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Leland Stevenson
Race: Caucasian
Location: Possibly Sri Lanka
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: NAMBLA
Leland Stevenson is a convicted sex offender, admitted child molester, and long-time NAMBLA activist.

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Leland Stevenson
Leland Stevenson
Leland Stevenson

Leland Stevenson is a pedophile, child molester, NAMBLA member, and convicted sex offender. He was featured in the 1994 documentary "Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys" and has a long-time history of pro-NAMBLA activism.

At one time, Stevenson was a secretary for NAMBLA, a pedophile group for men who want to molest boys. He was delusional enough to write to the Boy Scouts of America organization and implore them (on behalf of NAMBLA) to end discrimination against gays, in yet another example of how pedophiles try to hijack legitimate gay civil rights issues.

Stevenson's appearance in "Chicken Hawk" gives a clear illustration of why pedophiles are so dangerous to children. He describes one instance where he gave a ride home to some local boys, claiming that the boys had "flirted" with him in an "obviously sexual" way. The boys are also interviewed about the same incident, and they were disgusted and disturbed by Stevenson. In another incident, Stevenson claims a young boy "kept making excuses to pull up his shirt and show me his belly in a highly flirtatious way"; in reality, the boy was upset and his mother outraged, because Leland was "staring at [the boy] like he was a piece of meat". He is also shown approaching some kids who are making crank calls on a payphone, telling them “it will just be our secret”; he then starts blathering on about how much one of the boys appreciated his leering attention, when in reality the kids quickly abandoned their crank calling and took off once he started talking to them.

Stevenson goes on to explain how his first aim with boys is to "get a feeling for their psychological space", and "evaluate the degree" of how "erotic" they are – in other words, testing a child’s boundaries in order to determine whether they are vulnerable as potential victims for him to molest. He recalls one instance when he orally sodomized a young boy, saying the feeling was "religious" and "spectacularly wonderful"; he also describes how he befriended another young boy, took him on a camping trip, and then raped him because "nature took its course".

Leland Stevenson is a registered sex offender who has been convicted in both California and in Florida for child pornography charges. He has spent time in and may be living in India; possibly in Sri Lanka, an area known for high child prostitution activity. Stevenson is the epitome and personification of creepy predatory pedophile, and there is no question that he is a dangerous threat to the safety of any children unlucky enough to cross his path.


Stevenson describes raping and molesting young boys:

"I befriended a young teenage boy….we went on a camping trip….on awakening in the morning, he positioned himself in such a way that nature would take its course….No lubricant was desired or required…he experienced what he wanted to experience. "

" There are lots of boys who want to do that….to give a blow job, to give head…This boy simply did it in a magnificently gentle sort of way…it produced a…rather speedy climax."

Our Investigation

Leland Stevenson was already well-known as a pedophile due to his involvement with NAMBLA, his sex offender convictions, and his appearance in "Chicken Hawk".


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

Girgaum, YY 40000

Additional Information

  • Has been a religious missionary
  • Holds graduate degrees in law and philosophy

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