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Warning: This article contains especially disturbing subject matter. Reader discretion is advised.

Little Boy Lover Forum
Created: 2008
Referred to as: LBL
Based out of: New York
Founder: "Jay"
Purpose: A support forum for "Little Boy Lovers"
Website Address:
Current: http://www.littleboylover.com
Pedophile Websites: Boylover.net, BLOL
The Little Boy Lover Forum board is a place where pedophiles can talk about their attraction to and post erotic "fiction" about their attraction to very young boys, including toddlers.

Secondary Warning

Please be aware that this forum may contain graphic sexual fantasies and discussion. View at your own discretion.

The Little Boy Lover Forum or LBL is a new forum board that appears to have been formed early in 2008. It has a disclaimer on the home page that claims the forum board "exists as a forum for little boy lovers to interact with each other by sharing their stories, struggles and feelings regarding their emotional connection with little boys". The truth is, the forum board is a haven for pedophiles who discuss in graphic detail their fantasies of raping and having sexual encounters with very young boys including infants and toddlers.

Threads include polls asking other members "Does your cock or mind love little boys?" and discussions such as "8 yro and under( Black hair, blue eyes boyluv+lust," "Have you ever been caught and spy on little boys naked?" and "Boy Rape. I do think rape is hot...".

The forum areas include "The Playground, discussions about boy moments," "The Changing Room, discussions for diaper lovers," and the disgusting and infamous "DreamLand" and "LBL Stories" areas. The website describes these areas as "A place for discussions about fantasies and sexual topics. Many of the members on the forum appear to be active on other pedophile websites, such as Boylover.net, BLOL and BoyMoment.

This board was brought to our attention when a former member found very graphic stories of little boys being molested and raped. The board is apparently best known as the place where very graphic stories of sex with boys are posted, either from members or from the site Nifty and other erotic fiction sites like Asstr.org.

The site founder Jay claims to have been the owner of a previous boylove forum board, but this has yet to be confirmed.



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If you have further information regarding this pedophile organization, its leadership or its members, please contact us.

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If you have any information regarding this site or the identities of any of the members, contact us at [email protected].

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