubby privates…the go to the bathroom and masturbate…blush.

Her mom is single and has to work a lot so eventually I struck up a friendship and her mom and she let me start taking her to the pool after I got off work and we became very close. Now she stays over at my house when ever her mom has to work late and often sleeps with me. When ever she comes over to sleep she wears a long tee shirt and she takes her parama bottoms and underpants off before she gets in bed..GRIN.

I haven’t posted in a while I wanted to share this because I am truly in heaven … she even sends me secret love notes sometimes and the other day she asked me if we could get married someday….GRIN..

Topic: girl features attracting us

I am attracted to ugly ducklings allot, girls that are shy and bashful and sweet, sometimes even a little chubby. I also sort of go for girls with tomboy features like short hair and into boy things like climbing trees and playing sports

I hope you all are able to find someone it is so beautiful.

Our Investigation

  • Butterfly Kisses member Leisa34f had used accounts associated with their profile on Butterfly Kisses elsewhere online associated with identifying information.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • Leisa34f
  • CuriousMom34
  • Leisa Dezno
  • Lisa Drafts
  • LeisaLikesGirls
  • YIM: leisa_34f

Known Websites

Additional Information

  • She says that she grew up in a small town and was the only child of a preacher and his wife.
  • Her myspace says she went to Lexington High School in Lexington, SC and graduated in 1987.

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